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dirty gray and white stray cat getting fed with cat food

Should I Feed This Cat? A Guide to Feral, Stray, & Neighborhood Cats

Have you ever heard a meow outside your house and been confronted with an unfamiliar furball? If they seem desperate for attention, you might start to wonder – is this a stray cat or someone’s pet? This can soon snowball into a whole world of worries – are they being cared for? Is it safe …

gray cat beside plastic free grocery bag

Plastic Free Cats: 4 Ways To Reduce Plastic As A Pet Parent

If you’re considering taking the journey towards becoming a more sustainable cat owner, then you’ll know one thing keeps cropping up: Plastic!  And for good reason too. If you’re keen for your cat to live a more zero-waste lifestyle, or want to try and reduce your pet’s carbon paw-print, then reducing the amount of plastic …

cat gets head massaged

The Best Natural Remedies For Calming Cats

For all of us eco-friendly cat parents out there, it’s relieving to know that there are natural remedies for calming cats whenever they get stressed out.  When you have an anxious cat in your home, things can be turned upside down. A stressed-out cat can experience inappropriate urination, lash out at other members of the …