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mother cat nursing newborn kittens

Helping a Pregnant Stray Cat: Everything You Need to Know

Have you encountered a lost-looking kitty in your backyard or neighborhood? Seeing a cat that appears in need of help is hard enough, but if you notice they seem to be carrying an extra load around the middle you might start to wonder…a pregnant stray cat – what do I do?! If you’re a cat …

gray tripod cat sticking tongue while laying in cat bed

Feline Injection Site Sarcoma: Yoda’s Cancer Story

If you follow Yoda’s travels on our Instagram page, you might have seen our fluffy kitty receiving some extra love, care and cuddles after numerous vet visits, one big operation and several radiation treatments.  That’s because Yoda, we discovered, has developed an aggressive form of cancer called Feline Injection Site Sarcoma (FISS).  As tough as …

brown and white cat chewing plastic cable pica in cats

Why Does My Cat Eat Everything? Pica in Cats – Symptoms & Treatments

“Why does my cat eat everything?” If you’ve ever walked in to find your kitty munching on something bizarre, yet again, this question might have popped up for you. Whether you find your cat chewing your shoelaces, your shower curtains or even your electrical cords – it can be an unsettling and worrying experience for …