essential oils for fleas on cats

Are Essential Oils for Fleas On Cats Effective and Safe?

Fleas are pesky little critters that can sneak into your feline friend’s lives. Whether you have a cat that likes ...
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woman brushing cat - a natural hairball remedy for cats

Is There A Natural Hairball Remedy for Cats?

Hairballs are a common problem that plague cats around the world. So we wanted to figure out if there was ...
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cat scratching cat dandruff remedies

Cat Dandruff Remedies To Soothe Your Cat’s Flaky Skin

Do you notice your cat scratching a lot? Does it look like their skin is dry? Dandruff is an irritating ...
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Best comb for cats featuring Shiny Pet comb | The Fluffy Kitty

What’s the Best Pet Comb for Cats? (Ft. Shiny Pet Comb)

Finding the right pet comb for your cat is a part of being a good cat parent. Brushing and grooming ...
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Shiny Pet Nail Clippers for Cats and Small Pets | Fluffy Kitty

Shiny Pet Nail Clippers for Cats + Small Pets [2019 REVIEW]

Trimming your pet's nail safely with no stress or mess is possible! With the right equipment, you can easily cut ...
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the best cat brush featured image

What Is the Best Cat Brush? Top 4 Cat Brushes

Last updated: Cats are notorious for shedding their fur all over the place. And despite their regular self-grooming baths, cat ...
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Best Cat Heating Pads | Fluffy Kitty

4 Best Cat Heating Pads for Winter

Cat heating pads are a useful, pet-friendly way to keep your cat warm in the cold. The nights are drawing ...
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Do Cats Need Bathing? When to Bathe a Cat

When do cats need a bath? Do cats need bathing at all? We all like our beloved kitties to be ...
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How to Make Homemade Cat Shampoo | Fluffy Kitty

How to Make Homemade Cat Shampoo

Last updated: Whether your feline friend likes it or not, bath time can be a necessity for their health. You ...
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Why Do Cat Scratches Itch and Swell? | Fluffy Kitty

Why Do Cat Scratches Itch and Swell?

Last updated:  If you've ever had a kitten, you may have asked the question, "Why do cat scratches itch and ...
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Best Flea Collar for Cats

Best Flea Collar for Cats

Last updated: When it comes to your kitty you want to provide the best, right? Whether it's with toys, grooming ...
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Why Does My Cat Have Scabs? Fluffy Kitty

Why Does My Cat Have Scabs?

Have you noticed that your cat is scratching a lot? If you're asking yourself, "Why does my cat have scabs?" ...
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what is the best way to bathe your cat header

What is the Best Way to Bathe a Cat

Have you ever seen those videos of cats freaking out before taking a bath? If you look on Youtube, there ...
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how to groom your cat at home header

How to Groom Your Cat at Home

Most people will literally fight with their cat in order to perform a proper grooming session. It's not really natural ...
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How to clean my cat's eyes

How to Clean My Cat’s Eyes | Our Guide

Cat's eyes are majestic and beautiful, but sometimes they can get dirt and goop buildup in the corners.  Usually your ...
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How to clean my cat's teeth header

How to Clean My Cat’s Teeth | Our Guide

You brush your teeth everyday.. right ? Well your little one will require some teeth cleaning from time to time ...
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How to clean my cat's ears

How to Clean My Cat’s Ears

Even though cats are notorious for being self-cleaning machines, sometimes they need an extra paw hand.  Usually your little munchkin ...
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best cat nail clippers review

Best Cat Nail Clippers Review 2020 {Ultimate Guide}

Do you dread the next time you have to clip your cat's claws? Then chances are you may be using ...
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