Cat Stories to Get Inspired by!

If you want a little #catspiration to spruce up your day, you’ve come to the right place. We dedicate this page to our wonderful community and fellow human explorers who travel with their felines.

Let’s learn from each other as we set out on adventures with our cats on our backs or on a leash. Advenpurr is out there! 🐾🌎

Share your stories with us! Submit your cat travel story by emailing brittany@thefluffykitty (dot) com

kitten foster | hand

Fostering Newborn Kittens for the First Time? (Free Webinars ft. The Kitten Lady)

Have you ever thought about caring for newborn kittens? Now is your chance to learn from the kitten foster expert ...
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How NOT to Make Raw Cat Food | The Fluffy Kitty

How Not to Make Raw Cat Food (5 Mistakes I Made So You Don’t Have to)

I made my first batch of raw cat food three years ago. Since that first batch, I’ve learned a lot ...
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Rio & Bruce The Camping Duo | Cat Stories | The Fluffy Kitty Blog

Meet Adventure Rio + Bruce – The Camping Duo

Meet our guest stars of the week - Adventure Rio the cat (plus cute features of her brother, Bruce the ...
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Meet Rover The Cat & “KittyUber” Rider

Hi everypawy! Today's guest star is no other than the super hip KittyUber Rider, known as Rover! Let's show them ...
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Hokule'a The Surfing Cat |

Hokule’a ~ The Adopted Cat Who Surfs Waves in Hawaii!

Meet Hokule'a - an adopted Hawaiin kitty who likes to surf actual waves with his humans! Hi everyone - today's ...
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International Cat Show 2019 LondonCats | Fluffy Kitty

LondonCats International Cat Show 2019 [DISCOUNT CODE!]

Hi everypawdy! Today we're sharing about our friends across the pond and their pawsome international cat show! LondonCats is throwing ...
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How to Explore with 2 Cats | Fluffy Kitty

How to Explore With 2 Cats {Guide + Training Tips}

Hi Fluffy Kitty family! Today's guest post is written by our friends over at Catexplorer.  It’s a common sight in ...
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Cat Stories - Olive The Adventurous | Fluffy Kitty

Olive The Adventurous [Guest Cat]

Hi everypawdy! Meet our fellow kitty explorer, known as Olive the Adventurous! We're happy to feature their story here in ...
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Big Cat Rescue Visit from Fluffy Kitty

Fluffy Kitty’s Visit to the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL {Review}

In December 2018, Paul and I (Brittany) had the lovely opportunity to visit and review the Big Cat Rescue in ...
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Estimated Cost of Owning A Cat | Fluffy Kitty

The Estimated Cost of Owning a Cat | Ultimate Guide

The cost of owning a cat is something that every budding cat owner needs to think carefully about. Before you ...
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