Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongues Out? | Fluffy Kitty

Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongues Out? 8 Reasons Why

When you notice a person sticking their tongue out at you, I bet you take a step back and wonder ...
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Cat Head Pressing | Fluffy Kitty

Cat Head Pressing | Why Do Cats Head Press?

Cat head pressing is a sign that something is wrong with your cat. If your cat begins to press their ...
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How to Stop a Cat from Scratching Furniture

Whether it’s the corner of the sofa or an antique armoire, cats love to scratch up furniture from time to ...
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Why Do Cats Sit on Paper? | Fluffy Kitty

Why Do Cats Sit on Paper? Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Why do cats sit on paper? Cat owners are often puzzled by the common phenomenon that leaves their feline friend ...
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keep an indoor cat active

Top Tips for Keeping an Indoor Cat Active

Indoor cats are becoming increasingly common for a number of reasons. Some people fear for their cat’s safety with busy ...
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10 Ways to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy | Fluffy Kitty

10 Ways to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

Do you wonder at times if your beloved feline companion is happy? Well, you're in luck! We've got 10 ways ...
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Cat Teeth Chattering | Fluffy Kitty

Cat Teeth Chattering: What Does It Mean?

Is your feline a chatterbox? Cat teeth chattering may seem like a bizarre notion at first, but most cat owners ...
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bells on cat's collars header

Should I Put a Bell on My Cat’s Collar? Pros and Cons

Last updated: To put or not to put, that is the question. In our last article, we discuss whether or ...
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Excessive thirst in cats | Fluffy Kitty

Excessive Thirst in Cats (Polydipsia): What Does It Mean?

Do you have a thirsty kitty? Is s/he always lapping up water for minutes but still seems thirsty afterwards? Excessive ...
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Cats and Rabies

Cats and Rabies | What You Need to Know

Cats and rabies are two concepts that, in my mind, are less commonly associated together than say, a wild raccoon ...
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