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Best Cat Food for Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is one of the most famous breeds of cats, especially in the USA. The Maine Coon is big and fluffy. He is the ideal companion for the first time cat owner! This breed was born in the land of the free and became more and more popular throughout the years. Unlike most domestic cats, many of their traits are the result of generations of natural selection. While their bigger body is optimal for survival, it can also put a lot of pressure on the joints. It is thus important to provide a food that is adapted for strong and healthy joints as well as loads of nutrients for a healthy coat and teeth.

Our selection

FoodOur ratingPriceQuantityHighlights
Taste of the wild for maine coonsTaste of the Wild4.6/5$$$15 lbsReal roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon / Grain free

Unique nutrients & antioxidants

Strong bones and healthy coat

Blue Buffalo Wilderness
4.8/5$$12 lbsProtein-rich Chicken, healthy complex carbohydrates, natural antioxydants

Weight Management and Lean Muscle Development

Healthy Heart, Digestion, Immune system
Purina One Dry Cat food for maine coonsPurina One 4.2/5$16 lbsReal Turkey meat

Natural fiber blend

Minimize hairball

Healthy weight

If you have been looking for the best cat food for Maine Coons, you probably noticed that one brand stands out more than the others on the internet: the Royal Canin Maine Coon Dry Cat Food. So, you might be wondering.. why is it not included in our selection ?

Well, you simply have to check out the ingredients of this kibble to understand that you will need to find something healthier than that for your Maine Coon. As mentioned many times on Fluffy Kitty, if meat by-products are the only “meat” item contained in the food, then it should be avoided and that is exactly what this stuff is mainly made out of…and for a much higher price.

The Maine Coon in a nutshell

  • Weight: 15-20 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 15-20 years
  • Morphology: Strong bones, small head, strong medium height legs
  • Coat: Thick long fur with thin undercoat
  • Character: Sweet, sociable, quiet, gentle, affectionate, very present, cuddly, loyal, close to its owner(s)
  • Health problems: was originally a farm cat, robust health. Could suffer from joint/bones problems due to their size.

Those specific characteristics are key to determine what is the best cat food for Maine Coons. Our choice is based on those traits and on experts advice. For more information about the Maine Coon breed, check out this pawesome video! 

The best cat food for Maine Coons: Why our selection

It is essential to understand that all cats, even from the same breed are different. While our recommendation will work for the majority, some Maine Coons might be pickier than others. When you think about it, it’s kind of the same for us humans!  For example, why is it that I like papaya yet Brittany absolutely hates it? Taste is a really personal thing even for cats, that’s why you might have to try several brands before finding the hidden gem. We do believe our selection will greatly help you as it did for thousands of Maine Coon owners.

Blue Wilderness

blue buffalo wilderness for maine coons

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Simply the best choice out there for your (not so) little Maine Coon! We first heard of this brand through Brittany’s sister. She was using it for her dogs but said it was also available for cats. She highly recommended it and we understand why! It’s only full of goodness!

The main ingredient is REAL meat (Chicken here, but you can find different flavors: tuna, duck…)!  This food has super high protein content which is essential for your beast and there is absolutely no meat by-products!

It is a grain free meal, which is also awesome compared to most supermarket brands who use grain as a filler (cats cannot digest most grains properly).

What’s more, the food is also made with a blend of essential vitamins (A,B1,B2,B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D3, E…) minerals and antioxidants. It contains fruits and vegetables for a well balanced diet as well as live fermentation product, which help support natural digestion.

Ingredients ideal for the Maine Coon diet:

  • Omega 3 for healthy coat and skin
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract for joint health
  • Vitamin D for healthy bones and tissue
  • L-Carnitine for endurance and fat metabolism

To put it simply, the blue wilderness brand provides a superior nutrition for your Maine Coon while providing him with the essential supplements related to this breed’s specifications.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the wild for maine coons

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Another option to feed your Maine Coon is “Taste of the Wild” also highly recommended by Maine Coon owners. This product is not really different than our first option and presents a healthy alternative with a different taste for your cat (if this one was picky enough to refuse our first choice ^^).

Real meat is the first ingredient (Chicken, Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon), it is grain free as well , highly digestible, it contains vegetables and fruits which will bring him the natural antioxydants he needs. It contains vitamin D supplements for healthy bones.

It is a little bit less breed specific but it does the job of feeding your Maine Coon with an amazing flavor and benefits.

Purina One

Purina One Dry Cat food for maine coons

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If you are on a budget, there is a cheaper option for your Maine Coon. It is a little bit less “wild” but it contains great stuff for your Maine Coon.

For starters, it contains real turkey as the main ingredient.

It does have meat by-products as a secondary ingredient which is often seen as a “bad” thing, but it is not necessarily that “bad” (see the explanation from a vet here). In fact, those by products which are mainly made of chicken feet, eggs, intestine and organs can contain great nutriments for your cat depending on the proportion (percentage) of each raw ingredient.  Therefore, the real question is if the by-product materials or of high quality and contain an equal balance of ingredients.

The Purina One product has natural fiber blend to help minimize hairballs while promoting a healthy digestion.

It is especially good  for your Maine Coon as it contains:

  • Omega-6 helps give your cat a radiant coat and healthy skin
  • Vitamins and minerals for strong bones and joints

OR…Make your own food!

If you have some time, the best solution can be to make your own homemade cat food for your Maine Coon. This might take some more time but in the end, you will know for sure what you are feeding your Maine Coon and you can be sure it will be a healthier option than any so called premium brand.

Final thoughts: The right food for your Maine Coon

It is often a daunting task to find the perfect food for your beautiful furry beast. First because each cat has specific needs or tastes and second because it is super hard to identify clearly what are the ingredients listed on the package of your cat’s kibble. We hope this article will help you find the perfect match for your kitty ! If you need extra explanations, do not hesitate to leave us a little comment or send us a question.  If you have other suggestions, please feel free to share with the Fluffy Kitty community! Thanks a bunch and see you guys soon.