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Why Do Cats Sit on Paper? Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Why do cats sit on paper? Cat owners are often puzzled by the common phenomenon that leaves their feline friend seeking out that newspaper or a blank sheet of copy paper.

No matter what else happens to be in the room, your beast may be far more inclined to sit on the one sheet of paper than any of the expensive bedding you bought.

In this article:

  • They want attention
  • Cats are hardwired to mark territory
  • Your cat is comfortable

This weird quirk is common among all cats, but the reason why tends to vary. If you’ve ever wondered about this interesting feline behavior, take a look at some of the common reasons below!

Your Cat Wants Attention

How often is your focus on something other than your cat? Cats are extremely smart animals, and they can tell when your attention isn’t totally and completely on them.

In order to capture just a small bit of your interest, they may swat at your newspaper or magazine. They may climb right up into your lap and lay down on the pages.

Why Do Cats Sit on Paper? | Fluffy Kitty

In this case, the answer to why cats sit on paper is relatively clear: they want a piece of your attention.

It has very little do with how the paper feels and everything to do with the affection that may gain. Particularly if it has worked for them in the past, cats are very prone to repeat the behavior that gave them a favorable response. Over time, this may become their immediate response each time you pick up a similar item.

Cats Are Hardwired to Mark Territory

One popular theory on why cats lay on paper is that they use it as a tool to mark their territory.

Cats can rub their pheromones and scent all over common household objects with very little thought or planning. Finding paper lying all over the house is an easy way for your cat to ensure that their scent gets carried all over the place.

Not only are they apt to like the way paper feels, they will definitely enjoy claiming their property.

Why Do Cats Sit on Paper? | Fluffy Kitty

The clearly-defined boundaries of the paper also give your cat a clear delineation of where their territory ends. This allows them to mark everywhere on the paper and shows them clearly what belongs to them. It could provide some degree of security for your cat.

Your Cat is Comfortable

When you find something that feels good, don’t you often want to do it again? Cat owners spend a lot of time puzzling over this common behavioral trait among their beloved cats. However, the answer is far simpler than what many people may imagine.

Why do cats lay on paper? Because it feels good!

Why Do Cats Sit on Paper? | Fluffy Kitty

They love to play with it because of its crinkling sounds. The smoothness of the paper may feel better than scratchy carpet, or it could make for a warm spot to bask in the sunlight. No matter what that particular piece of paper promises, chances are it feels good or your cat would move!

Final Thoughts: Why Do Cats Sit on Paper?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer for why your cat may choose to lay on paper. They may want attention, desire to mark their territory, or simply find it comfortable. No matter what the reason, this is a perfectly normal behavior for all cats to engage in!