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Meet Rover The Cat & “KittyUber” Rider

Hi everypawy! Today’s guest star is no other than the super hip KittyUber Rider, known as Rover! Let’s show them some love.

Follow along with #WithRoverAllOver and read about their story below!

How did you come to meet Rover?

I was a small fluff when my servants hoomans approached me at the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society adoption event. I climbed out of the crate I was in and tried to make a run for it, and they thought it was cute.

I thought it was cute that I didn’t have to listen to them and I’d still have things my way.  

When did you know you had an “adventure cat”?

Well, they gave me a doggo’s name – Rover. Who names a cat after a dog? Well, puppycat is what they got. They took me to a forest trail once, and I showed them that this Rover goes all over.

PC: @Rover_TheCat | Guest Post on Fluffy Kitty

Did you train your cat as a kitten? What was that like?

You spelled ‘hooman’ wrong. And yes, I trained them right away. It was tough, but in two days I had them eating out of my paw.

What made you want to explore with your cat hoomans? (Other than the fact that it’s pawsome).

They seemed to want to explore with me as soon as I jumped over the fence and booked it towards the opposite side of the neighborhood.

What was your first adventure together?

Neighborhood hide and seek.

Where are your favorite places to explore with your cat hoomans?

I like quiet trails with surrounding trees; it’s less windy that way and keeps the hoomans in line.

PC: @Rover_TheCat | Guest Post on Fluffy Kitty

Have you ever had a scary or challenging situation while traveling with your cat hoomans?

Fluff yeah, I have. I went to the oversized litterbox once (the ocean) and hoomans got their car stuck in that litterbox. Why would they drive a car into the litterbox with water all around.. I don’t know.

What are your best tips for training your cat hoomans?

Start with the leash early and use it regularly; hoomans won’t suspect it’s not a normal behavior for them.

Have you ever traveled abroad with your feline? If so, which airline did you use?

Not yet. I’m working my hoomans up to longer trips a bit at a time. There’s only so many “songs of my people” that they can listen to at one time.

What’s the farthest you’ve been with your cat?

300 mile drive and hoomans had to stop for so many fluffing bathroom breaks. So needy.

Do you have a favorite cat café or a cat-friendly business that you know of?

Roar PDX has some pawesome goodies and they’re local.

What’s your go-to travel gear for Rover?

PetsFit backpack nicely holds 17 pounds of pure cattitude.

@Rover_TheCat | Fluffy Kitty

Tell us about your dream adventure together, where would you and your cat go?

The lands of endless toona treats. But on a more serious note – the meowtains are calling. Pacific Northwest is a fluffing pawesome place, and all the dream adventures are right around the corner.

Describe your best OR worst experience traveling with your kitty. What happened?

The best experience? I picked my hoomans and they picked me. The worst? My dinner was two minutes and thirty-seven seconds late, once.

Do you have any last tips or advice for first-timers exploring with their cat?

Cut your hoomans some slack if they get nervous. Nobody is purrfect. (except me)

Share with us 1-3 other travel cat accounts who inspire you!

@burmaadventurecat is THE adventure kitteh of all time, no contest.

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@Rover_TheCat | Fluffy Kitty

All photos belong to @Rover_TheCat.

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The Fluffy Kitty Team

Kennie Kat

Friday 2nd of August 2019

That kitty park is the MOST adorable thing I've ever seen.