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“meowbox” Review: Yoda Gets a Surprise (or Several!)

***Hi Fluffers! This article is a review of the monthly cat subscription box, otherwise known as “meowbox.” meowbox has kindly given this item as a promotional offer in exchange for Fluffy Kitty’s honest opinion and review. We hope you enjoy!***
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Yoda patiently waits for his meowbox

As some of you may already know, a little over a month ago Paul and I went on a Southeast Asia backpacking tour for one month after having lived in Nepal for nearly ten months with our Yoda.  This meant that when we decided to go traveling, we had to send Yoda home.

We were both extremely sad to have to separate from Yoda, but then we received an uplifting email.

It was an email from meowbox, offering Yoda a box full of goodies and treats.  What better way is there to reunite with Yoda after one long month than with a box full of surprises made just for him!? meowbox reached out to us at the purrfect time.

Not long after we arrived back home in Tennessee, our meowbox arrived in the mail.

Yoda immediately knew it was for him! We placed the meowbox on the countertop, and within seconds Yoda jumped up (which is usually a big no no…) and pushed it off onto the floor. He could smell the luring scent of the catnip-stuffed toys!

We got the cameras ready and let Yoda open his meowbox, and by open we actually mean rolling around on it and chewing at the corners. 🙂

Yoda was so excited for the goodies inside his meowbox that he began pawing at everything as soon as we revealed its treasures. We even had to hold him back in order to get a decent photo of the meowbox setup!

Read more below to find out which toys and treats Yoda received!

meowbox review

What a cute, personalized greeting!

So what exactly is a “meowbox”, you ask? 

meowbox is a cat subscription box filled with a variety of unique, stimulating toys and healthy edible treats* that are sourced from either the US or Canada. 

But wait, there’s more!

  • meowbox carefully selects high-quality, often handmade, toys and treats.  This means your fluffy kitty is getting the best selection of exciting toys to provide him/her with lots of fun and plenty of exercise! Each box comes packed with a variety of toys and other goodies. Every month is a new surprise!
  • meowbox often supports local business’ and does its best to search the globe for well-made products especially crafted for the entertainment, health, and well-being of your cat.

*Treats are optional for picky cats or cats with dietary restrictions. In lieu of treats, meowbox will replace any edible item with more fun toys!

meowbox gives back!

meowbox has a program named “One Box Can” which is designed so that for every meowbox you buy, they will match it by providing a can of food to a shelter cat. You can even track the individual can with a unique code provided by meowbox, and see where and in which shelter your can of food will contribute to.

meowbox is a great way to benefit not only your cat, but other cats who need loving and caring for, too!

meowbox review

Yoda’s ready to dive in!

Yoda’s reaction to his meowbox

After we (finally) captured a photo or two of the meowbox as it is neatly presented when first opened, we let Yoda loose and he began to search and sniff his way through all his toys. With so many to choose from, he didn’t know what to do with himself other than roll all over them and make cute noises.

Here’s a breakdown of what came in Yoda’s May meowbox:

  • a catnip-stuffed carrot
  • a colorful little ball
  • a handmade catnip-stuffed teabag by Flour’s Garden
  • an electronic, fuzzy ball that squeaks and blinks lights
  • a cute yarn catnip-stuffed fish with a small bell that dangles off a smooth piece of wood (like a fishing pole!)
    • Yoda’s favorite!
    • Handcrafted in Polish mountains by FoxyTricks 
  • 100% natural artisan cat treats, buffalo liver recipe
    • Made in Canada
  • 2 coupons for The Refined Feline and FoxyTricks

A meowbox is filled with unique toys and treats, usually 5-7 items per box.

meowbox review

Toys not featured in this image:
-colorful little ball
-yarn fish/fishing pole
(Yoda was playing with them off camera! ^^)

Why we think meowbox is truly unique

meowbox does a wonderful job at setting themselves apart from other pet subscription boxes.

Your meowbox will come with a personalized message just for your kitty. It just goes to show that meowbox appreciates your support and they genuinely would like to say thanks. It made us feel a part of the meowbox family!

As aforementioned, meowbox gives back. Any company that invests in the well-being of others (pets and local business’ in this case!) gets triple brownie points (in our opinion). Fluffy Kitty personally likes to invest in products and people that strive to be good in what they do and who ultimately do good as well. 🙂

meowbox caters to your kitties wants and needs. Is kitty picky or requiring a special diet? You can now opt-out of receiving edible treats inside your meowbox. Just let them know!

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Current subscription plans

There are 3 different options for how often you would like to receive a meowbox. Prices are listed below.

  • 1 month
    • $32.95
  • 3 months
    • $27.95 ($83.85 upfront)
  • 6 months
    • $22.95 ($137.70 upfront)

Last but not least, meowbox offers free shipping to the US or Canada. 🙂

Some last words from Yoda…

Hi furiends!

This is Yoda. I just wanted to say thank you to meowbox and especially to the Community Manager for reaching out to my meowmy and daddy and making it possible for me to have a meowbox!

I have so much fun playing with my new toys everyday. I take my carrot everywhere I go, but my favorite toy of all is the yarn fish! My meowmy likes to dangle it around in my face and then I get to catch it over and over again. My pooch furiends that live with me try to steal my colorful little ball but thankfully meowmy or daddy save it for me before it gets ruined. I had to explain to one of the pooches that my meowbox was like a BarkBox for cats and that he should take his paws off my treats before I get angry! ^^

Many thanks for reading and I would definitely recommend meowbox to all my fluffy followers!

Love <3,

Yoda =(^^)=