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At this time of year, we get this question all the time: What are the best Christmas gifts for cats? We know that shopping for Kitty is the very first thing on your Holiday to-do list, but other chores may be keeping you too busy to enjoy shopping for your furry friend.

On the outside chance that you don’t have time to pour over the many gift options, we’ve done it for you. (You’re very welcome!) We present them here in no particular order.

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window perchWindow Perch
cat tree for christmasCat Tree
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food trayFood board
race trackNas-Cat
toybox-300x300Toy Box
fountainWater Fountain

1 | The Stocking

Now, we’re very certain that you will fill Kitty’s stocking full of squeaky mice, catnip birds, feathered wand toys, and those clever little treat packets in various exotic flavors.

Just remember, when it comes to cat toys, Kitty needs toys to entertain herself while you’re gone to work or have been kidnapped by rogue squirrels. (You didn’t know that she imagines you to be in dire danger when you’ve gone grocery shopping? Well, she does.)

She also needs toys that include the best gift for cats – your attention – wand toys come immediately to mind. Playing with YOU is her favorite thing, so don’t neglect this aspect when you’re shopping for the best Christmas gifts for cats.

wand toy

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2 | Window Perch

If your kitty friend is an inside cat, she is endlessly fascinated by what goes on (key the spooky music,) outside. Give her the gift of an ever-changing view of the world outside.

Birds, dogs, other cats, and the occasional rodent will give your cat a window to the other side.

May we humbly recommend the Original KITTY COT “World’s BEST Cat Perch”? ==> Find it in our complete guide on window perches here.

This unit mounts to the window with heavy-duty suction cups that can hold up to 25 pounds. It doesn’t require nails or screws that will get you into trouble with the landlord, and it’s very efficient.

best cat gift for christmas window perch


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3 | Cat Tree

Every cat deserves a tree to play in. Even if your cat never meets real tree bark, she will still yearn to get up high and survey the world. Depending upon the room you have and the number of feline friends in residence and your budget, there are cat trees to fit the needs of every cat dwelling.

The Armakat Cat Tree Condo is a really nice middle of the road cat tree that gets rave reviews from spokes-humans.  Here is 60-80 inches of vertical fun with sisal scratching posts, a hide-y hole, and plenty of perch options.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty


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4 | Feeding Puzzles

If your cat spends most of his time inside, he can grow inactive and (ahem – well, fat) unless you challenge him.

The answers to feline obesity and boredom can be found in the array of puzzle boxes on the market today.

These clever toy/feeding stations make Tom hunt for his food as he would in the wild. Case in point, the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree.

This creates a new challenge and discourages over-eating out of boredom. This company has an entire line of add-on-able components as well, so the toy can be upgraded whenever you like.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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5 | Best Bling

Yours may be an indoor cat who never really sees the light of day, nevertheless, cats can occasionally escape.

We recommend that you always outfit your cat with an identification tag or collar including name and phone number. Here, among the best Christmas gift for cats, we think this one is essential.

Much as we like the ones with “diamonds,” we have found that such dangly tags can be lost easily. This identity collar, made by GoTags has the name and phone number embroidered right into the collar!

cat collar

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6 | Game Boards

Along the same lines as the food tree, we mentioned previously is the game board created by Trixie Pet Products.

This is the feline equivalent of a play station, without the joystick.

It provides a number of different games, each designed to stimulate Kitty’s senses and appeal to her hunting instinct. It’s moderately priced and gets absolute joyous reviews from human buyers who rave about how well their pets like the multi-faceted game board.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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7 | Nas-Cat

Just in case you have a frustrated Nascar driver in your home, why not combine his/her love of the race-track with Kitty’s ball-batting behavior.

The Magic Cat Track and Ball Toy has a ‘race track’ and two balls that can be snapped into place and batted wherever your fur baby wants them to go.

If the figure-8 track isn’t sufficiently challenging, you can add a track to run throughout your home. Cat dads and Hot Wheels lovers will have a great time with this toy. It’s inexpensive and entertaining for cats and their parents.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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8 | Cat Tunnel

As you already know, cats love a good game of hide and seek.

Here is one of the best Christmas gifts for cats. Your kitty will absolutely LOVE this – even more than she loves grocery bags, Amazon boxes, or a death-defying zig-zag run under the sheets and blankets of your bed to catch the monsters lurking there.

The Easyology Cat Tunnel makes a wonderful crinkling noise as your critters (dogs and ferrets love it as well,) dash through it during the daily FRAP (Frenetic Random Activity Period).

The simplest toys are often the best and this one gets thumbs up from cats and their people.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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9 | Interactive Toy Box

This intriguing box stands roughly ten inches high and features many holes for your cat to paw through looking for the rewards inside – rattle balls, a foam ball, and a mouse toy.

This toy box, made of sturdy wood with 17 holes for hide and seek will challenge your cat’s hunting skills and give him/her hours of entertainment.

Caution: there are similar products for about the same price made from cardboard. Pick the one that Kitty won’t tear apart with her teeth.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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10 | Drinking Fountain

Let’s get very serious for a moment.

Just between us humans, one of the biggest risks your cat can face is dehydration.

Some cats simply won’t drink water from a plastic dish. Others won’t drink water if it isn’t trickling from the faucet or – forgive us – the toilet.

When it comes to the best Christmas gifts for cats, the gift of health and long life is at the top of our list!

We recommend one with easily cleanable materials and has a large capacity. The Best Pet’s Water Fountain is dishwasher safe -except for the filter and pump – has 5-star reviews, and is not so expensive as many others.

The Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Cats | Fluffy Kitty

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Final Thoughts: The Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

We probably all have flocks of feathered wands and jingle balls scattered throughout the house. If you don’t see any, just move the entertainment center and look underneath. 😉

The variety of Christmas gifts for cats is quite impressive!

The line of cat toys and accessories offered by the Catit line of products especially. Not only are they affordable, but their design also allows you to add component parts to Kitty’s favorite toy year after year. Always keeping it fun and entertaining! Hats off to you Catit. Your toys are totally awesome!

Have a safe and merry Christmas 2019 everypawdy! Thanks for reading Fluffy Kitty! Keep checking back in with us because we have some BIG surprises for you all in 2020!!

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