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Eco-Friendly Cat Beds | Our Selection

Eco-friendly cat beds are the must-have accessory for any conscientious pet owner. While we all love our furry best friends, the truth is that every pet leaves a footprint (or should that be paw print?) on the environment.

But there is a lot you can do to reduce this without compromising on their quality of life. From the choice of food or litter, to even changing the types of toys you buy. One of the best ways to make a positive change is to upgrade their sleeping arrangements with an eco-friendly cat bed!

We’ve compiled the most earth-friendly cat beds currently on the market and are excited to share with you one of our very own cat beds we consider to be the best eco-friendly cat bed!

In this article:

  • What Are Eco-Friendly Cat Beds?
  • Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cat Beds?
  • The Best Eco-Friendly Cat Beds
  • Your Pet’s Impact
  • Final Thoughts

What Are Eco-Friendly Cat Beds?

The term ‘Eco-Friendly Cat Beds’ is a catch-all term. It describes a number of different types of bedding that are all sustainable in their own way.

Most eco-friendly beds for pets will not include common unsustainable materials such as polyester.

Instead, you’ll find eco cat beds to be largely made out of organic fibers or material, or maybe even recycled fabric which is then made into a more sustainable cat bed.

Whatever you choose will depend on your budget, style choices, and (most importantly) the personality of your cat!

Eco-Friendly Cat Beds | Our Selection5

As I said, eco-friendly beds for cats can be made out of recycled materials so recycled polyester is still more eco-friendly than non-recycled polyester. However, when it comes to the best eco-friendly material for cat bedding, we typically like to see material made of organic cotton or something similar.

Eco-friendly or sustainable cat beds can also be made out of up-cycled materials, such as old sweaters or rags you don’t need. These are normally handmade, but there are bespoke examples available to purchase!

Renewable Materials

Cat beds can also be made of renewable materials, like hemp. Perhaps most commonly forgotten: the easiest way to be environmentally friendly is to buy good, durable products that won’t need replacing for a long time.

Eco-friendly cat beds are as varied as the cats which sleep on them. Most importantly, they don’t have to break the bank. When choosing one, it’s crucial to understand the importance of where your cat likes to sleep.

Without further adieu, we are excited to present the best eco-friendly cat beds, starting with our very own ethical + handmade cat hammocks and cat beds!

The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Cat Beds

Eco-friendly cat beds form one part of the solution to being an eco-friendly cat owner, and thanks to their popularity there are so many to choose from.

Here are some of our favorites

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Beds

Not only is this cozy shelter ideal for cats who like to hideout, but its also made from 100% Merino Wool. This means it is cozy and warm, though you will need extra care when you are washing it to avoid any shrinkage or other damage!

As it comes in a number of different colors, each with a nice strip of banding around the rim, it is also quite a stylish cat bed that is way more eco-friendly than what you will find in major pet stores. Make sure to get the right size for your cat!

Pet Pals Box Paper Rope Bed

Made of sustainable rope-paper, this is a neat little bed that will suit a cat who doesn’t want the enclosed sides of the felt cave. It also comes with a washable pillow, but it doesn’t seem the pillow is as eco-friendly as the bed itself. It’s still a much better alternative to plastic or polyester cat beds if you ask me.

Cool Wool Cat Cave

The cat cave bed by Cool Wool is made from New Zealand Merino wool and is handmade by artisans in Nepal. Merino wool is eco-friendly and is the best material to keep your kitty cozy in winter and fresh in the summer.

Eco-Friendly Cat Beds | Our Selection

Use as a cat cave bed or flatten to make a more cushioned cat bed. We love this style because it reminds us of our time in Kathmandu!

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cat Beds?

So why should you choose an eco-friendly cat bed over the common variety of beds available at a pet shop? Well, no matter how much we love them, pets have routines that can be bad for the environment.

The Environmental Cost of Owning a Cat

Cat excrement contains Toxoplasma gondii, that can be harmful to sea life. A lot of brands of litter do not biodegrade and contain minerals that have been strip-mined in their extraction process.

In addition, pet parents are often providing plastic toys and trinkets to keep their feline entertained. Furthermore, other cat products, such as cat trees and cat scratchers, are made cheaply without considering recyclable wood or other green alternatives.

A Cat’s Environmental Footprint

Outdoor cats also cause havoc to local wildlife. Wild bird populations can be put at risk where some of the more adventurous cats are allowed to hunt.

Australia even had to allow the killing of 2 million feral cats in order to control population and to protect local ecosystems.

Combine this with the impact of raising the meat that goes in cats’ meals means that, at last estimate, a cat’s carbon footprint is about 0.15 hectares a year. That’s similar to driving a Volkswagon Golf around for a year.

What Can You Do About It?

With all of this in mind, it is our responsibility to buy sensibly when it comes to our cats. Along with an eco-friendly cat bed, you can make some changes that will not compromise your cat’s quality of life.

For instance, switching to a more environmental litter such as an organic or natural alternative. Disposing of waste responsibly too (not flushing or allowing it into the water system) will avoid any pollution. Maybe even consider composting? Giving your outdoor cats a warning bell on their collar will stop them from catching birds.

Eco-Friendly Cat Beds | Our Selection6

Switching your cat’s food may also be a good option. Most importantly, you need to make sure your cat is neutered to allow for population control. This also stops the spread of any diseases and keeps your cat healthier in general.

Final Thoughts | Eco-Friendly Cat Beds

Owning a pet doesn’t mean you can’t be environmentally-friendly. There are plenty of responsible, sustainable materials, toys, and other accessories available if you know what to look for!

Eco-friendly cat beds can form a necessary part of life, allowing your kitty to live in an environmentally-conscious way without compromising on their quality of life.

Combining this with an adjustment in how you take care of your cat (with their diet, litter, and excrement routines) you can be a responsible pet-owner!