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What Is the Best Cat Brush? Top 4 Cat Brushes

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Cats are notorious for shedding their fur all over the place. And despite their regular self-grooming baths, cat hair still manages to find its way all over your floor. Even sometimes those really fine bits wind up in your mouth or nose and gives you a tickle! Cats often need brushing regularly to keep their mane and fur coat healthy and in good shape.

What is the best cat brush for your beast to do the trick and keep your home fur-clean? Here are the four best cat brushes we found to be top-rated and loved by cat lovers!

In this article:

  • Best Cat Brushes Overview {Table}
  • Why Brush Your Cat
  • When to Brush Your Cat
  • How Often Should You Brush Your Cat
  • How to Properly Brush Your Cat
  • Final Thoughts: The Best Cat Brushes for Cats

You cannot prevent your cat from shedding its fur when the seasons change, but you can prevent your cat’s fur from going everywhere in your house or on your clothes.

The number one way is pretty straightforward: Brushing your cat regularly. Even if you have a short-haired cat, it will be beneficial for him on a (less) regular basis.

You can click the links in the chart to check out prices and customer reviews and discover what is the best cat brush.

A good brush is an essential tool if you want to take perfect care of your cat’s coat.

We will help you figure out which one is worth buying. We always try to go the extra mile for you, that’s why not only will you learn what is the best cat brush, but you will also get some essential tips on how to proceed to properly brush your little friend. You are welcome 😉

Why Brush Your Cat?

Young or old, your cat will benefit from regular brushing. Why ? 5 simple reasons.

  • Maintain your cat’s beautiful fur and avoid knots
  • Avoid intestinal problems caused by hair ingestion (when your cat cleans himself)
  • Detect possible problems (fleas, ticks…) or other skin diseases
  • Prevent uncontrolled hair loss to wind up everywhere in your house
  • A good excuse to spend more time with fluffy 🙂 Bond with your cat

When / How Frequently?

It is very important to help your cat shed his fur. Depending on the length and thickness of his coat, you will need to adapt the frequency of the brushing. We asked several cat’s specialists (vets, breeders…) and they agreed on the following:

Short hair:  Once a week (depending on needs, could be less)

Medium/long hair: Once every day (or every other day) to prevent major knots and additional problems.

FYI: In March-April (the shedding season) you will have to intensify your care.

How to Properly Brush a Cat

Short Hair Cats

It is fairly easy, use a fine-tooth metal comb every week (or at least once a month). Then, use a natural bristle brush (see below) to take off the dead hair and give it some shine. It might not seem like much but it will make a tremendous difference for your cat.

Medium & Long Hair Cats

Step 1: The Slicker Brush

To prepare your cat’s hair, brush gently with a Slicker Brush; this will help with detangling the fur and make the next steps easier. It will take out most knots and your cat will already be feeling better. If you forget about this step, brushing your cat might turn into world war 3.. 🙂

Start with your cat’s back and gently brush in every direction. It’s important to not only go with the movement of the hair but also in the other direction when necessary. You will be surprised how much this will optimize the brushing. However, be careful not to brush too hard on the belly which is a very sensitive area for your little friend. In general, do not press too hard otherwise you would get to the skin and this little one would not appreciate it!best cat brush safari cat self cleaning brush / what is the best cat brush

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Step 2: The Metal Comb

A simple metal comb will do the trick to take care of this second step. It will enhance the brushing and finish the detangling initiated in the first place. You could complement this step using the very popular FURMASTER but we do not believe it to be metal comb / what is the best cat brush

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Step 3: Natural Bristle Brush

The natural bristle brush is the final step which will put back in place the beautiful fur coat. It will give it a smooth and shiny touch. This type of brush is perfect and easier to apply everywhere on your cat. Head and belly are safe, no risk of hurting fluffy, do not hesitate to finish him up real good.soft bristle brush / what is the best cat brush

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Final Thoughts: What Is the Best Cat Brush for Cats?

You do not need a crazy amount of brushes to take good care of your cat. If you want to be thorough, 1-2 simple brushes will do the trick.

If you have a short-haired cat, one good brush could do just fine. In any case, we hope you understood the importance of brushing your cat. We also hope that you found the perfect brush for your little friend.

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Sunday 14th of October 2018

I will definitely have to try brushing my cat's hair in the opposite direction as you suggested. I brush him every other day, he is a short haired cat, but still, I find a lot of his hair on my clothes and furniture.


Thursday 23rd of November 2017

I really need to start brushing my cat every day because she has knots quite often. Until now I listened to the advice of my friends and brushed only a couple times a week.

Brittany, Paul, & Yoda =^^=

Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Hi Henry - definitely! Our Yoda's lucky to not get knots but sometimes he gets quite a few hairballs from over-grooming so we try to help it out often ;) Thanks for dropping by on FK! :)


Tuesday 25th of July 2017

One of my cats also hates brushing but she got used to it after a while. And I brush her in the direction of the hair growth because she would freak out if I do it the opposite way :D

Brittany, Paul, and Yoda =^^=

Tuesday 25th of July 2017

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and sharing with us :) I'm glad you managed to brush your cat, it's not that easy!


Tuesday 24th of January 2017

Great tips! But my rescue would NEVER let me do that with out DRUGS

Brittany, Paul, and Yoda =^^=

Thursday 26th of January 2017

Hi Anne! Not all cats are as easy going as our Yoda :) Hope you can tame the beast without having to use any kind of drugs =^^=