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7 Reasons Cat Strollers Are a Good Idea + Buyer’s Guide

Are cat strollers a good idea?! At first, the thought of pet strollers was nearly laughable. But now, it’s a trend you might not want to miss out on. In fact, there are legitimate arguments in favor of using cat strollers.

Here are 7 reasons why cat strollers are a good idea plus reviews for buying the best cat stroller and training your cat to use it.

  • Cat Strollers – What’s the Purrpose?
  • 7 Reasons Cat Strollers Are a Good Idea
  • Choosing the Right Stroller for You 
  • Best Cat Strollers + Reviews
  • Training Your Cat to Use the Cat Stroller
  • Extra Tips on Cat Travel
  • Final Thoughts

Cat Strollers – What’s the Purrpose?

I won’t spill all the beans about why cat strollers are a good idea just yet (more below).

But I will say that cat strollers serve many purposes; the main one being able to move with your cat in a safe and comfortable way.

More cat owners are embracing an adventurous life with their cats. Like with cat backpacks or cat leashes, strollers are just another way to explore with your cat in the outside world!

With such a rising trend in #adventurecats, the era of cat strollers shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, we should expect to see more items geared toward cat travel in the future.

7 Reasons Cat Strollers Are a Good Idea

Without further adieu, here are the top 7 reasons as to why cat strollers are a good idea, and why you should consider getting one for your feline.

1. Cat strollers are ideal for safely transporting senior and injured cats (or XL kitties)

If your cat is ill, injured, or suffers from arthritis due to age, it’s better to avoid carrying him in a cat backpack or even a hand carrier.

Cat strollers offer sick and elderly cats a safe and comfortable way to travel.

You don’t need to strain yourself from stabilizing a hand carrier or backpack (which can be bouncy).

Instead, just tuck your fragile feline inside and roll away. Your hands will be free if you need to stop for a moment. And you won’t need to put the carrier on the ground.

Your cat will feel much safer and more secure in a cat stroller!

On another note, cat backpacks and carriers are great for normal-sized cats. But forget about stuffing your fluffy cat in a cramped backpack or carrier. Strollers will have the support required for an extra hefty kitty who’s got somewhere to go.

2. Strollers are multifunctional, with some featuring 2-in-1 detachable carriers

Are you still thinking, “Cat strollers, really?” If so, consider this. Most strollers are designed to be multifunctional. That is, some designs feature 2-in-1 detachable carriers that you can easily take off and on for your convenience.

It’s a fantastic way to not have your hands full, especially if you’re traveling and have other bags to carry.

You can take a stroll around the park without tiring quickly from carrying your 10-lb cat. Then simply remove the carrier from the stroller, fold and store the stroller in your car once you’re ready to go.

Not having to transfer from carrier to backpack etc., makes for an easy, smooth ride and is much less stressful for your cat, too.

3. Cat strollers are great if you wish to transport 2+ cats (or small doggies)

One benefit of using a cat stroller is maximum space and comfort. Unlike cat backpacks, strollers are ideal for transporting 2 cats at once, instead of just one.

If you’re a solo traveler or cat owner, this is a great perk.

Instead of carrying two carriers or wearing two backpacks (yes, some do), you can just let your two cats share and cuddle up in one large cat stroller. There are even double cat stroller options available for this purpose.

4. Using a cat stroller can be more comfortable for you (vs. carrying a carrier or backpack)

Anyone who has ever flown with their cat, or went backpacking with their cat, knows the muscle aches and pains carrying a cat imposes on your shoulders and back.

Despite the comfort of most cat backpacks, after a while of carrying your cat, you get tired! Having a stroller to push with ease means no hassle and no strain on your body.

Cat strollers are especially a fit for cat owners with shoulder/back/arm injuries, who just can’t afford to support the extra weight of their cat.

5. You can use a cat stroller for both exploring trails and strolling the city

If you don’t think a cat stroller is able to do go on walking/hiking trails, think again! Now there are even cat strollers with three air wheels designed to cross rugged terrain.

Three-wheel cat strollers are generally more controllable and easier to maneuver. Three-wheel strollers are ideal for both nature walks and city life. The stroller will be able to cross gravel, dirt roads, twigs and branches with balance and comfort so your cat’s not wobbling around.

If you don’t intend to go walking on nature trails with your cat, there are options available for four-wheeled cat strollers too.

Four-wheel cat strollers are ideal for walks in the city. If you require just a simple design to take your cat from point A to point B without any frills, a four-wheel cat stroller might be the best choice for you.

6. Strollers are ideal for cats who might not enjoy walking on a harness or riding in a cat backpack

Cat owners whose cats do not take to riding in a cat backpack well should consider getting a stroller.

Likewise, cats who aren’t very well trained to go outside on a harness and leash can start training to get used to the outdoors first via a cat stroller.

Cat strollers can be an awesome training tool. Cats or kittens who are curious to see the great outdoors, but aren’t trained yet to do so, are perfect examples of cats who should train with a cat stroller.

7. Cat strollers combine convenience + portability all in one affordable package

Despite their 2-in-1 multifunctionality and features, cat strollers aren’t all that expensive, considering.

When you consider that a simple cat backpack costs over $100, a cat stroller’s price tag definitely seems worth it.

For a similar price, you not only get a detachable cat carrier, but you also get the set of wheels and durable frame, which is both collapsible and optimized for storage.

Even at the higher end of the scale, cat strollers remain quite affordable considering all the perks and features they tend to come with.

Choosing the Best Cat Stroller for You & Your Cat

When shopping for a cat stroller, it’s important to consider safety and comfort, among other things.

Before you add that cat stroller to your shopping cart, let’s take a look at what features make a cat stroller worth your money.

Safety & Security

Your cat’s safety is no doubt a priority! With that in mind, look for cat strollers that have:

  • Secure clips
  • Ample ventilation
  • Durable material
  • Protection from the elements
  • Harness attachments (or “seat-belts”)

Some cat owners report that the cat strollers featuring secure clips are better than those featuring zippers. Zippers, as we all know, can be a hassle and are more fragile than clips.

Ensuring the stroller has an above adequate ventilation system is extremely important to avoid your cat from overheating.

Always check the reviews and product info for cat strollers with weather-resistant, durable material. You don’t want to get caught out in an unpredictable storm!

Lastly, look for strollers with integrated harness attachments (sometimes referred to as seat-belts). Clipping your cat’s harness to the inside strap can help avoid accidental escapes or injury.

Lifestyle & Terrain

Are you an eager trail runner? Do you love simple strolls around the local park? In either case, choose a cat stroller that fits with your lifestyle.

If you want to hit the trails, shop for cat strollers with proper tires. Otherwise, a basic stroller will work just fine for city strolls.

Beyond that, consider whether you want a cat stroller with storage features, a water bottle holder, and so on. These little additions can help you decide which cat stroller is right for you.

Space & Comfort

Your cat’s comfort is a priority, so you want a stroller that maximizes that as much as possible.

Select cat strollers which feature ample space inside the cat compartment. Ideally, your cat should be able to move around, stretch, and lie down comfortably.

If your cat loves to peer out of windows, there are cat strollers featuring wide transparent or mesh screens. Some strollers even feature a ledge on which your cat can rest its paws!

There are cat strollers with integrated removable beds or machine-washable cushions. You can also opt to add your own if your cat has a favorite bed or blanket.

Design & Durability

The design of each cat stroller has lots to do with its durability. If it comes down to two options, always choose durability over style. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!

As mentioned before, some strollers feature zippers, while some feature clasps or clips.

Generally speaking, clasps will last longer than zippers, which can tear easily. Zippers also invite trouble for playful felines who like to stick their claws in the zipper lining.

Read reviews for signs that a particular cat stroller is durable or not.

Also, once your stroller arrives home, check for any missing pieces, damaged material, bent framework, or punctured tires. These are the most important components to ensuring your stroller is in healthy condition.

Price & Budget

Cat strollers are an opportunity to travel with your cat in style. But not all strollers are created equal. What works for you might not work for someone else.

In all cases, consider your preferences, cat’s needs, and of course, your budget.

Luckily, the better-equipped cat strollers aren’t exponentially more costly than your basic cat stroller.

If you want a cat stroller that lasts for years, definitely spend the extra $20 if you have it. But beware, just because a stroller is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s more durable or reliable. For that, you’ll want to study the verified reviews and product description.

Portability & Storage

Luckily, there are lightweight strollers on the market, which is a great choice if you intend to use the stroller often.

If you have a compact car or small home storage space, look for a stroller that can fold down flat.

Cat strollers vary in both storage functionality and portability. Some are more lightweight than others, which can be an important factor for some cat owners, while not so important for others.

Again, the type of storage functions and portability you’re looking for in a cat stroller depends greatly on your personal lifestyle.

Maintenance & Upkeep

When buying a cat stroller, think long-term. Will it require general maintenance after short-term use? (Tire quality?) Will you need to wipe it down clean after each adventure?

Look for pet strollers that are easy to clean and keep in a good condition.

The better you take care of your stroller, the longer it will last. And who knows, maybe if you grow tired of using your cat stroller after a year, you could try to resell it if you manage to keep it in great working condition.

Cat Stroller

Top 3 Best Cat Stroller Brands + Reviews

We found these 3 best-rated cat strollers on the market! Here are the details and our review of each.

1. Pet Gear

Pet Gear is a leading pet stroller brand for both cats and dogs. They listened to the market and combined the most popular features into their unique designs.

The brand offers cat and dog owners the choice between lower-end strollers (mid-range) and luxurious pet strollers (high-end option).

1a). Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite [Mid-Range Option]
Pet Gear’s first stroller design, the Happy Trails Lite, is a favorited stroller among pet owners for its security, usability, and multifunctionality.

Key Features:

  • No zippers, easy-lock entry
  • 6″ wheels ideal for smooth city strolls
  • Wide panoramic window for viewing
  • Front shock absorbers for balance and smooth ride
  • Price range $60-$80
  • Check reviews on Amazon

The Happy Trails Lite cat stroller is a simple, optimized stroller. It is perfect for simple strolls around the park or city. Note: This stroller does not feature air wheels and isn’t ideal for dirt trails or rugged terrain (see next option).

1b). Pet Gear Jogger Pet Stroller Air Tires [High-End Option]

Pet Gear also offers active pet owners to take it up a notch with their No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller. This stroller design does feature 12″ air tires, designed for jogging and exploring on nature trails and rough terrain.

Key Features:

  • No-zip entry
  • Air tires for rugged terrain + water-resistant fabric
  • For pets up to 75 lbs
  • Easy one-hand folding mechanism
  • Interior size: 30 x 13 x 22″ (LxWxH)
  • Storage baskets, water bottle holders
  • Price range $190-230
  • Read reviews on Amazon

The Jogger Pet Stroller offers high-value at a high price. The stroller encompasses practically everything (and more) in a luxurious pet stroller. If you can afford the initial upfront cost, this stroller will last you for years.

2. Paws & Pals

Paws & Pals is another leading brand of pet strollers offering both 3-wheel and 4-wheel strollers. The difference between the two doesn’t soar like with Pet Gear. Instead, Paws & Pals offer both their stroller designs at an affordable price – which is just around the $50 mark.

2a). Paws & Pals Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler [Budget-Friendly] 

The Paws & Pal 4 wheel stroller is a basic pet stroller with all necessary bells and whistles, including:

Key Features:

  • Zipper entry (front and back)
  • Mesh screens, water-proof hood
  • Undercarriage storage
  • Interior compartment size: 21 x 14 x 19″ (LxWxH)
  • Price range ~$50
  • Check color options on Amazon

Cat and dog owners report this pet stroller to be about equal quality for value. You can’t beat that price tag, especially if you’re unsure your pet will like the stroller. Great for beginners!

2b). Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger [Budget-Friendly]We also have the “jogger” option with this brand which is ideal for those with an upbeat lifestyle wishing to take their pet along for rides around the city.

Key Features:

  • Zipper entry (front and back loading)
  • Easy folding technique at the press of a button
  • 360 rotating wheels with front wheel shock absorption
  • Sunshade, optimal ventilation and viewing windows
  • Carriage size: 19.5″ L x 25.5″ W x 39.25″H
  • Price range ~$50
  • See on Amazon

The 3 wheeler Paws & Pals pet stroller is ideal for brisk walks, but the tires do not seem stable enough for exploring across rough terrain (although advertised as such). This stroller remains great for city/park strolls though!

3. HPZ PetRoverUSA 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller

So we’ve covered mainly budget and mid-range options, but now it’s time for the big guys to come out and play.

The HPZ Pet Rover features a luxurious 3-in-1 cat stroller, cat carrier, and cat car seat!

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic, versatile design (detachable carrier + car seat + stroller)
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Heavy-duty, no-pump rubber wheels for all-terrain
  • Durable & functional frame with two-way canopy openings
  • Storage space + reflectors for nighttime travel
  • Harness tethers to secure your pet
  • Price range >$200
  • Check full price on Amazon

If you’re on the move with your pet often, from walking to frequent road trips and more, this 3-in-1 complete travel package pet stroller is for you!

Training Your Cat to Use the Cat Stroller

Like with the harness or car training, it’s wise to train your cat to use the stroller before embarking on your first adventure together.

Introduce the stroller slowly. Most cats will be cautious with the stroller, at first. It’s not their usual cat climbing tree, right? Make sure to just sit it out for a couple of days, preferably next to their food bowl. Once they get used to it, then you can plop them inside and see how they do.

Stroll around your house first (literally). Take your cat on short strolls inside your home or in your garden. Let them get familiar with the movements – bumps and all.

Reward with treats. Using treats as an incentive will never grow old with cats. Always try to reward your cat after they show positive behavior. Entice your cat to even sleep in the interior compartment to associate the stroller with positive vibes.

Avoid overstimulating on your first trip. For your first trip, don’t go to the vet in the stroller. Instead, go on a small, pleasant walk. Do something short and sweet, like a walk around the park!

Following these training tips will help familiarize your cat to its new stroller!

Paw Prints

Extra Tips on Cat Travel – Follow CATS!

Whether you use a cat carrier on wheels, a backpack, a harness and leash, and so on, there are 4 things you should always keep in mind when traveling with your cat. 

  1. Climate
  2. Access to water
  3. Trip duration
  4. Safety


At first, I put these in backward order – STAC – but then I realized it spelled the appropriate acronym CATS!

Safety, of course, is the priority.

Next, trip duration is an important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can make or break a trip with your cat if not planned properly!

Thirdly, always have access to water. Your cat relies much more on hydration than it does food. If it means life or death, choose water over treats.

Finally, consider the climate/weather when traveling with your cat. You don’t want to expose your cat to 90-degree temperatures (temps can rise so quickly in cat carriers, strollers, and backpacks more than we realize).

If you start planning your trip with CATS in mind, you’ll find your journey to flow like a nice breeze. 🙂

Final Thoughts: Cat Strollers Are a Great Idea!

Are cat strollers a good idea? To that, we say, heck yes!

Hey, if you receive looks for walking your cat in a stroller, just remember all these 7 awesome reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. And don’t sweat the haters. We receive looks all the time for using our cat backpack.

Thanks for reading!! Send us your questions and comments and we’ll get back to you asap.

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