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4 Best Cat Heating Pads for Winter

Cat heating pads are a useful, pet-friendly way to keep your cat warm in the cold. The nights are drawing in, and with them come the colder weather.

But that doesn’t mean that your precious cat has to freeze along with the temperatures. Although they are insulated by fur, they sometimes need a cozy blanket or warm cat pad to keep themselves comfortable!

In this article:

  • Why Use a Cat Heating Pad
  • What to Look for In a Cat Heating Pad?
  • The Best Cat Heating Pads
  • Final Thoughts

Why Should I Use a Cat Heating Pad?

Cats are just like us, they like to be cozy! Nevermore so than in the wintertime.

Cats need to maintain a body temperature of around 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and when the weather gets worse they can suffer the same aches and pains as us, including flu and sometimes even hypothermia (1). So why should you use a cat heating pad?

Best Cat Heating Pads | Fluffy Kitty


Cat warming pads not only help the cat stay warm, but they can also be therapeutic for older cats suffering from arthritis, as they can be used to warm their joints and keep them comfortable.

If they suffer from other bone or joint issues the heat may be good for their mobility (2).


More than anything, cat heating pads provide a place of comfort that your cat may associate with security (it may remind them of your lap, for instance).

Because they are set apart for them as well, rather than being a shared piece of furniture they will find a sense of safety in using it.

What Should I Look for in a Cat Heating Pad?

There are a number of different features you should look at when you’re shopping for a cat heating pad, such as:

Size and Comfort

An obvious place to start is to make sure that the pad is a suitable size for your cat. If they experience any discomfort while using it, they are less likely to continue doing so.

Best Cat Heating Pads | Fluffy Kitty


Perhaps also as important is to get a cat heating pad with grips. This means that it is non-slip, which will prevent you or your cat from taking any falls if you should walk across on a polished floor.


Cats sometimes get themselves in a bit of a mess. If you’re using a heating pad for a cat who likes to get their paws wet, or if they have incontinence issues, you may want a heating pad with a removable cover.

Often these are made of a fleecy lining or something similar. This not only increases the comfort of the cat, but it also means you can often machine-wash them when they get dirty.


The type of cat heating pad you opt for will determine where you intend on using it. Some cat heating pads are suitable for use outdoors and can be placed in sheltered spaces outdoors.

These can plug-in but can also utilize different technology such as solar power, and will be durable and mostly waterproof.

Power Source

Cat heating pads are powered in a number of different ways: they can be battery-powered, plugged-in, solar-powered, or even microwavable.

Price and convenience factor into any decision about the technology used, but as conscientious cat owners, we should always be thinking about the most energy-efficient options available.

Best Cat Heating Pads | Fluffy Kitty

What Are the Best Cat Heating Pads?

Now we’ve had a look at the multitude of styles of cat heating pads, here are a few of our favorites:

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat

With a wide variety of products available, K&H is the benchmark brand when it comes to cat heating pads. This particular example is a simple but luxurious example of the range.

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The cover (which comes in either sage or mocha) is a removable fleece which can be machine washed. It remains at ambient room temperature until it is sat on, at which point it will gradually rise to body temperature.

CISNO Waterproof Pet Heating Pad

For those who want something with a few more features, this cat heating pad from CISNO allows owners to set a suitable temperature manually. The LED thermostat allows for 7 different temperature settings, giving you an overall better degree of control.

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Safety is the main feature here, as the cord is also chew-resistant for those cats who can’t resist biting things. This reduces the risk of electrocution.

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwavable Heating Pad

A simple solution for those who don’t want to plug-in a pad is this heating pad from Snuggle Safe. Designed to go directly into the microwave, this one-size-fits-all only needs heating for a few minutes to provide up to 10 hours of warmth.

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Unlike the other pads, which contain powered heating elements, this is instead filled with non-toxic Thermapol, a chemical compound which heats safely.

K&H Pet Products Mod Thermo-Kitty Heated Shelter

Outdoor cats may need a bit more help than those indoors, particularly in the winter. Therefore, you may want to consider a heated enclosure. Available as A-Frames, House or Shelter shapes, you will find these insulated spaces are easy to assemble.

They are also water-resistant and suitable for even the lowest of temperatures. The heated shelter still utilizes a cord to heat up the pad, and although this insulated, you should take care not to let this be exposed to the elements.

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Suitable for barns, porches, sheds – not that your cat will want to sit in an exposed spot anyway! This cat heating pad is ideal for outdoor cats!

Final Thoughts: Best Cat Heating Pads for Winter

Cat heating pads are as varied as the kitties who occupy them. With this guide, you should be able now to identify a suitable heating pad for your cat which will be both energy-efficient and comfortable!

Remember, as a rule, you should never substitute a heating pad designed for a human for your cat (3). To do so risks burning them (as the temperature may be higher) but also electrocution if your cat should get hold of any of the wires or urinate on the pad.

In addition to a cat heating pad, it may also be worth looking into cozy cat beds.  Be warned: once you’ve purchased the perfect heated cat pad, they may not ever want to leave!