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KitNipBox | Subscription Box Review [Discount Code Inside]

Upon arrival in our new home in San Francisco, Mexico, Yoda found himself in a new home, excited as usual to discover a new place but in desperate needs of new toys! Luckily for him, we just found a new subscription box that could answer his wildest cat dreams.

Discover how KitNipBox saved Yoda from boredom in our review!

kitnipbox review

What is KitNipBox?

A Subscription Box

For those of you not familiar with the concept, KitNipBox is a subscription box for cats.

You subscribe to their offer and receive brand new toys and treats every month. For a small monthly fee, you let a team of experts, led by their CMO (Chief Meow Officer, Sylvester the black cat) select the most fun products out there that will keep your beast entertained for hours.


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It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you have to leave your cat home a few hours a day when you are working!

KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

The “Multi-Cat KitNipBox” we received | Fluffy Kitty

What Was In Our Box? Raining Cats & Mice Theme

  • Umbrella dangler (with multiple strings your cat can swat at)
  • 3 different catnip mice
  • Cat emoji pillow, filled with catnip
  • Plastic food/water bowl
  • Rain cloud cat wand (Yoda’s favorite!)
  • A thank you card with details about each item

The card will detail each item, although it specifies that occasionally items might be different than what is listed. “No treat” boxes (like ours) will have another special item to replace the edibles. We think our replacement item was the food/water bowl.

A portion of the proceeds from each KitNipBox is donated to animal-welfare causes.

KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

Yoda hunting a catnip mouse | Fluffy Kitty

KitNipBox Review | Why Choose KitNipBox?

KitNipBox brings real value to your home:

  • New cat toys once a month
  • Delicious treats

The advantage of a subscription box is that it creates novelty for your cat every single month. We all know the importance of a well-entertained kitty! Stimulation is essential to its well being as it creates a positive environment for your cat’s mental and physical development.

KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

Yoda devouring the rain cloud toy | Fluffy Kitty

On the downside, what we didn’t really enjoy was that the toys we received were all labeled “Made in China.”

We can only encourage them to keep on focusing on more sustainable products, made locally!

The treats they sometimes provide (depending on the month, box, and your subscription) are made in North America, with occasional features from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Overall, they seem to pay close attention to the selection of their suppliers.

How Much Is a KitNipBox?

Two subscriptions are available:

  • Happy Cat KitNipBox | $19.99/month ==> Perfect for a single cat home as it comes with 5 goodies
  • Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29.99/month ==> Best for a multi-cat home (or a greedy single cat) with even more goodies, 7 in total

Yoda drinking out of his new bowl | Fluffy Kitty

KitNipBox Review | Yoda’s Final Thoughts

Yoda had a pawesome time with those toys! His personal favorite (and ours) was the cat wand. It’s just a great way to share some good times with your fluffy friend!

We have been testing out every single toy for about a month now, and we can say with assurance that these are holding up to Yoda’s fierce bunny kicks and sharp fangs.

Yoda's KitNipBox Review | Fluffy Kitty

Yoda and Paul having fun with the rain cloud wand | Fluffy Kitty

Even one of the stray kitties, Piglet, whom we are taking care of in Mexico, comes inside to play with Yoda’s new toys.

Overall, KitNipBox is a great subscription box that we can recommend for everyone eager to satisfy your little friend’s playful needs!

This article is a review of the monthly cat subscription box “KitNipBox.” Their team has kindly given this item as a promotional offer in exchange for Fluffy Kitty’s honest opinion and review. A special thanks to Diana for working with us to get our KitNipBox delivered to our new address in Mexico!