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My Cat Has Bad Gas, How Can I Help Him ?

Good day to you fellow furiends! It’s no doubt that our little friends are among the most elegant and distinguished creatures of the universe. However, it does happen when they release an unexpected but nonetheless remarkable smell that could fade even the freshest of roses. If this happens very often, it could be a warning sign that your cat has a (digestive) problem. Let’s see what we are dealing with…

my cat has bad gas, food

My cat has bad gas, where does it come from ?

His butt 🙂 Well, that, you guessed it right! On a more serious note, there are several reasons why your cat suffers from bad gas.

Poor diet

The good thing here is that most of the time, the number one cause for your cat’s flatulence is his diet. Why is that a good thing ? Just because it’s really easy to make a change: in most cases, upgrading your cat’s food to a better quality will solve his bad gas problem.

Let’s go a little bit more in details here: why would his diet make your cat fart like a maniac ? The answer is pretty easy, too! As you probably know, your cat is a carnivore. He needs meat in his diet, a lot of it ! Most supermarket brands use meat by-products. To make their products more affordable, they simply put sh*t in the package. It’s good for your wallet but not so good for your cat’s digestive system. Your cat is simply not made to function well without real meat and low quality ingredients.

If you do not want your cat to release the craken each time he eats, then you are going to need to make a change to his diet.

Let’s not forget that when you give your cat some leftovers straight outta your plate, it may often cause trouble inside your beast. All foods are not good for a cat, human foods that cats can eat exist but they need to be selected carefully.

my cat has bad gas how can i help him

Let’s take the common misconception we human have with milk. We think milk is good for cats ! While it is sometimes true and especially for young kittens, lots of cats as they age become lactose intolerant. Giving them milk is not always a good idea and could later become a pain in the *ss. Not just for you, but for him too (literally).

Finally, your cat could be allergic to one specific ingredient (gluten for example) in his actual food, if it is the case, it is very important to identify what it is in order to change it and keep him healthy.

Other kind of troubles

Then of course, there is the less pleasant kind of problem. A cat farting too much could indicate:

  • A worm infestation
  • Inflammatory or neoplastic condition
  • Any other kind of disease

To sum it up, if you notice your cat is farting too much and a change in diet is not doing anything to improve the situation, it is a very good idea to make an appointment to the vet.

Other signs of disease are a bloated tummy, vomiting, diarrhea or even loss of appetite. If you notice those signs, it is essential to go to your vet as soon as possible

My cat has bad gas how can I help him ?

First of all, rethink his diet. Select a higher quality food for him. Forget about the meat-by products and give him the real stuff. Yes, it is more expensive but it will avoid further complications and (expensive) visits to the vet later on. Also, higher quality food is more nutritious which means your cat will eat less, which means it won’t be much more expensive in the end.

Maybe try to make it yourself, it’s a better way to know exactly what you are feeding your cat cat has bad gas new diet

Want to know exactly what to feed your cat ? Check out this article where cat owners and professionals give you their personal advice on what to feed your cat.

Finally if your cat is really letting it all out constantly, you should definitely check with your vet that everything is normal.

My cat has bad gas: Final thoughts

Let’s not forget that a little fart never killed anyone. It is a natural phenomenon and you should not punish your cat for letting one out from time to time. It happens to us too and there’s no big deal as long as it’s not too frequent. By the way are you sure it is your cat that’s farting and not your girlfirend/boyfriend blaming it on your little innocent one ? 🙂 All jokes aside, try to understand your cat, take the time to make the proper changes in his diet and make sure everything is normal with a little visit to your local vet. With all that in mind, you should prevent a future chemical warfare in your house.

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