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Hokule’a ~ The Adopted Cat Who Surfs Waves in Hawaii!

Meet Hokule’a – an adopted Hawaiin kitty who likes to surf actual waves with his humans!

Hi everyone – today’s post is a featured story about Hokule’a the surfing cat (Hoku for short).

We first reached out to Hoku’s parents – Alessia & Pat – not only because they surf with their cat, but also because they often use Hoku’s Instagram page to advocate for #plasticfreeoceans. We are happy to be able to feature them here with our community!

We hope you enjoy reading their unique story! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below the article.


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How did you and your kitty meet?

We adopted Hokule’a at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

When did you know you had an “adventure cat” on your hands?

About 2 weeks after we adopted Hoku, he started warming up to us, he jumped in the shower to play while one of us was in it, without worrying about the water. He played in the backyard in the rain and didn’t mind the baths we gave him to remove the mud.

So we thought to take him to the ocean, on our surfboard. It turned out, he has no fear of water. Yes, we were at first very surprised, but we did some research and found out that there are many cats who are water-friendly.

Stand up paddling and surfing became our favorite adventures and, also, he often jumps in the water from the board for a quick swim.

Did you train your cat as a kitten? What was that like?

We didn’t train him. When we adopted him, Hoku was already 8 months old. Pat made a “boogie- bed” for him so he could sit comfortably on the big surfboard and he started using it by himself.


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What made you want to explore with your cat? (Other than the fact that its pawsome).

He’s very attached to us and doesn’t like when we leave him at home. My previous cats were more independent and enjoyed their alone time, but Hoku is the opposite, he spends 24h with us. We thought spending some fun outdoor time together would be good for the 3 of us.

What was your first adventure together?

Catching his first wave with Pat and watching Hoku just sitting on the nose of the board all casual and relaxed was very funny and interesting.

Where are your favorite places to explore with your cat?

The beaches and tide-pools, of course! Sometimes we go also for hiking adventures.

Have you ever had a scary or challenging situation while traveling with your cat?

We avoid places with people and dogs since Hoku is scared by both, which it’s not easy here in Hawaii where beaches are very crowded. Recently, while we were lounging on the board in the ocean, a group of people, paddling their canoes, came a little too close and Hoku got very nervous and frightened.

What are your best tips for training your cat?

Reward your kitten with treats, but never push him to do things he refuses to do.


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What’s the farthest you’ve been with your cat?

We live on a small island, we drove about 40 minutes to get to a new “surfing” spot with him. He slept most of the time.

Do you have a favorite cat café or a cat-friendly business that you know of?

We know there is a fantastic event, cat-cafe pop-up, called Popoki and Tea, which takes place at a local pet store, where people can buy a tea and hang out with the kitties looking for a new home.

What’s your go-to travel gear for your cat?

Personal solar shower to remove the salty water, beach towel, treats and water bowl. While adventuring, he always wears a harness with a leash.

Tell us about your dream adventure together, where would you and your cat go?

Ideally, on a deserted beach with very small waves where he can jump in and out the water without worrying about people or dogs approaching him.


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Describe your best OR worst experience traveling with your kitty. What happened?

We’ve never had any bad experience, thank goodness! Most of our driving trips around the island are mellow. Hoku either falls asleep or looks outside the car window.

Do you have any last tips or advice for first-timers exploring with their cat?

Never force your cat to do anything. Let him/her move at their own pace. Observe their reactions and learn their fears.

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