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Marvelous Midge Cat Tee’s for a Cause | Our Review

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This post is kindly sponsored by Marvelous Midge who offered Paul, Yoda, and I to test out a sample of their t-shirts. 10 percent of MM’s net profits go to rescues and shelters to prevent cats from being homeless. Check out our honest review!

Who are the folks behind Marvelous Midge and what do they do, you ask? Let us tell you in our complete review!

In this article:

  • About Marvelous Midge
  • Tee’s for a Cause
  • Our Review
    • Packaging
    • Quality
    • Service
  • Final Thoughts

About Marvelous Midge

Like all great brands, Marvelous Midge began with a purpose in mind.

“Marvelous Midge started with the desire to give back, the need to teach my children how to help others, to be a better family, and better members of our community.  Marvelous Midge was built with the idea that we could make a difference and inspire others to do the same.” -Lee Ann from Marvelous Midge

In order to realize their dream of saving animals, their family created Marvelous Midge. Selling quality apparel, fun cat-themed buttons or earrings is just a means to an end; which is ultimately to raise money for cat shelters and rescue organizations, teaching others to take action in the community, and inspiring others to do the same!

Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

That’s why Paul, Yoda, and I were stoked to partner with Marvelous Midge. We love the family-run business’ who strive to do better for our beloved pets.

Tee’s for a Cause

Marvelous Midge commits to donating 10% of their net proceeds to the Animal Friends, shelters, and rescue organizations. Every purchase of a Marvelous Midge product contributes to humane rescue services, the various needs of animal shelters, or adoption services for homeless pets, among others!

Visit Marvelous Midge

Not only do Lee Ann and her family strive to bring you comfort and quality via cat-themed tee’s, buttons, bags, and more, they also do so while volunteering part-time at local shelters and stores. Addie, her daughter, also participates in the community by walking and pet sitting doggies in need.

Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

This is a business that loves to give back which is all the more reason why we love to support them in their endeavors.

“Be kind to all kinds!” -Marvelous Midge

✨ Our Review ✨

When Lee Ann approached us with a potential partnership, we were excited yet anxious that it might not work out due to us now living in Mexico. But that’s no problem for the team at Marvelous Midge, who speedily shipped us not one, but two Marvelous Midge t-shirts and a cute Marvelous Midge sticker!

Now both Paul and I can wear our Marvelous Midge t-shirts out and about.


Our tee’s arrived sweetly rolled up and tied with a thread inside a pawprint bag. Taking them out, the shirts were immediately soft to the touch, odor-free, clean, and ready to wear. As a bonus, a colorful, striped Marvelous Midge sticker and a contact card were also inside the bag.

Quality of Marvelous Midge T-Shirts

The first impression both Paul and I had of the Marvelous Midge shirts was, “Aww, these are great!!”

The first t-shirt is their “peri-blue paisley super soft tee” which is indeed super soft!! The color is a light blue-purple (Paul argues blue, I argue purple) with a baby pink decal featuring a large Marvelous Midge logo on the back and a small one on the front.

Peri-blue paisley tee details:

  • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
    • not pre-shrunk
  • Designed in the U.S
    • inspired DYE by Next Level
    • Made in Nicaragua

Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

Funnily enough, because Paul thought the shirt was blue with white (and not light purple with pink), he chose to wear this one out for the photos. Then, once he saw the shirt on the pictures, he said, “What?? It’s pink!!” 🙂 Hahah. Nonetheless, although the paisley tee is cute and dainty, it does look great on both men and women!

The second t-shirt is their “be kind to all kinds grey tee” which features their “be kind” logo in large on the back, with a small MM logo on the front. This shirt is less soft to touch but is very comfortable to wear.

Be kind to all kinds tee details:

  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Shirt by Fruit of the Loom
    • Made in El Salvador

Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

Both shirts were size Small, which were large on me (below my waist) but they fit Paul perfectly (who is a men’s size S-M). Luckily, I like large shirts to sleep in as much as I like to wear them with a little belly knot or tucked into my shorts!

The small size will fit most young adults and adults.

Service & Refund Policy

Above all, we love the enthusiasm expressed from Lee Ann and Marvelous Midge! We think that they are very motivated and dedicated to their mission to help animals and provide pet owners a way to express their kitty love via cat-themed products.

Lee Ann was a breeze to communicate and partner with and we’re so pleased to have met her and her family’s passion for Marvelous Midge.

Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

We are confident that Marvelous Midge will provide you with excellent service, no matter your issue.

Marvelous Midge guarantees a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Midgey’s Blog

One special feature of the Marvelous Midge website is their blog. Follow along on their journey of saving the kitties! You can also follow along on their active Instagram feed to be in know about new projects, giveaways, discounts, new products, and more!

Final Thoughts: Marvelous Midge Review

With the humidity and heat right now on the coast in Mexico, wearing anything that’s not light and fresh is a struggle. Luckily, the Marvelous Midge tees are light and soft. We loved taking photos out on the town and at the beach together for this review. We hope you enjoyed it!!

Let us know your thoughts, reflections, and feedback in the comments below. You can also contact [email protected] with any question you may have!

Marvelous Midge Review | Fluffy Kitty

Although the tees are of great quality and will last you a long time, we are becoming more aware of textiles and the (un)sustainable production of clothing on the global scale. In this sense, we would encourage MM in the future to supply eco-friendly or sustainable clothing made locally with recycled materials. We know this is so difficult to come by, especially in a world where markets are competing, but we think MM could make an even larger impact by “going green.”

If everyone does their part in consuming less, or at least more responsibly, this world would be in a healthier place.

Want to learn more about the clothing industry? Read the book, “Let my people go surfing” by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. Paul and I are just finishing it up and have a completely different outlook on life.


Brittany, Paul, & Yoda =^^=

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Friday 3rd of August 2018

Great review guys. Loved the beach shots!

Brittany, Paul, & Yoda =^^=

Tuesday 7th of August 2018

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