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What’s the Best Pet Comb for Cats? (Ft. Shiny Pet Comb)

Finding the right pet comb for your cat is a part of being a good cat parent. Brushing and grooming your cat on a regular basis is ideal for maintaining a healthy fur coat! Plus, spending that time together is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your cat.

In today’s article, we are going over the best pet comb for cats! For this purpose, we will be reviewing our newest pet comb for Yoda that was gifted by Shiny Pet. (Who are also the makers of our handy cat nail clippers.)

Read more below to find out what makes the Shiny Pet comb a great accessory in your feline’s grooming toolkit!

How to brush your cat at home using the Shiny Pet pet comb. | The Fluffy Kitty

The Importance of a Cat Comb

Of all the must-have items for cats, a pet comb never used to be at the top of my list. I always thought the most essential things to have were stuff like cat scratchers, bowls, toys, etc.

But now I’m so glad Yoda has his own pet comb just for him. (Paul would often give me strange looks when I used my own hairbrush on Yoda, haha!) 😉

Once I started using a comb on Yoda I realized how much bonding time I had been missing out on.

Now Yoda loves it — more than we originally thought he would. Maybe your cat is the same…?

Best comb for cats featuring Shiny Pet comb | The Fluffy Kitty

Grooming Your Cat with the Shiny Pet Comb

Using the Shiny Pet Comb is super easy and straight forward. In fact, I was a little skeptical at first glance. The comb just looked TOO simple to be efficient.

But to my surprise, the pet comb works much better than I had expected!

Here are the 5 best features of the Shiny Pet Comb:

1. Fine + wide-toothed. The Shiny Pet Comb design features both a fine-toothed set on one end and a wide-toothed comb on the other.

2. Non-slip grip. The rubbery-plastic handle along the length of the comb features a non-slip grip texture.

3. High-quality prongs. The teeth on the Shiny Pet comb are sturdy and strong. It is ideal for all hair-lengths (short, medium, long) but I find it most effective for medium-long hair cats.

4. Easy to clean. Unlike many pet combs and brushes, this one doesn’t become matted with cat fur. It’s super slick and easy to just pull the fur from the comb.

5. Budget-friendly. Thankfully, you can get the Shiny Pet Comb for around $10! It’s a great deal for what seems to be a long-lasting product. (Ideally several years +++). Plus, they offer a lifetime guarantee! So if your comb ever does fail or break, you can always get a replacement.

How to brush your cat at home using the Shiny Pet pet comb. | The Fluffy Kitty

How to Best Brush Your Cat

Cats love a nice grooming session! That is – if it is gentle and it feels good enough to make them purr or turn on their sleepy eyes.

If your cat hates grooming, it’s possible you’re using the wrong brush. Or, your brushing technique isn’t right for your cat.

You might think, “There’s only one way to groom a cat!” But that would be incorrect. There are several ways to brush a cat and finding the right technique will determine whether your cat enjoys it or not.

Here are some ideas and ways to help brush and groom your cat!

Best comb for cats featuring Shiny Pet comb | The Fluffy Kitty

1. Brush gently, without pressure

A big mistake many cat owners make is applying too much pressure when brushing their cat. Pet combs and brushes have prickier teeth and bristles, and sometimes it’s too aggressive on areas of cats’ bodies.

Tip: Don’t apply pressure when brushing. Instead, gently comb through fur and let it slide over your cat’s skin. In general, avoid particularly bony areas, like shoulder joints, legs, and feet.

2. Comb in the opposite direction of the fur

Brushing doesn’t have to be boring! Instead of brushing downward in the direction of your cat’s fur, try to do short, upward brushing motions.

Tip: Use the Shiny Pet Comb to gently lift and pull cat hair away from the skin. Don’t tug! Just let it glide through the fur. The resistance of the skin as the hair is pulling away creates a nice massage feeling without being painful. Just go slowly!

3. Use the fine-toothed comb side to tickle around the head/chin

The Shiny Pet Comb has both a fine-toothed end and a wider-tooth end of the comb. Use the fine-toothed side to brush the denser fur that is around your cat’s neck/head/chin.

Yoda absolutely loves when I use this technique to brush his big cheeks which is where he has lots of dense fluff.

4. Brush your cat regularly

It’s better to brush your cat more often than not! If your cat is an indoor cat, brushing helps prevent hairballs (especially if your kitty sheds a lot). And if your cat is primarily an outdoor cat, it’s still wise to brush often in order to detect skin issues (abrasions, scratches, fleas, etc..) and keep hair from matting up when dirty.

5. Groom the belly fluff, if you dare!

If your cat is feeling comfortable enough with you, then it’s possible you might get to comb their belly. The stomach area, as all cat parents know, is a dangerous zone. Only those brave enough dare to place an unwelcome hand there!

When Yoda is on his side, I use the wide-toothed end of the Shiny Pet Comb to soften and remove extra hair (when he is shedding) from his stomach.

Removing the extra fur from these places — notably the belly, back, and tail — helps prevents cats from ingesting so much fur which is what creates those dreaded hairballs.

Preventing Hairballs 101

If you notice your cat throws up hairballs often, it’s wise to invest in a good cat brush or comb. When cats lick themselves, they ingest loose hair from their fur coat. Then, sooner or later, they throw it back up when it becomes too matted in their digestive tract.

To prevent hairballs, it’s best to groom your cat 1x per day.

But the frequency of how often your brush/groom your cat also depends on other factors, such as:

Medium to long-hair cats

Cats with longer hair will require more frequent grooming at home. For kitties with short hair, you’ll want a shorter-toothed comb or brush in order to properly rake through all the loose fur.

The Shiny Pet Comb is perfect for Yoda who has dense, medium-length fur. The teeth can even trap even his really soft “fly-aways” or baby hair that’s usually hidden under his belly and legs.

Shedding times

Shedding occurs when cats rid themselves of their winter coats. Winter coats are when a cat grows an extra layer of fur to help protect them from frostier weather and keep warm.

Ever since we moved from chilly Canada back to sunny Mexico on January 1st, 2020, we definitely noticed Yoda has been losing lots of his fur. I often find little balls of his fine hair clumped in corners and dark spaces!

Tip: Springtime is when many cats begin to shed their winter coats. Using a brush or comb at this time greatly helps prevent your cat from shedding all over your house.

Best comb for cats featuring Shiny Pet comb | The Fluffy Kitty

Final Remarks: Shiny Pet Comb Review

We truly feel the Shiny Pet comb is a great tool to brush your cat! It effectively removes loose fur, it’s easy to clean, it’s edges are smooth on cats’ sensitive skin, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Remember: Brush your cat often (at least 1x a day) to help prevent the frequency of hairballs. Grooming your cat also prevents heaps of hair loss and shedding from accumulating around your home.

Overall, we are very pleased with Yoda’s new comb! He thoroughly enjoys grooming time and so do we.

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