The Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Infections in Cats - Guide + Tips | Fluffy Kitty

5 Best Cat Foods for Urinary Tract Health in Cats

Want to learn which food is the best cat food for urinary tract health so your cat can live a ...
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Shiny Pet Nail Clippers for Cats and Small Pets | Fluffy Kitty

Shiny Pet Nail Clippers for Cats + Small Pets [2019 REVIEW]

Trimming your pet's nail safely with no stress or mess is possible! With the right equipment, you can easily cut ...
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The 5 Best Vacuums for Cat Litter

Dealing with cat litter is something that every cat owner has to do. It seems as if no matter what ...
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FAT CAT Backpack Review (A True Traveler’s Cat Backpack!)

We are beyond excited to share with you our Fat Cat Backpack review, kindly sponsored in partnership with Your Cat ...
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Big Cat Rescue Visit from Fluffy Kitty

Fluffy Kitty’s Visit to the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL {Review}

In December 2018, Paul and I (Brittany) had the lovely opportunity to visit and review the Big Cat Rescue in ...
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Boxscoop 2.0 | Fluffy Kitty

The Boxscoop 2.0 – The Litter Box That Cleans in 6 Seconds!

Hey Fluffy Kitty fans! Today's post is in collaboration with our friends James + Michelle, the minds behind the Boxscoop ...
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PrettyLitter Review | Fluffy Kitty

Ultimate PrettyLitter Review 2019: Our Take on the Health-Monitoring Litter

Last updated: There are literally hundreds of types of cat litter available on the market today. But none are quite ...
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Best Cat Litter for Odor Control | Fluffy Kitty

10 Best Cat Litters for Odor Control [By Price/Category]

It's not easy finding the best cat litter for odor control. There is an entire industry built up around the ...
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the best cat brush featured image

What Is the Best Cat Brush? Top 4 Cat Brushes

Last updated: As amazing as this little friend may be, he is not always the cleanest best friend, if you ...
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Best Cat Heating Pads | Fluffy Kitty

Best Cat Heating Pads for Winter

Cat heating pads are a useful, pet-friendly way to keep your cat warm in the cold. The nights are drawing ...
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Best Cat Treats | Fluffy Kitty

All-Around Best Cat Treats (Dental Care, Health, & More)

We all love to treat our cats and lavish them with delicious rewards, but as owners, we need to be ...
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Eco-Friendly Cat Toys | Fluffy Kitty

Eco-Friendly Cat Toys | Our Tips + Selection

Cats enjoy playing as much as humans do, but often the toys that are made for them can be far ...
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Best Outdoor Cat House | Fluffy Kitty

Best Outdoor Cat House | Ultimate Guide

Last updated:  Does your cat love to play outside but needs a space where they can be protected from the ...
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Best Natural Cat Litter Compilation 2018 | Fluffy Kitty

Best Natural Cat Litter Compilation 2019

Last updated: Do you have a hard time deciding on the specific type of cat litter that your feline needs? ...
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Eco-Friendly Cat Beds | Our Selection

Eco-Friendly Cat Beds | Our Selection

Eco-friendly cat beds are the must-have accessory for any conscientious pet owner. While we all love our furry best friends, ...
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Nature's Variety Instinct Cat Food Reviews | 2018 Fluffy Kitty

Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food Review 2019 {Guide}

Last updated:  Nature's Variety Instinct selection is a popular range of products from a well-regarded brand. But they are not ...
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Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

Marvelous Midge Cat Tee’s for a Cause | Our Review

Last updated:  This post is kindly sponsored by Marvelous Midge who offered Paul, Yoda, and I to test out a ...
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Personalized Pet Portrait Giveaway

Ink-Pet Personalized Pet Portrait + GIVEAWAY!!

Hi Fluffy Kitty followers, we have a surprise for you! In partnership with Ines from Ink-Pet, we are giving away ...
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Cat Trees Under $50 | Fluffy Kitty

Cat Trees Under $50 | Our Top 5 Picks

Last updated: Is it possible to find any cat trees under $50? Scratching and playing are an important part of ...
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Best Fresh Pet Food Delivery | Fluffy Kitty

Best Fresh Pet Food Delivery + NomNomNow Review

Are you tired of heading out to the pet store for another bag of cat food? Now, you can find ...
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