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Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Safe for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Your tree and decorations are all set, children are running everywhere, amazing food is cooking in the oven…there is no doubt: Christmas is approaching!

But with all that commotion, activity and decoration come some pretty serious hazards for your kitty. This joyful mess probably excites you as much as it does to us. However, for your feline friend this can mean dangerous decorations and plants, toxic food & excess stress… 

The festive season really is the best time of the year, and we always want to make it as special as we can for everyone involved – including our cats!

So this article will help you keep your kitty safe this Christmas season, and help you figure out how to decorate for Christmas with cats. Our top tips for you to protect your cat’s well-being throughout the holidays, so it’s as special for them as it is for you! 

Tip 1 – A Quiet and Protected Space

Was Chris Rea right? Is everyone “driving home for Christmas” and crashing at your place? Are there other animals heading your way too? 

As amazing as it is to spend Christmas with everyone, this situation might be a bit more stressful than usual for your little fur friend. Cats often aren’t used to or suited to loud family gatherings, and all that noise and commotion could make them feel unsettled. You know it as well as we do, cats are very independent creatures and too much noise or activity in the house can disturb their balance.

So, if you think about it, providing her with her own quiet space where she can slink away to, chill out and enjoy some peace & quiet – that’s really the perfect way to treat your cat for Christmas! 

This’ll be especially important, if there’s going to be some little ones running around who might be looking for a tail to pull. So please, protect your cat from those monstrous kids! 😉

tips on how to keep your cat safe for christmas

Tip 2 – Avoid Dangerous Christmas Plants

From time to time, cats tend to eat plants. Whilst it’s lovely to have greenery around the home, it can be a constant battle to make sure nothing toxic will be ingested by our kitties.

Here are 5 common Christmas plants that are actually toxic for your cat, and that you should avoid or make sure they are WELL out of reach of your little fur baby:

  • Mistletoe
  • Holly
  • Christmas rose (Black Hellebore)
  • The Christmas star (Poinsettia)
  • Heather

All the above plants are extremely toxic, especially those with berries. Even out of reach, there’s the risk that the berries fall and your cat then plays and eats them. 

If your furry friend starts acting strangely or “off”, they could be suffering from toxicity after ingesting something they shouldn’t have. 

Symptoms of toxicity include: 

  • Excessive salivation
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Dilated pupils
  • Seizures

If you suspect they have eaten something festive that doesn’t agree with them, be sure to get them to the vet straight away!

The takeaway? It’s probably not worth the risk to have any of these in your home over the festive period!

Tip 3 – Beware Of Dangerous Decoration

Decorations are maybe the number one danger for your cat.

tips on how to keep your cat safe for christmas

The Christmas tree is not a cat tree to us, but it will not be obvious for your cat! So often they  try to climb it, right?

Yoda did and almost broke everything ^^, so we wrote a full guide with 10 Tips for Cat-Proofing a Christmas Tree. Definitely check that out if you need help with keeping your cat from launching themselves into those furry pines! (We’ve learnt that lesson the hard way…)

Also, be careful with small decorations that your cat can reach, play with and ingest. Either make sure they are securely tied down, or supervise your cat when they are nearby. 

Tip 4 – Cat-Friendly Christmas Dinner

Human foods are not always safe for cats. And this is especially true at Christmas time.  

I know, I know, it’s tempting to give him a little piece of this delicious food, after all he/she is a member of your family!

But with the heavy use of seasonings, butter, dairy, onions and garlic – it’s a recipe for a sick kitty. In fact so much of our festive dinner table fare is really not cat friendly – and all that chocolate, cream and fruit for dessert don’t help either.

To be sure you are making safe choices for your cat’s Christmas meal, follow our full guide to Holiday Scraps Cats Can Eat. This guide includes some cat Christmas dinner recipes, specially for them! 

You can also check out our article on Human Food that Cats Can Eat if you want to get creative in the kitchen and whip up a special festive feast for your kitty. 

Tip 5 – Opening Presents And…POUNCE!

When the time has come to open the presents, keep an eye on your little tiger!

Yoda loves to play with paper; it’s one of his favorite games! If your cat is like anything like him he will think he has gone to playtime-heaven.

But with all those small ribbons, tags and glittery sparkles, be sure you keep an eye out for them trying to eat anything they shouldn’t. The last thing you want is an emergency vet visit on the big day!

tips on how to keep your cat safe for christmas

Bonus Tips – How To Decorate For Christmas with Cats

With all the possible dangers that your kitty could encounter, you might be wondering how do I decorate for Christmas with cats?

Well we are here to help – with these creative tips for cat-proof Christmas decorations:

  • Focus Outdoors – Got indoor cats? Then go wild outside with as many lights, decorations and festive cheer you can fit on that front lawn or doorway! This reindeer is on my wishlist!
  • Wall stickers – Unable to be knocked off by wandering paws, why not add these wall stickers to your basket for some festive cheer. 
  • Wooden trees If you want to avoid the tree-debacle altogether, you might miss that central focus in any festive room decorating. So why not try a wooden tree instead? They are much less tempting to climb and a cat-friendly material.
  • Stockings Cute to look at and fun to play with! Leave them empty for a fun sliding toy, or fill with treats and watch them go!
  • Snow jars – Why not encase your decorations in jars or display cabinets? This way you can still enjoy their sparkly joy without worrying about your kitty’s safety. 
  • Cord protectors – to have some cat-proof Christmas lights, be sure to unplug them when you aren’t around, and add these handy wire covers to any loose ends that might be tempting. 

Final Thoughts: Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Safe for Christmas

We wish you the most AMEOWZING Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your furry friend(s). 

We hope you enjoyed reading this little article. As always, we are more than happy to answer your comments and other questions whether it’s here on Fluffy Kitty or on social media.

Please share the love for Christmas with your friends, send them this link to make sure all our furry beasts are safe for this wonderful time of the year.