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Cat Trees Under $50 | Our Top 5 Picks

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Is it possible to find any cat trees under $50? Scratching and playing are an important part of a cat’s routine. But to save your furniture from their claws, you need to get equipment specially designed for your feline friend.

But this doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Instead, there is a wide range of cat trees under $50 readily available.

In this article:

  • What Is a Cat Tree?
  • Why Do Cats Need Cat Trees?
  • The Best Cat Trees Under $50
  • Final Thoughts: Cat Trees Under $50

What Is a Cat Tree?

Put simply, a cat tree is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can buy. They are usually a tall structure formed of a central pillar (which can even be ceiling high).

They may have a platform at the very top or several at intermediate levels. More complex ones may implement toys, bridges, hammocks, and small hideaways. Traditionally, they are all-in-one cat entertainment items!

Much like a scratching post, a good cat tree will be wrapped in a durable material. This could be with rope or sisal. The presence of this allows your cat to scratch and play all at once!

By giving your cat a place to scratch you are allowing them to work out a natural tendency. This means the cat tree you buy needs to be built to last, no matter your budget.

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Why Do Cats Need a Cat Tree?

Cat trees are so beneficial for your feline. See why below!

They Meet Behavioral Needs

They are usually quite tall, which allows the cat to climb and feel secure. This is great for more timid cats. Cat trees sometimes contain engaging items (like toy mice or dangling pom-poms) that will stimulate your cat. This is particularly useful for kittens. Most crucially, they usually are designed in a similar way to scratching posts.

They Let Your Cat Scratch Something

Cats scratch for many reasons. It can be behavioral, territorial, or for their own health. A cat tree satisfies all of this! If you’re looking to stop them from scratching your sofa, a cat tree is an easy solution!

If a cat scratches, it may be to mark an area. Cat’s paws have scent glands that can leave discrete smells on an area.

Scratching is also a way that cats shed claw sheaths, an important part of their health. They scratch to show they are comfortable, that they are exercising. Most of all they just love to do it!

Cat Trees Are Vital!

So a cat tree is a necessity, particularly if you have an indoor kitty. By putting appropriate furniture in your house, you can avoid damage to your chairs.

Once you’ve retrained them to scratch certain areas only, a cat tree can also satisfy their need for height, security, and playtime.

But the next question is, what are the best cat trees? Are they expensive?

Are there any cat trees under $50 available on the market? See below for our top 5 picks!

The Best Cat Trees Under $50

Discover our selection of the best cat trees under $50 below!

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

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Basic in name but not in nature, Amazon’s own cat tree is as impressive as it is inexpensive. Wrapped in jute, its posts hold together three tiers of different sizes and shapes. Sturdy and hard-wearing, this one is hard to beat.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

See Details

This is quite the sight to behold. Where to start? The ladder, the hole, the rope, the toy, the platforms? Never mind the cat, this tree looks like fun for everyone. A combination of faux fur and sisal, this tree is buckets of fun. Just look at the videos and pictures posted by users for more!

Cat Craft Three Tier Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

See Meow

Available in four different colors, this is a cat tree for the avid climber. Designed to fix to your ceiling, your cat can climb the giddy heights without fear of any mishaps or unbalances. Also soft in material, what it lacks in accessories it makes up for with multiple tiers and sheer height.

Paws & Pals Cat Tree Hammock

See on Amazon

Looking for something a little more understated? This double-post design from Paws & Pals features a hammock at the top of it to allow your kitty to nest safely and watch the world go by. Thanks to its simple design, this is one of the cheapest options of cat trees under $50, but still contains the essentials.

Roypet Fashion Design Large Cat Tree

Check Meow

Promising a construction of ‘high-quality’ faux fur for your beloved cat, this tree is more complex than the others. Featuring semi-circular hideaways, toys, and an arrangement of pillars, topped off with a platform this is a stimulating environment for any cat.

Due to its unique design, it may not have the same sturdiness as others on this list, so be warned if you have multiple cats or large cats.

Cat Trees Under $50 | Final Thoughts

Cat trees are a necessary item in the house of any cat owner. They provide an entertaining distraction and a place where your cat can feel safe. They are great for exercise, mental health, and for your cat’s sense of security! 🙂

But just because they are great doesn’t mean they have to be expensive! Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of cat trees under $50 that fulfill all the functions your cat’s needs.

And just because they don’t break the bank doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing on quality either. Cat trees under $50 are often as good if not better than their more expensive counterparts.

The rule of thumb when buying one is to stick to your budget and your cat’s personality.


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