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With Christmas just around the corner, and holidays and birthdays popping up virtually every week, it’s time to refresh our list of the best gifts for cats and cat lovers. But wait! There’s a twist. This year we’re only featuring sustainably-made or eco-friendly products for cats (and cat parents) that are made with our planet in mind!

If gift-giving for fellow cat and earth enthusiasts is on your to-do list this year, don’t miss out on our unique list. We have a few special items we want to highlight, too. Not to mention a couple of our very own line of products by Fluffy Kitty! 😉

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Cats & Humans | The Fluffy Kitty Blog #santapaws #christmas #giftguide #giftideas #cats
Eco-Friendly Gifts for Cats & Humans | The Fluffy Kitty

With that in mind, here is our list of the best presents for cat lovers and gifts for cats!

1. Handmade Macrame Cat Hammock

Handmade macrame cat hammocks | Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty
Handmade macrame cat hammocks | Meowcramé by Fluffy Kitty

Introducing our very own eco-friendly product for cats (and cat parents too because it’s so aesthetically pleasing!): Eco-friendly handmade macrame cat hammocks.

Our Meowcramé cat hammocks are handmade in Mexico using natural cotton rope and recycled wooden sticks collected from the coastal jungle. Each hammock was designed by our lead macrame artisan, Eva. We were fortunate to establish this partnership when Paul, Yoda, and I lived in Mexico for a year.

Each sale of our macrame hammocks for cats supports fair wages for a group of local women.

An additional 5% is given back to the center for women to help fund more workshops for the community.

Who’d love one of these for Christmas? Me-ow! Thanks so much for your support and for making a difference with your purchase.

To pre-order and learn more about our hammocks, please visit us here

🖤 BLACK FRIDAY SALE – 20% OFF your entire purr-chase when you pre-order through Black Friday! Click here to automatically apply discount at checkout.

2. Adventure + Cat Lover’s Gym Tank Made Out of 8 Plastic Bottles

Our recycled sports/outdoors adventure tanks with the “Advenpurrs” motif! | The Fluffy Kitty Shop

You probably know a cat lover and a gym freak, or maybe you know someone who has a passion for pets and the planet, or perhaps someone who even walks their cat on a leash (like me!).

If so, then our adventure tanks made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles would be an amazing and budget-friendly gift for the cat lover in your life.

We pride ourselves on offering the only sustainable cat tank that is both eco-friendly and totally ”pawsome.”

Plus, if you order before December 15th, we’ll send you something extra special! You can shop our eco-friendly cat tees over at

3. Merino Wool Cat Cave

Cozy cat enclosures are a special way to provide a safe space for your frisky feline. And cat caves made out of Merino wool are a sustainable alternative to the ugly polyester beds you’ll find at any large pet store. Each wool cat bed is handmade by women artisans in Nepal.

And if you remember from our story, we (Bri, Paul, & Yoda), lived in Nepal for a year so we’re stoked to promote the Nepali craft.

Check on Amazon

4. The Water Gem Hideout for Cats

The Water Gem // Fluffy Kitty Blog Review:
PC: Boba&Vespa

The Water Gem is a cute prism-like corrugated cardboard cat hideout that deals with absolutely no plastic.

No plastic in the pet industry is a huge deal, and the women behind the brand Boba&Vespa are creating great pet products for a plastic-free future.

After a successful launch on Kickstarter, you can now find and order your own Water Gem over at

5. Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher

It’s no secret the modern cat scratcher by PetFusion is a hit among cat lovers.

Both an eco-friendly find in the cat-sphere and a chic decor piece to your home’s interior, this cat scratcher is a great gift idea for cats and cat lovers. I’d personally be stoked to receive any present for Yoda as my gift!

Order on Amazon

6. Eco-Friendly Cat Toys

Gifting a cat lover eco-friendly cat products is always a great gift idea, no matter how basic it may seem! But your cat won’t care about that.

Giving eco-friendly cat toys, or even eco-friendly litter can help expose another cat parent to a more sustainable way of providing for cats that they might not have known about. But toys are more festive for the holidays, so you might want to start there. Then you can give the litter as a bonus. 😉

But if you’re simply shopping for your cat, you won’t need to worry about all that. Your cat will 100% be pleased receiving more cat toys and entertainment from Santa Paws!

Check out these eco-friendly cat toys on Amazon

7. Fluffy Kitty’s eBook on Sustainability

Reduce Your Cat's Carbon Paw Print: How to be a sustainable cat owner in an unsustainable industry by The Fluffy Kitty //
Reduce Your Cat’s Carbon Paw Print: How to be a sustainable cat owner in an unsustainable industry by The Fluffy Kitty

Last, but not least, you can always pick up a copy of our eBook on how to reduce your cat’s carbon pawprint (it’s a big one!).

It’s a 90-page read handwritten by yours truly and offers insight into another world of sustainable cat ownership.

And since we’re really eager on spreading this information to as many people as possible, we’re practically giving it away for a super affordable price. You could end up getting two – one for you and one for a friend! 😉

Buy our eBook here for only $4.99

Why It’s Crucial to Buy BETTER

The holidays are a festive time, and it’s usually a time when sales peak and consumerism is at an all-time high.

But our planet is suffering from such trends, so we need to make the effort to buy better.

Buy and support local, when you can. Invest more money in a quality, sustainable product that will last 10+ years than spending half the price on something that will last only <1 year. You have an incredible purchasing power. So let’s spend wisely this Christmas.

I hope next year we can continue to grow this list because there are truly not many brands out there who are creating eco-friendly pet products worthy of mentioning here.

Please help us in spreading the word about sustainability in the pet industry. Buy from your neighbor, and take the opportunity to tell them about the benefits of spaying and neutering or even switching to an eco-friendly litter. Every bit counts!

Thanks again and Merry Catmas from Santa Paws!


Bri, Paul, & Yoda =^^=

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