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Best Cat Food for Cats Who Throw Up

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So you’ve been woken up by your beloved kitty retching in the night. It’s stressful, and you’ll be wondering what’s causing it. There could be several reasons, one of which is dietary. You might find yourself asking: What is the best cat food for cats who throw up?

  • Throw Up (Vomit) or Regurgitation?
  • Why Do Cats Throw Up?
  • Best Cat Food for Cats Who Throw Up
  • Final Thoughts: Best Cat Foods for Cats Who Throw Up

Vomit or Regurgitation?

Before you panic that your cat is ill, there is an important distinction. Is your cat throwing up, or are they regurgitating?

Dr. Jennifer Coates has written about this extensively. Cats who throw up (or vomit) are engaging in an active process

It involves contractions of the abdominal wall (i.e., retching) prior to the actual event and the sensation of nausea, which is often associated with excess salivation, licking of the lips, and drooling (1). 

But regurgitation is a passive action. While it is just as unpleasant to clean up, it is less of a concern.

Best Cat Food For Cats Who Throw Up

Regurgitating takes place in a different part of the digestive system. When your cat throws up this way, they won’t look in distress. Also, the ejected material won’t contain any bile (meaning it has not made it to the stomach yet).

So before you panic, if your cat throws up thirty minutes after eating, this may just be simple regurgitation.

In isolation, a cat who throws up once or twice is not a cause for concern (2). But if this becomes chronic, there may be underlying health issues.

What Is the Best Food for Cats Who Throw Up?

If you’ve assessed all the other factors, and taken your cat to the vet, you might be in the worst-case scenario. You’ll need to stop them from throwing up, as vomiting in the long term can cause a lot of damage. You’ll need to change your cat food and your feeding practice.

Here are some suggestions for the best cat food for cats who throw up that we’ve found:

Halo Holistic Natural Dry Food for Adult Cats

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Rated high on the digestibility scale, this is a complete meal for cats. It also boasts to be completely natural and holistic, meaning it avoids ‘meat meal’ and other processed foods.

Holistic in name and in nature, this is a favored ‘ethical’ cat food. As they say, “The proof is in the poop!”

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food

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If you’re in the market for wet food instead, you should look at Hills. Their ‘Science Diet Sensitive Stomach’ cans provided a balanced, nutritional meal, as well as essential oils, to ensure cats who throw up can digest this food.

Users have reported that cats with IBS and skin allergies have found comfort with this in their diet. Hills is a reputable brand which doesn’t include any artificial colors or flavors in its food products.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive

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Royal Canin’s Sensitive Digestion line is high in protein and easily digestible by even the most sensitive cats. Users happily report that their cats are ‘puke free.’ Though it is a little pricier than others in the range, a lot of cats prefer the superior taste!

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken & Brown Rice

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Blue Buffalo is a brand that we use and trust for all of Yoda’s food needs.

Made with premium natural ingredients, including deboned chicken, nutritious vegetables, and fruits, plus antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits, the Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach will enable your kitty to enjoy his/her meal to the fullest!

Why Do Cats Throw Up?

Cats may throw up after eating for many reasons. Not all of them are as bad as they sound.

Here are a few of the main culprits:

They Are Eating Too Fast

Think of Garfield throwing a lasagna straight down his throat, and you get the idea. Cats often throw up when eating their food too fast. Keep an eye on your cat when you feed them.

They Are Stressed

Cats who throw up might be doing so because of environmental concerns too: they might be stressed out.

Often, cats will eat faster when they are uncomfortable. Are they a new cat? Has anything changed around them? Have you introduced another cat recently? All of these things can upset the balance.

Sometimes, when you take on a cat from another family, they may have been far down the pecking order with their brothers and sisters. It can take a cat a little while to get out of this mentality and eat slower.

Slowing a cat’s eating is as easy as placing something in their bowl like a rubber toy. You can also practice feeding them bit-by-bit.

They Have a Serious Health Concern

Vomiting can be indicative of something else. If your cat throws up they may be suffering from an internal issue, such as liver failure. They may also have an infection in their system, or it could be a reaction to some new medication.

They may also have ingested something that they shouldn’t. Be wary of any foreign objects that they may have eaten, or any harmful chemicals in your garden or home. If you suspect this to be the case, you should seek immediate medical advice.

The Food Is Wrong for Them

If your cat throws up, they may have a food intolerance. This will not normally happen if your cat is eating regular cat food. It is more common with those who are given milk or certain unprocessed meat products.

Intolerance of certain cat foods may emerge later on in life, so you should always be wary. Other signs that cats may be intolerant of their diet include diarrhea and inflamed skin.

But if your cat still vomits, and you are not feeding them with anything unusual, they may have a sensitive stomach. You will need to look into particular cat food for cats who throw up.

Best Cat Food For Cats Who Throw Up

At-Home Solutions for Cats Who Throw Up

Here are some additional ways you can reduce the chance your kitty throws up.

Separate Out the Food Bowls

If you have more than one cat, the chances are you feed them together. You need to make sure that their specific diets do not mix. This means no stealing from each other’s bowls!

Your cat with a sensitive stomach will have to be fed separately.

This could mean putting the bowl in another room. If you don’t have space, consider an automatic cat feeder that responds to your cat’s microchip. 

Don’t Change Their Diet Too Quickly

If you are changing your cat’s diet, be warned that you must do this gradually.

Even an individually balanced cat food for cats who throw up may cause problems. Cats who swap onto their new food immediately may develop further digestion problems!

If your cat throws up and it is a serious health concern, your vet may recommend that you switch immediately.

Best Cat Food for Cats Who Throw Up | Final Thoughts

When seeking the best cat food for cats who throw up, you should always take advice from your vet. They will be able to tell you the best practice and give further guidance on quantities. If your cat has specific allergies, they will make sure it is suitable.

If your cat is throwing up, it may be a temporary thing. It may even be because your cat is eating too fast. However, chronic vomiting is a serious concern, and you should act swiftly to address it.

As well as switching to suitable cat food, for cats who throw up a trip to the vet should always be your first port of call!