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What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Cats?

At this time of year, we get this question all the time: What are the best Christmas gifts for cats? We know that shopping for Kitty is the very first thing on your Holiday to-do list, but other chores, too much choice and all that holiday planning might get in the way!

If you are drowning in Christmas chores and haven’t had time to pour over the many gift options for your beloved fur-friend – we’ve done it for you. (You’re very welcome!) 

We’ve chosen the tried and tested toys and treats we know kitties love, as well as a bonus section for the best eco-friendly cat gifts to give to your kitty for a sustainable festive season!

Our selection at a glance

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fountainWater Fountain

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Cats

1 | The Best Cat Stocking

We love this Jute Natural Fish Shape Hanging Stocking for so many reasons. One it’s super cute and the fish shape is just adorable. Secondly, it’s made from gorgeous, handcrafted materials that are both earth-friendly and built to last. And finally…it’s big enough for some serious present stuffing!

Now, we’re very certain that you will fill Kitty’s stocking full of squeaky mice, catnip birds, feathered wand toys, and those clever little treat packets in various exotic flavors.

Just remember, when it comes to cat toys, Kitty needs toys to entertain herself while you’re gone to work or have been kidnapped by rogue squirrels. (You didn’t know that she imagines you to be in dire danger when you’ve gone grocery shopping? Well, she does.)

In fact, you could even add our second option inside…

wand toy

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2 | The Best Cat Teaser Wand

This amazing 8-foot-long Stellar Ribbon is a fantastic way to give your cat a special new surprise. Designed in bright colours and exciting textures, it will keep your furry friend engaged and active with its unpredictable movements. 

They can chase, pounce and play to their heart’s content, and even try reaching for the star at the top! These toys really help to engage a high energy kitty and build that playful bond together. 

3 | The Best Cat Window Perch

If your kitty friend is an inside cat and is endlessly fascinated by what goes on outside, give her the gift of an ever-changing view of the big wide world.

Birds, dogs, other cats, and the occasional human will give your cat a special viewing platform. Like Netflix for cats!

I personally love The Best Cat Stocking – a gift for you and your kitty to enjoy equally! Plus it’s a tool-free installation, which makes life a lot easier this busy festive time. 

4 |The Best Cat Feeding Puzzle

If your cat spends most of her time inside, she can grow inactive and (ahem – well, chubby) unless you challenge her to work that brain and body.

The answers to keeping those indoor kitties happy and healthy can be found in the array of puzzle boxes and feeders available.

These clever toy/feeding stations encourage your gorgeous fur friend hunt for her food as she would in the wild. My personal favorite is the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree.

Designed to mimic hunting practices, it has 3 difficulty levels so you can keep enriching your kitty’s mealtimes. Plus, it’s easy to clean and super durable – yay! 

There’s even an entire line of add-on-able components as well, so the toy can be upgraded whenever you like. Now that’s a cool present!

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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5 | Best Bling

Our cat’s names are pretty special right? They personify that wonderful character that we adore, so if you’re looking for something special asd a festive gift – why not upgrade that name tag?

And how cute are these Matching Pet Tag and Necklace Sets? They have loads of different styles and shapes to suit any duo, and means you can stay close to each other no matter where you are!

Plus this shop uses 10% of it’s profits to support charities! Now that’s the Christmas spirit 🙂

cat collar

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6 | The Best Cat Game Board

Along the same lines as the food tree, these game boards provide awesome enrichment for your kitty and mimic natural behaviors. 

Enter the Trixie Game Board Feeder. This is the feline equivalent of a play station, without the joystick!

It provides a number of different games, textures and challenges, each designed to stimulate a kitty’s senses and appeal to her hunting instinct. It’s got joyous reviews from human buyers who rave about how well their pets like this multifaceted game board. So it’s sure to be a great gift!

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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7 | The Nas-Cat!

Just in case you have a frustrated Nascar driver in your home, why not combine her love of the race-track with Kitty’s ball-batting behavior.

The Magic Cat Track and Ball Toy has a ‘race track’ and two balls that can be snapped into place and batted wherever your fur baby wants them to go.

If the figure-8 track isn’t sufficiently challenging, you can add a track to run throughout your home. Cat dads and Hot Wheels lovers will have a great time with this toy. It’s inexpensive and entertaining for cats and their parents.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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8 | The Best Cat Tunnel

As you already know, cats love a good game of hide and seek.

Here is one of the best Christmas gifts for cats. Your kitty will absolutely LOVE this – even more than she loves grocery bags, Amazon boxes, or a death-defying zig-zag run under the sheets and blankets of your bed to catch the monsters lurking there.

The Easyology Cat Tunnel makes a wonderful crinkling noise as your four-legged pals (dogs and ferrets love it as well) dash through it during the daily FRAP (Frenetic Random Activity Period).

The simplest toys are often the best and this one gets thumbs up from cats and their people.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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9 | The Best Interactive Cat Toy Box

This intriguing box stands roughly ten inches high and features many holes for your cat to paw through looking for the rewards inside – rattle balls, a foam ball, and a mouse toy.

This toy box, made of sturdy wood with 17 holes for hide and seek will challenge your cat’s hunting skills and give him/her hours of entertainment.

Caution: there are similar products for about the same price made from cardboard. Pick the one that Kitty won’t tear apart with her teeth.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats/Fluffy Kitty

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10 | A Delightful Drinking Fountain

Let’s get very serious for a moment.

Just between us humans, one of the biggest risks your cat can face is dehydration.

Some cats simply won’t drink water from a plastic dish. Others won’t drink water if it isn’t trickling from the faucet or – forgive us – the toilet.

When it comes to the best Christmas gifts for cats, the gift of health and long life is at the top of our list!

We recommend one with easily cleanable materials and has a large capacity. The Best Pet’s Water Fountain is dishwasher safe – except for the filter and pump – has 5-star reviews, and is not as expensive as many others, so makes for a good budget-friendly option.

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Eco friendly cat gifts

Are you looking for some eco Christmas cat gifts? Then we have your back!

Whether you are trying to live a zero waste or plastic free lifestyle, it can be tough as a pet owner. But here are some super green options for Christmas gifting, so your cat can feel special without sacrificing your lifestyle choices. 

Wherever we can we look to offer choices that help the planet, as we try to reduce Yoda’s carbon pawprint ourselves. 

This means we love products largely made out of organic fibers or material, or recycled in some way. Or if there’s a way to reduce waste altogether- we love that too!

Here’s some green ideas for holiday pet gifting:

  • Did you save some of last year’s paper to reuse? If not, you could go for a biodegradable option like this. 
  • A sustainable gift box for a variety of green toys and exciting eco treats
  • A Christmas themed felt cat cave – so they stop climbing your tree and hide in this one. Made from natural wool, they are super cosy and sustainable too. 
  • An adorable Hemp Mouse – the cutest stocking filler. 
  • Why not treat them to a purrfect eco-friendly cat bed.
  • Or really splash out on a new sustainable cat tree.
  • Why not sponsor a shelter, or offer some donations as an alternative gift? Helping other paws in need on behalf of your lucky kitty. 

Want more eco-friendly gifts? Check out 7 more Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts for Cat Lovers (& Cats)

Final Thoughts: The Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

Remember that the best present you can buy for your fur friend is cuddles, love and lots of extra fuss. Having someone to play with these toys with is what they really want from Santa Paws after all!

Feel free to share this list with your friends who might also be struggling for gift ideas. Or as a subtle nudge to your family and friends for what to buy the main fur friend in your life!

And do share below – what’s your favorite gift giving practice with your cats? Do you have any yearly rituals 

Have a safe and merry Christmas everypawdy! Thanks for reading Fluffy Kitty! Keep checking back in with us because we have some BIG surprises for you all in 2022!!

Barbara from Crazy Cat Lady Hub

Saturday 9th of December 2017

I have that water fountain for my kitties and they love it! AND they look super cute drinking from a little daisy. Thanks for the list -- it's time to go Christmas shopping!

Brittany, Paul, & Yoda =^^=

Monday 11th of December 2017

Aww haha, hi Barbara! That's so nice! We were hoping to gift this for Yoda once we settle down somewhere more permanently!! We know he would love it. Thanks for sharing and yes - it's that time of the year! :)