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The Boxscoop 2.0 – The Litter Box That Cleans in 6 Seconds!

Hey Fluffy Kitty fans! Today’s post is in collaboration with our friends James + Michelle, the minds behind the Boxscoop 2.0. Please read their story and help them gain momentum with their Kickstarter campaign by sharing this article!


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If you have been following Fluffy Kitty for a while, then you know we are all fans of simplicity and efficiency. Those are actually two of Paul’s favorite words. 🙂

Pretty Litter

What Is Boxscoop?

The Boxscoop is just that: simple and efficient. Its revolutionary litter box design (created by James who is an engineer) aims to prevent litter dust while making it easier than ever to scoop cat pee and poop.

Here’s the new Boxscoop 2.0 in a nutshell:

  • The Boxscoop cleans in 6 seconds with no litter dust

  • It easily removes stuck-on clumps

  • The design is round and is based on cat behavior studies (as cats turn in circles, not squares)

  • And aesthetically-pleasing (unlike giant litter bots..)

  • It’s larger than most pan-sized litter boxes

  • Works with virtually any clumping litter (clay, corn, grass, wheat, or walnut-based litters)
  • There are no corners, dips, or seams so as to prevent the growth of bacteria and odors

  • It’s easy to clean and maintain (can use with or without litter-tracking lid cover)

The Boxscoop’s first model was a hit and James and Michelle received excellent and constructive feedback. Their first model is actually used by the Purrwood Forest Cat Sanctuary.

The Inspurration Behind the Boxscoop

James & Michelle have an inspiring story. The Boxscoop was born out of frustration for the lack of quality design in the litter box industry. Was there no simple design that didn’t put cat owners “out of touch” with the litter box with inadequate self-cleaning litter boxes?

But it wasn’t until James sister, who in January 2016 was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, that James & Michelle started to take a closer look at healthy living. This, coupled with the motivation to provide their cat Arthur with a healthy litter box alternative is when Boxscoop was truly born.

Did you know? The number one reason cats are abandoned is due to litter box issues. Boxscoop aims to prevent litter box issues from even happening, with a simple yet efficient design.

Boxscoop 2.0 | Fluffy Kitty

PC: James+Michelle @ Boxscoop

Why Boxscoop 2.0

The Boxscoop 2.0 is going to be even better than its original version, after having received constructive feedback from first-time users. It can be used with the cover on or off, gives cats full visibility and ample turning space, and so much more.

The Boxscoop 2.0 makes the scooping and cleaning process lightning fast and easy. It will even remove ‘stuck-on’ waste.

Manually scooping and dumping only takes one turn of the wheel and takes approximately 6 seconds to complete! Even kids can do it.

Overall, Boxscoop allows cat parents to keep in touch with the litter box. Removing yourself as a cat owner from this process is not ideal – especially because you need to regularly check the status of your feline’s pee and poop to keep tabs on their overall health.

Boxscoop 2.0 | Fluffy Kitty

PC: James+Michelle @ Boxscoop

How You Can Help

The original Boxscoop sold out, but James and Michelle are working on Boxcoop 2.0, but they need all the funding they can get to make this dream become a reality.

The Boxscoop 2.0 plans to launch on Kickstarter early January 2019. If you’re interested to sign up for notifications or wish to donate to their fundraiser, visit Boxscoop here.

The purpose of this article is to spread awareness of their product which makes being a cat owner a whole lot easier. This is not sponsored content.


Friday 26th of July 2019

I would like to know how completely the wire scoop scrapes off urine that has caked to the bottom of the litter box, where it turns into a cement-like mound.