person cleaning cat urine stain on carpet

Homemade Cat Urine Cleaner | 3 DIY Recipes

If your cute little cat chooses to bypass the litter house, spoiling the couch, curtains, and bedsheets with urine stains, ...
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DIY Cat Climbing Shelves | Fluffy Kitty

DIY Cat Climbing Shelves | Our Instruction Guide

Does your cat love to climb around on your furniture to get a bird’s eye view? You can make a ...
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DIY cat scratching board header

DIY Cat Scratcher | How to Make a Cat Scratching Board

Did you know that cat scratchers are among the essential furniture that your cat needs? It's necessary for him, but ...
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DIY | How to Make a Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Are you, as millions of other Americans, the not-so-proud owner of this good ole classic plastic litter box? I know, ...
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