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Cat Trees for Large Cats

Large cats? Oh yes.  Cats are quite the diverse species; coming in all sizes, shapes, and weights.  I mean, have you seen this 27 pound Maine Coon??  Though most cat owners have “normal” sized kitties (that almost sounded naughty) some often find theirs to be “above average”.  And when you have larger kitties you know what that means…you need to upgrade from that single B sized cat tree to maybe a double D sized, you know, reinforced straps scratching posts and what not. If you are looking for cat trees for large cats then you have come to the right place!

Our selection at a glance

sturdy cat trees for big catsAmarkat Condo22"W x 53"L X 72"H
+ others
$$$5 stars rating
sturdy cat tree for large catsGo Pet Club50"W x 26"L x 72"H$$rating 45
sturdy cat tree for large catsHigh Loft33"W x 22"L x 72"H$$$ratin 4

We know how important it is to find a cat tree adapted to YOUR beast! Cat trees are not only fun for your cat, they are also essential in order to enhance their physical strength and agility while channeling their energy into something they love! There is no reason why a bigger cat should not have his own!

At Fluffy Kitty, we share with you what we ourselves (cat fanatics) would like to own in order to spoil our cat.  So after doing what I do best (researching about cats) I have chosen to highlight 3 cat trees for large cats.  I will divide the three based on relevance, rating, and price.  Let’s get to it then!

#1: Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Beige

Okay, this cat tree is specifically designed for large cats. *Gasps*
Overall, this is a great, affordable, one-time purchase that lasts years kind of product.  But let me go a bit further into detail by dividing the features into a pros and cons list, starting with pros (I like receiving the good news first).


  • Amazing reviews (almost 3,000 positive reviews!)
  • Easy to assemble (tighten the screws/posts properly!)
  • Ideal for multiple cats (large or else)
  • Affordable ($$) + free shipping (click to see details)
    cat trees for large cats - Amarkat

    Click for reviews & pricing

  • Ships fast, reported great customer service (though there were some bad apples)

Now let’s see about the cons.


  • Very heavy packaging
  • Reports of tree being “loose and wobbly” (if not tightened properly) making it a potential hazard for your cat
  • Still ships fast, but sometimes arrives with missing parts

If the left and right tiers are occupied with others cats, how does the cat in the top middle get down? Just something I read and is worth thinking about! It will probably be rare, however, that all three cats are snoozing off in those exact three spots! But who knows 🙂

Please see the product online for more in-depth customer reviews.

Overall, this cat tree for large cats will do the trick.  But first before you decide, consider these two large cat trees below!


Find it on Amazon!


#2: Cat Tree Furniture 72′ High Loft

Now this one is a steal! Let’s jump right to the pros & cons.


  • Amazing price for qualityCat tree for large cat
  • Super customer reviews (~800 positive)
  • Free shipping!
  • Well packaged and easy to assemble
  • Ideal for homes with multiple large cats

One of the best things about this kind of quality cat tree for large cats is that you will not find such a cat tree in a pet store.  If you do, it’s probably double the price (we’ve checked!) Now let’s look at the cons.


  • Price can vary depending on which color scheme you choose (not sure why?)
  • 169 negative reviews – reported breaks/tears/snaps after 1-2 years of use
  • More time consuming even though easy to assemble

I must say there was indeed less cons on this list, but as they say, to each their own!  Don’t forget to click and see the different colors/patterns available, also read up on all the comments! Which one out of the two are your favorite?  Are you sure?  Just to be sure, let’s check out this final cat tree for large cats.


Find it on Amazon!


#3: Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 70-75′

I don’t know if I did this on purpose, but in my humble opinion, I’ve saved the best for last! Let’s take a look at these awesome cat tree features starting with, of course, the pros!


Sturdy cat trees for large cats

  • The best quality cat tree for your $ buck
  • Highly reliable brand, with a guaranteed warranty (repairs are free up to 6 months after purchase)
  • An outstanding 1,749 positive reviews (and counting!)
  • Very sturdy, can hold up to 60 pounds
  • Kitties and cat owners alike are so happy with this product!

Sounds awesome, right?! I’m not a debby downer so to speak, but now it’s time for the cons list…


  • Customers have had issues with the included hammock; hazardous
  • Faux fur covering reported as too slippery
  • Be aware – comments of a chemical glue smell

Those are the main cons with this product.  Overall, however, this product would be worth the try! The cons are minor issues and most people fixed them with ease.

So what’s your final choice?? I think you know mine! 😉


Find it on Amazon!


cat trees for large cats

Final thoughts: Cat trees for large cats

I think the Armarkat brand provides super high quality products that people trust in.  Paul has already mentioned two of the Armarkat brand cat trees in the article cat furniture for large cats, which gives an overview of the different types of cat furniture available for your kitties.  This article I’m writing right now is designed to hone in on the top three best cat trees for large cats.  I hope I’ve done my job well! Please let us know your thoughts on these products. Maybe you already have one in your home? Or maybe you’re doing some shopping and considering one of these three! If that is the case, I hope this article has been helpful.  Comments letting us know your feedback are appreciated! We would also very much appreciate if you gave this post an extra like by sharing with your furiends! Thanks for reading once again all you Fluffy Kitty fans!

Be on the watch and check back with us soon for new articles! We work hard to always give you the freshest information to help you (and us) become better cat owners 🙂 By the way, Paul started a new DIY (Do It Yourself) section where he shares his new projects dedicated to our Yoda!