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“My cat has diarrhea but seems fine! What should I do?” comes the frantic phone call. Breathe, pet parent. You’ve already done the first best thing you can do for your pet. You noticed.

We suppose there is nothing glamorous about paying attention to the elimination frequency, consistency, and overall demeanor of the eliminator. Nevertheless, it’s something we should be doing for ourselves, our human children, and for our fur babies. It’s easy to watch what goes in, but the way it comes out can be telling.

Knowing your cat’s litter box habits can help you spot a little problem before it becomes much bigger.

In this article:

  • Why Does My Cat Have Diarrhea?
  • First Aid for Your Cat’s Diarrhea
  • Parasites Can Cause Diarrhea
  • How to Keep My Cat from Getting Diarrhea
  • Final Thoughts

Why Does My Cat Have Diarrhea?

When your cat has diarrhea – runny, loose, or liquidy poop – it can be caused by any number of things.

The usual culprits include a change in diet, parasites, stress, or an intestinal bug. Of course, there are also many more serious problems that can upset Kitty’s delicate digestive system.

my cat has diarrhea but seems fine / Fluffy Kitty

Things like exposure to toxins, or foreign objects in the intestines because she ate her catnip mouse are also quite common causes of diarrhea.

Liver or kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease (also known as infiltrative bowel disease, or simply IBD), and cancers such as lymphoma or intestinal adenocarcinoma can also introduce themselves with runny stools.

When a cat has diarrhea but seems fine, the problem is most likely that your kitty has eaten something unusual.

Notice that we did not say “bad?” She doesn’t have to eat something toxic to make her sick. Sometimes, it just needs to be different. You may have offered kitty a new brand of food, or fed her soft food when she’s always had kibbles. Perhaps you offered her a bowl of milk and she drank it without telling you she is lactose intolerant. These little upsets are usually easy to handle.

First Aid for Your Cat’s Diarrhea

In some situations, you are safe to monitor Kitty for a day or so. If your cat hasn’t gone droopy, vomiting along with explosive diarrhea, and is otherwise acting normally, take away all food for a period of 12 hours.

Be sure to make plenty of fresh, clean water available for your cat during this time.

cat has diarrhea but seems fine - Fluffy Kitty

This food-vacation will allow whatever is in her system to pass through. After 12 hours offer her a bit of boiled, skinless chicken – a tablespoon or two every few hours. Continue with small amounts of easily digested food at regular intervals until the problem resolves itself. Then you can slowly begin to re-introduce her regular diet.

Feeding your cat a quality food will make a positive difference in your cat’s poop. Poor quality food, like Meow Mix that has corn as the first ingredient, can and will wreak havoc on your cat’s stomach (often resulting in diarrhea).

Instead, try something that has real meat as the number one ingredient. You can find affordable brands using real meat in their ingredients. We use (and Yoda seems to love) the brand Blue Buffalo.

If your cat’s diarrhea continues for more than a day, or other symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, or fever develop, you should see the vet. Don’t forget to take a stool sample from the litter box with you.

Dehydration can become a serious problem when diarrhea goes on for days and/or if there is also vomiting.

Parasites Can Cause Diarrhea

The second most likely cause of diarrhea in cats is parasites. These little hitch-hikers can make all kinds of trouble inside your cat causing diarrhea, but may not always create other symptoms of illness.

Intestinal worms can come from any number of places. Worms are almost certain when you have a new kitten since nursing mothers share any worms they might have with their kittens.

Cats swallow fleas when they groom themselves. All manner of nastiness can be tracked into your house on shoes, including parasites. If yours is a mighty jungle cat who stalks the “big game” in your backyard, he can easily catch and eat an infected rodent or simply walk across some infected fecal matter.

My cat has diarrhea but seems fine. Fluffy Kitty

If your kitty is not yet on a monthly heart-worm prevention program, now is a great time to start. These monthly doses contain prevention for intestinal worms as well as protection from deadly heartworm.

How to Keep My Cat from Getting Diarrhea

Here are several ways you can help prevent your cat from getting diarrhea.

Diet Changes + Invest in High-Quality Food

Switching foods can be upsetting to your cat. When you find a food that agrees with your pet, it’s probably a good idea to stick with it. Buying whatever’s on sale may save your budget, but it could create havoc in your cat’s gut. If you want to introduce a new food, do it a little at a time by mixing a small amount of the new food in with Kitty’s normal meal over a period of a week or more.

Always opt for high-quality food. It will save you not only money on preventable vet bills, but your cat will thank you for it.

Avoid Diary

Cats might love the taste of milk, ice cream, or yogurt but very often they don’t have enough lactase in their bodies to avoid digestive issues. Lactase is the enzyme necessary to digest the lactose in dairy products. Undigested lactose moves to the bowel and ferments causing gas and diarrhea.

Protect Against Parasites & Worms

Your cat will simply be happier if you wage an unrelenting war against parasites. Your feline friend will be more comfortable physically without itchy flea bites, and the worms they cause can become a deadly problem for your pet.

My cat has diarrhea but seems fine. Fluffy Kitty

Get the Vaccinations On-Time

Diarrhea is a symptom of many diseases including distemper. If your cat has not had her shots and she develops diarrhea, with other symptoms like a runny nose, contact your vet immediately. Better yet. Get the necessary shots and eliminate the worry.

Keep Your Cat Indoors 

Outside cats are exposed to so many dangers that their life expectancy is only two to five years. Indoor cats can often live up to and sometimes beyond 17 years old!

Keeping kitty inside from the beginning is a good plan for many reasons. Your chances of keeping your pet safe from toxins, street dangers, and other animals, (and their diseases) are much, much better if you can keep your cat safely inside. Yoda goes out on his leash when he needs a break from the apartment. 🙂

Final Thoughts: My Cat Has Diarrhea but Seems Fine

When your cat has diarrhea but seems fine, you need to do a bit of detective work. If you’ve just changed food, return to her old brand and then introduce the new food slowly.

Be aware that the younger and smaller your cat is the more dangerous a bout of diarrhea can be. Dehydration can seriously weaken and even kill young animals.

If your cat has diarrhea but seems fine, you’re not out of the woods just yet. Watch for other symptoms like lethargy, vomiting, or fever to develop, or if diarrhea continues for more than a day or two in an adult cat, seek veterinary help.

The fact that you are aware of changes in Kitty’s routine will be extremely useful information for her vet if and when you need to take her there. Good job!

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Brittany, Paul, & Yoda =^^=

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  1. When I was cleaning my cat yesterday, I noticed that her poop is not what it normally is. The other day when I went to the supermarket I saw a cat pie and bought it for my cat to see if she liked it. And I think that’s what caused my cat’s diarrhea. In reality, when cats have diarrhea, cleaning them up takes a lot of time and effort. I think it’s time to change your diet.
    Should I feed him foods high in fiber, probiotics, and other nutrients like protein?

  2. I know a change in diet can cause a Kitten to get diahrea, I’m wondering could a change in water as well? We have very chlorinated water and am wondering if that could be the cause. She eats the same food, is very healthy and active other wise.

  3. I have 2 rescue cats they are sisters, they will be 4 in Feb.
    Last week one of them started with diarrhea but seems fine otherwise. She went to the vet Monday and he couldn’t find the problem but gave her Diagel probiotic she still has diarrhea and today her sister started with diarrhea….ugh. Their diet is Beyond Simply (dry) and Fancy Feast wet they are picky eaters and they have been on this diet for over a year and a half……………help! they both appear to be fine other than the diarrhea.

    1. I am not a vet so if they said nothing was wrong, I couldn’t argue with that! But I do know that Fancy Feast is not a high-quality product and that might be messing with their tummies! If you can switch to match it with beyond simply or an alternative higher-quality wet food that may help!

  4. hello…i have a cat about 6 years old (was a rescue cat), and had her since she was 1 year old. she has had diarrhoea for a LONG time now. She does go in her litter box to do it..but usually there are 4-5 lots in a day. VERY soft and watery. I had her to the vets last year..couldn’t find anything wrong with her. I feed her on Whiskas (have tried other foods such as felix, and a vegetable based one)..but she is still the same. She has ad lib dry food as well. She is up to date with vaccinations, wormers, and flea treatment. The poo stinks awful…(but so does the food when left). I don’t leave any food that she doesn’t eat, although she doesn’t leave much…and is always asking for food. She has 3 pouches a day, in small quantities (about a third of a packet at a time). i don’t kn ow what else to do, but it can’t be good for her, being like that all the time…

    1. Hi and thanks for reaching out – indeed it sounds even painful and stressful for her! Whiskas is generally not a high-quality food and that could be causing the upset. It could also be the constant wet food. If you start serving some dry food, that should help dray up the poo as well! We feed Yoda Blue Buffalo and he loves it. They’ve reduced their prices and now you can find it in any Wal-Mart. It’s about $15 for a bag but it will last about 1 month 1/2. Try it and see if it helps!

  5. Hi,

    I adopted 2 kittens from a shelter a week ago. Both of them were quite playfull. One of them had diarrhea when I adopted them and along with them but when I took them home the stools were normal they gave me 1 pack of food to mix and gradually start reducing the amount. I did them for 4 days with a small liquid medication which they provided me to give them for 5 days. One of my kitten now has diarrhea. I recently gave them a little bit of wet food to mix with the medicine. Now its been 3 days he still has diarrhea I went to the adotpion center they gave me more medicine for it. But It doesnt stop. He is still playfull acts normal eats, drinks etc. What should I do?

  6. My Kitten is 5 months old. He never had an issue with his stool but recently he started to have diarrhea. He’d gone to the vet maybe a week ago to get his final shots. He drinks, eats and plays. He shouldn’t have parasites since the last check up he was perfectly healthy. The only thing new to his diet would be cat grass and a new cat water fountain. I’ve removed the grass. Could the fountain for some odd reason cause his diarrhea?

  7. My cat is 8 years old and has Diarrhea and he’s playing and eating Ok but the Diarrhea only come s and different tones of the day can any one help

  8. My 6 month old cat has diarrhea but still act normal plays and everything eats well drinks we I’m trying to find out the problem because we lost are old cat and I got this kitty to be a playmate for my other kitten. If anyone has methods please help also yes he does have a appointment with the vet

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for reaching out! Great that you scheduled an appointment! That should clear up any doubts. Usually, when cats have a common case of diarrhea (and everything else seems fine) it is probably either 1.) worms or 2.) current diet. Let us know what your vet says!! Thanks and best of luck xx

  9. My kitten is maybe 6 weeks old we found her in the road a few weeks ago. She’s been eating meow mix hard food for kittens, and drinks a lot of water. The problem is she’s had very watery diarrhea every stool for awhile now…..what is wrong and what should I do?

    1. Hi Amber, thanks for reaching out. Have you got the kitten checked for worms? That’s a common reason for diarrhea in kittens. Other than that, I do suggest you consider upgrading from Meox Mix. That brand is really, really low-quality cat food which results in more frequent stomach upsets and problems. Hope this helps xx

  10. My Kitten is Six months old. He never had an issue with his stool but recently he started to have Explosive diarrhea! He’d gone to the vet two weeks before, he got a deworming and some vaccinations done. All seemed well until four days ago. I tried changing his food to see if that was the issue but he still has diarrhea. He had one accident so far. He drinks and eats a lot, but shouldn’t have parasites since the last check up he was perfectly healthy.

    1. Hi Odaly, thanks for writing to us! The initial diarrhea could have been from the medication but it could also be due from the food you were feeding previously – which food were you giving? The diarrhea your kitten has now is probably due to the sudden food change – these changes should happen gradually, across the span of a few days or week so that stomach upset doesn’t happen, but if you swapped foods completely in the same day, it’s normal for there to be some diarrhea. Try to feed him less amounts of food at once (instead spread the same amount across the day). You can also boil plain rice and mix with normal food. Observe over the next 48 hours and to see if it persists. If it does, or if it has blood in it, then that’s a signal to call the vet. Otherwise I think it should clear up in the next day or two! 🙂 Best of luck and thanks for reaching out to us.

  11. I just got 2 kittens and now one of them has diarrhea…
    We tested 3 kind of canned food before we find one they loved…
    But the other kitten is fine …

    I am really stressed as she is only 2 and half month !

    Should I stop her food and reintegrated gradually ?!?

    1. Hi Caroline! It seems you’ve been changing the food quite a bit, which could cause the upset. Try and give small batches of the same food, consistently, for 2-3 days to see if her poop becomes more regular. If not, check for worms or other signs of sickness. If the diarrhea is normal-looking then don’t worry too much. Just make sure there’s no blood or anything out of the ordinary. Best of luck!

  12. I have a older kitten probably 5 months old. She has all of a sudden had explosive diarrhea and had accidents all over the house and scoots her butt on the rugs and couch. I have taken her to the vet and they gave her bio sponge and some other supplement she was good until the meds were done and it started up again. She still runs around and is playful as always. No puking or anything else but the diarrhea. What could be wrong with her? I also feed her purina one sensitive system. I’m hoping it’s not something chronic.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for reaching out!
      Glad you took your kitty to the vet to make sure there wasn’t any parasites or anything of that sort. Did the vet at least give you a general idea of the cause? How long have you been feeding her Purina one? I was going to say you could try switching the food – we use Blue Buffalo – it’s a little more expensive than Purina one, but the ingredients are of higher quality. However, switching foods could provoke even further stomach upset. It really depends on your kitty, though. Were the meds to ensure to kill any parasites or bacteria? Worms will usually cause cats to scoot their bums on the floor. That’s why I was doubting whether or not it could be the food.
      It’s a good sign that she is playful and chipper, meaning it’s rather unlikely to be a serious underlying condition (like heart disease or cancer, in which case vomiting and lethargy might also occur). You said the medication, including Bio Sponge, which aids with intestinal health and function, helped your kitty. That means then that you just might have a kitty with a very sensitive stomach.
      In this case, I’d recommend switching to another food: Orijen or Blue Buffalo or Hill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs are high-quality choices. Make the transition very slow, by incorporating a small amount of the new food in with the old. You might also wish to slightly ration her portions during this transition, just so she is not eating SO much and will continue to have serious tummy upsets. After about a week, you can start feeding her the new food on its own. You can also boil some plain chicken and rice and give her a small tablespoon at meal times as these are easier for kitties to digest. Paul and I are by no means trained vets, so please, if her diarrhea worsens, do go for another visit to the vet! We wish to give you our advice, but you know your kitty better than we do. In any case, we hope this helps! If you have further questions, feel free to ask or follow up with your vet.

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