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Kitty Shirt Clothing and Art Shop | Our T-Shirt Review

At Fluffy Kitty, we love great ideas! And because every new idea needs a little boost to flourish, we are always happy to help spread the word when fellow cat lovers have an inspiring project in mind. Have you heard of Kitty Shirt?

Because t-shirts are the staple piece of clothing that most people wear every day, Kitty Shirt decided to express their love for cats by designing ameowzing cat-inspired fashion! Meow you can purroudly show off your passion for kitties with Kitty Shirt’s wide selection of clothing items.

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Read more below to discover our review of Kitty Shirt!

The Inspiration Behind Kitty Shirt

Under the supervision of their cat Yellow, a very unique and cute curled tail cat, Armand and Risa founded Kitty Shirt to share their passion for our feline friends.

Having just launched last December 2017, Kitty Shirt is a fairly new business. But with a lot of hard work, some determination, and a sprinkle of kitten magic, Kitty Shirt has grown into a pawpular online cat clothing and art shop.

Kitty Shirt | Our Review | Fluffy Kitty

Yoda “getting ready” for the Kitty Shirt photo shoot =^^=

Like us, they wanted to share their vision of how much joy a cat can bring to one’s life! Specifically, they set their creativity free on a wide variety of products, ranging from men’s and women’s t-shirts to sweaters to even sublimated cut and sew dresses and leggings for women.

With more than 259 products in their online store, no doubt you will find THE purry special item you’ve been searching for. And more is yet to come! Kitty Shirt is planning to expand their clothing line with the addition of hoodies and sweatshirts, so you can shop your favorite cat designs for every season.

Product Details

Here’s why we think you should shop at Kitty Shirt:

Quality Made

At Kitty Shirt, your clothing is designed with quality in mind.

Kitty Shirt | Our Review | Fluffy Kitty

That being said, most of their items are printed in the USA, ensuring a high quality textile material and printing. T-shirts are printed with direct-to-garment technology (DTG), ensuring the full retention of the digital artwork colors. In fact, most famous clothing brands use DTG for their products!

Speedy Shipment

Ordering from Kitty Shirt is a breeze. Orders are fulfilled within 3 days of purrchase and are shipped using DHL or USPS. Although shipping times may vary, items are usually delivered within 7 days after fulfillment.


Shopping for cat-inspired items is made easy with Kitty Shirt’s navigable online boutique. Clicking the image on each item will bring up the product description, with details on material, sizes, and available colors.

Kitty Shirt | Our Review | Fluffy Kitty

They even offer a sizing guide for each item, so you can know exactly what size to order without regretting your decision only after-the-fact (this has happened to everypawdy, no doubt!)

Ameowzing Selection

When you shop at Kitty Shirt, you’ll be tempted to buy more than just a t-shirt. Their cat collection is increasing by the day, with cat-inspired artwork and accessories!

In addition to the variety of clothing items, you can also stock up on your favorite matte or glossy cat posters or fun sunglasses with pawsome cat designs and shapes. And don’t think it ends there! Kitty Shirt also offers their best cat-themed designs on a cute selection of bags, hats and caps.

Secure Payment

Thanks to their website’s SSL encryption, you can shop safely and securely on Kitty Shirt. All payments are processed by Paypal and their site does not store any credit card information. Go get ’em tiger!

Kitty Shirt | Our Review | Fluffy Kitty

Furtastic Customer Service

Kitty Shirt has an online “Chat with us” feature which is super handy if you have a last minute question you’d like to ask before purchasing.

Kitty Shirt will be happy to help you with your order, before and after! They accept returns for factory defects, but return shipping needs to be taken care of by the buyer.

You can also reach the gurus behind Kitty Shirt at anytime through email at the following addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

Follow Along

Stay updated with Kitty Shirt as they release more exclusive cat clothing and products. Being relatively new, they could use some extra support growing their social media pages, so don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@kitty_shirt)

Want more? Visit Kitty Shirt’s about page for more details and to take a peek at their shop! Sign up with your email to stay in the loop for their upcoming blog section on their website.

Kitty Shirt | Our Review | Fluffy Kitty

Our Experience: Kitty Shirt T-Shirt Review

When Armand first introduced us to Kitty Shirt, we were excited to meet more cat owners inspired to take on the Internet to spread their love for cats. 

We thought it would be a great idea to feature one of their items on our blog with you, our furllowers, so we had one of our favorite shirts shipped to Belgium (where we just moved from!)

On the first day wearing my brightly colored cat shirt, I received a very nice compliment from one of the barista’s who worked at the coffee shop Paul and I often frequented (where we would usually work!) We also shared pictures of our new cat t-shirt with friends and family, who loved the artwork. My first reaction to Paul was, “This would be such an awesome tattoo!” 😉

Read more below for our honest review of our Kitty Shirt t-shirt!

We received our shirt in about a week. It came in a small paper package with the cute Kitty Shirt logo. Sweet and simple, just the way we like it!

I had expected a chemical smell when I first took out the t-shirt, but in fact it felt like a freshly washed shirt I had taken out of the dryer!

It was immediately soft to touch, and the printing quality was above our expectations. The colors were bright and vibrant, which purrfectly matched the item’s description and appearance on the online shop.

Kitty Shirt | Our Review | Fluffy Kitty

I ordered a size S, which accurately matched the measurements, but it ran a little large on me. This particular t-shirt is not a fitted style, but a classic style. Luckily, I much prefer shirts that give me some space to move rather than being too tight where I can’t even wear it!

To test it out, we took to the streets and out on the town! As I mentioned, we went to our favorite coffee shop for our business-as-usual routine. So you can imagine my delight when one of the Dutch server’s mentioned my shirt when I ordered my Fruit Bang tea!

Shop Kitty Shirt Meow

After wearing it out two or three times, I decided it was my go-to casual t-shirt.

I could sleep in it just as much as I could “dress it up” with a little belly knot and some jewelry.

We haven’t gotten the chance to try Kitty Shirt’s other clothing products yet, but already with this t-shirt we are left feeling happy and curious to try out more!

What do you think of the watercolor cat t-shirt featured? We’d love to hear your remarks, thoughts, comments or suggestions below!

This post was sponsored by Kitty Shirt, but all opinions are Fluffy Kitty’s alone. We think you’ll love their wide selection of cat clothing and products, which is why we agreed to include it on our blog. Thanks! 🙂