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cat litter dust

Is Breathing Cat Litter Dust Harmful to Humans & Cats?

If you have a feline friend in your life, you probably deal with cat litter often. With litter boxes being the main spot that indoor cats do their business, cat litter has found its way into virtually every cat owner’s home. But is cat litter potentially harmful to us? Is breathing cat litter dust harmful …

essential oils for fleas on cats

Are Essential Oils for Fleas On Cats Effective and Safe?

Fleas are pesky little critters that can sneak into your feline friend’s lives. Whether you have a cat that likes to explore the outdoors or a cat that loves to snuggle with their canine friend, a flea can easily make their way onto your cat’s body and cause trouble. Though many cat owners have turned …

dewormer for cats

Natural Dewormers for Cats – Get Rid of Parasites!

Deworming your cat is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Intestinal parasites can wreak havoc on your cat’s overall health, making it so important to use a dewormer that follows through on the job. Though we know our veterinarian can provide prescription-strength dewormers for our feline friends, many have begun to wonder if there …