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9 Best Cat Subscription Boxes to Treat Your Kitty

Are you looking to spoil your feline friend this season? This article offers you some of the best cat subscription boxes that exist on the market. What is more rewarding than seeing your furry friend jump up with joy? Well, for cat lovers, this is something that we all want to see. Pets make our lives more livable, and it’s only fair to spoil them once in a while. But how do you do this?

Monthly cat subscription boxes are an excellent way of making your cat feel that joy and love every time you open the box.  They come packed with awesome cat toys, grooming items, cat food, etc., making them a perfect surprise to give to your cat every month. 

Let’s see what’s inside!

9 Best Cat Subscription Boxes That Rock Kitty’s Socks! 

KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

Yoda enjoying his KitNipBox!

 Choosing the right subscription box for your cat is not always easy. With the large number of companies offering such services in the market, it might be tricky to identify the one that best suits your cat.

Nonetheless, no cause for alarm! We have prepared a list of the best cat subscription boxes in the market, based on intensive research and customer reviews.

But, first things first! Let’s answer some few questions:

Why Should You Sign Up for that Cat Subscription Box?

  • To offer extra fun and treats to your cat friend
  • If you wish to create a routine fun time for your cat
  • If you want to surprise someone with incredible gifts for their cat pets
  • To discover new artistic items every month for you and your furry friend

Are Cat Subscription Boxes Worth it?

When it comes to the joy of your pet, anything that provides that happiness is worth it. Although sometimes costly, these subscription boxes offer incredible items that ensure your cat stays happy and engaged. 

The different toys, accessories, gadgets, and treats make every month’s box worth it.

How Do You Identify the Best Subscription Box for Your Cat?

Just like in any other purchase, a subscription box should offer what it promises and even more. When choosing one for your cat, here are some points you should consider:

  • The value offered – the quality and the service the boxes offer should be unmatched
  • Ease of cancellation if unsatisfied with their services
  • They should offer great personalization – the boxes should include unique products that address your cat’s needs. With unique items, every time, each month’s box will provide a great celebration.
  • Cat subscription box free trial – if you find one that offers a free trial, the better as you can test it first.

So, which are your best options?

KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

Best Cat Subscription Boxes in 2020

1.       KitNipBox Review

The first on our list of the best cat subscription boxes is KitNipBox. Their subscriptions per month start at $19.99, with the most popular box going for $29.99 a month. For US residents, the company offers free shipping services, while it charges $6.95 and $7.95 for Canada and Australia, respectively.

So, what do you get from this subscription?

KitNipBox has three excellent options for you:

  • Happy Cat KitNipBox – this contains five items (toys and treats), intended for one cat.
  • Multi-Cat KitNipBox – contains seven items each month, to cater for multiple cats. It comes with all-natural treats, quality cat toys, and several other healthy cat goodies.
  • VIP KitNipBox – comes with ten unique items each month, at just $39.99 a month

Whether you have one or multiple cats, KitNipBox offers you just the perfect solution. And it is easy to join – sign up, fill in your billing info, and receive your cat subscription box every month.

2.       WhiskerBox Review

WhiskerBox is another great subscription box for your cat. The company offers you two options namely: 

  •  Mew Subscription, which costs $34.95/month and includes 4-5 treats and toys.
  • Meow Subscription, which costs $49.95 / month and includes 4-6 premium toys, apparel, and treats.

WhiskerBox offers free shipping services within the US but charges a $15 fee for Canada shipments. One advantage of this subscription box is that it has been tested and approved for cat use.

This means that you can rest assured of the quality and safety of every box contents. And, if you are not satisfied with what they offer, you have an option to cancel the subscription.

Some of the aspects that make WhiskerBox stand out include:

  • Offers stimulating toys
  • Specialty products
  • Nutritious treats
  • The quality of their products have been tried and approved

The only notable con of this box is its cost. It is quite expensive compared to other brands offering the same packages.

3.       Cat Lady Box Review

This cat subscription box offers you two incredible packages:

  • CatLadyBox starting at $34.99/month – includes 2-3 unique cat lady products.
  • Crazy CatLadyBox starting at $39.99/month – includes two gifts for the cat and 2-3 exclusive human products.

This box is uniquely designed not only for your cat but also for you. If you wish to treat yourself or gift a friend with a unique box full of elite cat lady items, Cat Lady Box might just be that ideal choice you seek.

The monthly subscription box may include items like home décor, jewelry, cat-themed shirts, art, accessories, and more. Whether you want a box packed with human items for cat lovers or one with the cat and human items, that choice is yours. The box allows you to treat yourself even as you get new items for your furry friend.

Since the company is open to ideas from both independent businesses and artists, you can expect incredibly unique items in each box.

For shipments, the company offers free deliveries within the US, but charges $8.95 and $12.95/box for Canada and UK shipments, respectively.

Some of the advantages of this subscription box include:

  • Attractive packages
  • Highly rated by customers
  • A perfect treat for a cat lady
  • Uniqueness in items, as the company supports independent artists

You can try this box even with just a one-month subscription. Cat Lady Box is arguably one of the best subscription boxes for cat lovers.

4.       Meowbox Review

meowbox review

Yoda’s ready to dive in!

With subscriptions starting at $22.95 for two months, Meowbox is one of the relatively affordable boxes. Nonetheless, the low price doesn’t mean reduced quality. In fact, Meowbox is known for its high-quality cat toys and treats. 

Every box is packed with 4-6 unique cat items. And, unlike many other subscription boxes, with Meowbox, even the box itself is designed to appeal to your cat. 

The boxes are sprayed with a unique scent that every cat loves. So, the box might even turn out to be your cat’s favorite item.

Their items are sourced entirely from the US and Canada, thus quite personalized for cats in these regions. Better still, if you prefer to forego food treats, you have a chance to make the request. The edibles will be replaced with other toys and gifts for your cute friend.

Meowbox is among the most customizable subscription boxes for cats around. It allows you to choose the products you want to exclude from your monthly box.

Meowbox was one of the first cat subscription boxes we ever tried! Check out our Meowbox review for details of what comes inside or click here to get your first box for only $20!

5.       Smalls Review

The Smalls subscription box is specifically designed to deliver the perfect edibles for your cat. It is meant to offer healthy, carefully formulated real food recipes for the furry buddy. So, what do you get from this subscription box? Fresh and healthy human-grade meals, made specifically to meet your cat’s diet needs.

With Smalls subscription box, you receive exactly what your cat needs, every month. All that is required of you is to provide specific details about your cat, such as size, habits, build, and health goals. From this, the company will come up with a package that best suits your cat. But, you still have the option of choosing your cat’s favorite foods and flavors.

Besides the edibles, Smalls also provide a monthly cat litter box for your cat (although as a separate package). If therefore, you wish to make your cat even more comfortable, you can order one of their litter options and help it do its business at ease.

6.       Litterbox Review

Litterbox is arguably one of the best cat monthly subscription boxes in terms of variety and quality. Made by the Robot Litter Box creator, this subscription box is packed with incredible items both for the cat and the pet owner.

If you are looking for felines’ favorite, Litterbox has the right combination to bring joy and comfort to your cat. With just $30/month, you get a monthly package of cat products and toys, pet litter and cleaners, as well as other surprise items. And your shipment will be free if you are in the US.

They offer a variety of toys, litter, beds, boxes, and more. And to make it even better, your order takes only a week tops to reach your doorstep.

Litterbox favors pet lovers interested not only with toys and treats but also with litter and cleaning supplies for their feline friends.

7. RescueBox Review

What is more fulfilling than knowing that every purchase you make gives something back to society? That is one great thing you get with RescueBox

Besides the numerous unique toys, accessories, and treats your cat gets, you’ll also be contributing food and vaccines to homeless cats somewhere. And, with every box you buy, you can see how many cats your contribution feeds. 

As for the packages, you can choose to buy a one month buddle or a prepaid one of up to 12 months. One month’s package costs around $30, but the price goes down with longer prepaid packages.

For US residents, RescueBox offers free shipment services. You also have an option to cancel your subscription any time you wish. And, if you have a longer prepaid package, you will still receive the rest of the monthly boxes even after canceling your subscription.

8. Pet Treater Review

If you are looking for the best cat subscription boxes with the most affordable prices, this one perfectly fits the category. Treating your cat doesn’t have to be all that costly.

With Just $15 a month, Pet Treater has a package for you. The Pet Treater Cat Pack comes with 3-4 toys and treats, specially made for that hairy companion. This means that you don’t need to dig too deep into your finances, to spoil your cat.

They also have another package, Multi-Cat Pack, which goes for $25 a month. This one comes with 5-8 surprise items each month to make your cat’s life even more interesting.

Items in these packages include natural treats, toys, and multiple surprises like cleaning and litter supplies. All these products are sourced either from Canada or the US.

In case you don’t want their monthly subscription boxes anymore, you can cancel it at any time.

9. Cuddle Crate Review

Unlike most subscription boxes in our list, which are exclusively for cats and cat lovers, Cuddle Crates is different. They include boxes for all furry pets. Whether you are a cat, dog, or rabbit lover, Cuddle Crate has something great for everyone.

The company designs custom subscription boxes to match your hairy pet’s needs – no matter the size. With a starting price of $19 a month, Cuddle Crate offers three options.

  • Bronze: Comes with 4-5 items/month at $28 – rates are a bit lower for prepaid customers.
  • Silver: Includes 6-8 unique products/month at $39 – rates are also lower for prepaid packages.
  • Gold: Over nine items every month at $50 – prepaid subscriptions attract lower rates.

With the gold option, you can choose a package to cater for up to three different pet types. And like Meowbox, they give you monthly or bi-monthly shipment options. If you reside in the lower 48 States, you are also eligible for free shipments.

One downside of this cat subscription box is that you can’t opt to exclude the edibles.

KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

We Hope Your Kitty Enjoys These 9 Cat Subscription Boxes!

When choosing a subscription box for your cat, there are numerous factors you should consider. These factors differentiate between the best cat subscription boxes and the not so good ones in the market. 

Every box we have reviewed here has its unique, strong points, and it’s now up to you to know which qualities best suit your fluffy kitty!

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