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The Ultimate Cat Travel Destination Guide

More and more, we pet parents are deciding that vacationing just isn’t the same without our fur-friends. So welcome to The Cat Travel Destination Guide! The best starting place for you to plan your next feline-friendly getaway. 

We’ve used both our own experience of traveling with Yoda (our furry tripod adventure cat) and our wanderlust research skills to compile this cat travel destination list.

If you’re looking for adventures and destinations that offer activities, accommodation, and experiences both you and your kitty will love, you’re in the right place!

Cat Travel Destination Ideas

US Destinations:

  • Explore waterside fun in San Diego
  • Be blown away by canyon hiking in Utah
  • Camp under the stars in Ohio 
  • Explore kitty culture in Texas 

Outside the US:

  • Soak up luxurious sunshine in Mexico 
  • Celebrate all things cat in Canada
  • Escape to rustic peace in France

Can you travel with your cat? Absolutely! If you’ve been part of the Fluffy Kitty family for a while, you’ll know that we’ve been traveling with Yoda on and off for years. In that time we’ve crossed countless borders, ridden trains, planes, and automobiles, and learned so much about making travel seamless for your kitty. 

Done well, traveling with your cat promotes well-being, stimulation, and positive mental health for your fur friend. Allowing them to experience all that life has to offer.

So we’ll be sharing all the essential tips you’ll need to organize your trip purrrfectly for your cat’s comfort, as well as yours. 

To start putting pins in your cat travel destination map, we’re staying in our backyard — with some of the amazing cat travel destinations in the USA.

USA Cat Travel Destinations

orange cat traveling in the car

San Diego

If you’re looking for a city break where your cat can enjoy the scenery with you, San Diego is a great choice. 

With 8 amazing pet-friendly beaches, you can explore the sandy dunes with your fur-friend. Or even better, why not hop over to Eco Boat Rentals, which offers pet-friendly boats for hire so you and your kitty can see the sights by water — a peaceful and quiet way to tour the city that your cat might well love. 

Grab your backpack or stroller and take your cat for a tour of the amazing pet boutiques in the central districts. With a huge interest in holistic health and wellbeing you’ll be sure to find some amazing organic treats for your kitty. 

Plus there’s a host of pet-friendly restaurants, and most patios accept pets of all shapes and sizes. 

As for where to stay, there’s a whole bunch of amazing pet-friendly AirBnB’s that we found here, which is always a great option if you want a quieter base for your cat to feel relaxed in. Our fave is this amazing beachside cottage!

Just be sure to check with the host if cats are okay, and whether the apartment is safe and secure. 

Top Tips:

Buck Canyon — Utah 

Buck Canyon is brimming with beautiful, wild scenery and notorious history, making it an amazing destination for super adventurous cats with curious owners. 

In the remote Robbers’ Roost, a region notorious as an outlaw hideout in the Old West, Buck Canyon covers phenomenal vistas and intrepid trails for those with experienced feline hikers. 

Following your cat’s lead on these trails, be sure to keep them cool, hydrated, and safe. In return, you’ll be experiencing nature at a slower pace, from a different perspective, in a new light. Exploring the hiding spaces and breathtaking views of the real wild west!

A perfect place to take the RV or Campervan, you can wake up to scenic desert sunrises. Or, you could stay at the local pet-friendly Buck’s Lodge Hotel. With a ‘serenity garden’ where your kitty can stretch their legs, they charge a reasonable pet charge of $20/night. 

Top tips:

  • Follow our Guide to Hiking With Cats to make sure you are both ready and prepared to take on these amazing trails.
  • Be sure your RV is cat-friendly with our full guide.
  • Remain on leash to make sure your cats stay within sight and safe under your watchful eyes. 

San Antonio — Texas

Texas is an amazing state, with such varied experiences on offer — making it an amazing road trip destination. So make your way along to San Antonio to experience some of the city’s most precious historical and cultural sites. Including the amazing 13-mile, pet-friendly San Antonio River Walk. 

Stop along this route and get out your backpack to explore La Villita, San Antonio’s finest crafts area, filled with weavers, glassblowers, sculptors, and even boot makers! There’s a host of pet-friendly restaurants all along the river walk, with quieter options for cats available. 

Don’t miss the scenic Brackenridge Park either, a sprawling 300 acre nature area with a mixture of trails to explore for peace and quiet, as well as a serene Japanese garden. 

Oh, and of course, there’s The Alamo for all those history fans out there. 

In the bustle of the day, escape to a quiet break with your kitty by staying at this beautiful country lodge

Top Tips:

  • As a busier city break, this might not be suitable for more nervous kitties. If this is the case for you, stick to the other destinations. 
  • Of course, watch out for heat exposure in those warmer times of the year. Make sure your car is A/C controlled, and avoid excursions at peak hours of the day. Be sure to bring a collapsible bowl and plenty of water. 

Lake Erie — Ohio

The ideal spot for some cat-friendly camping, pet lovers of all kinds adore the lake’s beautiful beaches and nearby nature trails, with the convenience of gracious pet-friendly hospitality nearby.

Park up at East Harbor State Park, an amazing 1,800 acre nature reserve on the edge of the lake, with several pet-friendly pitching spots. With 11 hiking trails to choose from, providing more than 10 miles of walking, you’ll be sure to find tranquil moments alone in nature with your kitty. 

On your way out or into this holiday, you even make a detour to The Feline Historical Museum (about 2 hours drive away). Full of cat figurines, artwork, and other memorabilia, you’ll be in cat heaven! 

Top Tips:

  • Read our full guide to Camping With Your Cat. 
  • The East Harbor pet policy states that pets must be on a leash no longer than six feet, must have proof of rabies vaccination available upon request, and may not be left unattended in the campground. 
  • You might want to bring a Cat Backpack for those longer trails, in case your kitty gets tired. 

Greenville — South Carolina 

We were staying in Greenville whilst Yoda was finishing his radiation treatment for cancer.  And while it was by no means a holiday, we were still able to appreciate what an amazing destination it was for cat-lovers. 

A fantastic city with sprawling parks, natural trails, and pet-friendly hotels and restaurants to boot, it’s a great urban getaway that still provides plenty of natural beauty to explore. We highly recommend visiting The Barkery Bistro for freshly made treats and Paws & Claws for all the cute toys and accessories you could ever dream of!

Top Tips:

  • If you’re thinking Greenville sounds ideal for your next getaway, then you’ll want to check out our guide to the 7 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in the area. 
  • You’ll be pleased to know that there are some highly rated vets in this area, as we can attest to from personal experience! So you’ll be in good hands should you ever need them. 

Travel Destinations Outside The USA With Your Cat

grey cat looking out a plane window


A hop over the border, Mexico is a great place to start your wider cat-friendly travels. 

Mexican hospitality is super welcoming of our four-legged friends, with plenty of shopping and dining options available. As most restaurants and cafes have patios, you’ll always be able to find somewhere to stop for a bite. 

When choosing an area to stay or places to visit, there are a few amazing options to choose from. The Huasteca Potosina is a beautiful national park, with options for hiking, boating, or just picnicking. 

Then there’s Puerto Escondido, a beautiful pet-friendly beach area with amazing restaurants and sunsets to enjoy. Maybe your kitty could even take to the waves like surfing cat Hokule’a.

And if you are looking to splash out, the Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort offers made-to-order dishes served in metallic bowls with faux gemstones and kitty-themed placemats for cats! A portable Pet Cabana is even available for use in suites, or at the pool or beach, so they can enjoy the outdoors in shady comfort.

Top Tips:

  • Traveling by car, there’s a limit of two pets per person and you’ll need an up-to-date vaccination record and health certificate.
  • If you are traveling by plane, you can check out our full guide to Flying to Mexico with Your Cat.
  • If you are going to hit those sandy dunes, read our 21 Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Beach.
  • It’s important to know that you cannot import fresh, frozen, or refrigerated meat across the border, so you might want to change your kitty’s diet before traveling, or check that you can buy fresh ingredients where you are staying. 


Canada has everything to satisfy your wanderlust without traveling far — from wild scenery to vibrant cities. Ideal for road trips or city breaks alike, it’s super pet-friendly too!

You could start in the beating heart, with the Calgary Photo Tour which includes lots of opportunities for special portraits together in the most picturesque spots in the city.

With plenty of outdoor patios to enjoy some local cuisine, we love the look of Sandy Beach Park for a picnic with views of the Calgary skyline. Or take in the sunsets and sunrises at Banff National Park which has miles of beautiful trails as well as places to set up camp.

Vancouver is home to MEOWFEST (coming in August 2022), Canada’s biggest festival for the cat community. A ‘memorable purrty’ with heaps of cat-centric activities, all to raise funds for rescue and adoption efforts. Sign us up!

Or get your skis on and bring your fur-friend to Big White Ski Resort — for pet-friendly accommodation that offers winter adventures for both you and your kitty. 

Top Tips:


With sleepy villages, rustic scenery, and beautiful cuisine — what’s not to love about France!

If you are looking for a quieter escape with your cat, this may be a great escape for you both. Away from the more popular dog-filled areas, nervous cats will enjoy these areas hugely. 

Raved about by other cat bloggers, the Corniche Des Cevennes is a beloved scenic area to explore. Located centrally in the country, this beautiful area has scenic roads paved with history — back to neolithic times! Relax after a few hours exploring in a cute little chalet with some local delicacies from the market towns around.  

Another cat-friendly destination is Luberon, with stunning forested paths lined by ancient Roman walls. Soak up the views in a traditional stone gîte. A short road trip away is idyllic Provence, where you can visit heritage sites, waterfalls, and peaceful hiking trails for more experienced adventurers. 

Top Tips:

  • You’ll need to make sure you have the right paperwork to enter the EU with your cat, including proof of microchipping, rabies vaccination, and health certificates. 
  • In case you need it, here’s our full guide to How to Travel with a Cat on a Plane.

The Cat Travel Destination Guide — The Wrap Up

So there you have it, an exciting list of cat-friendly travel destinations. We’ve been to some, but others are still on our list. Where we go, we love nothing more than having Yoda by our side 🙂 

To help your cat prepare for traveling, it’s worth reading our guide to Training a Cat to Be an Adventure Cat, which includes a full kit list of all the essentials for cat travel. 

What’s next on your adventure cat agenda? Let us know!