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Pet Communities | Featuring: Petfficient

Hi everypawdy!

Today’s article is going to talk about pet communities; in particular, we will talk about a new pet community Yoda came across while browsing on his Instagram called “Petfficient“. Perhaps you’ve already heard about this pet community, but it’s a new discovery for us and so we’d like to share our thoughts with our own Fluffy Kitty community!

Pet communities | Petfficient

Petfficient is one of the many online pet communities you can find, but unique to other pet communities, Petfficient’s sole aim is to promote both cats and dogs in shelters or rescues by sharing and spreading news with their community. If you’ve ever seen the hashtag #adoptdontshop, then chances are you’ve stumbled across one of their shared news articles or stories.

On top of their clear message to adopt cats and dogs to give them their forever homes, Petfficient shares news articles from various news sites (such as Washington Post, Nat. Geographic, etc.) so that you can find all relateable news under one category which is great for the pet-lover who wants to read all about the topics ‘health’ or ‘tech’ (for example) that involve our furry friends!

Pet Communities | Petfficient

Perks of joining a pet community

Joining a pet community doesn’t require a weekly or month subscription (though if you want to you can!) and there isn’t a rule on how many you can join. Join all the pet communities you like!

Being in a pet community keeps us pet-owners of pet news (or “mews” as I like to say) up-to-date so we can best care for our beloved furballs. We personally like to keep in touch with the latest trends for products and facilities available for cats so that we can always have a wide variety of options when choosing what is best for our Yoda and to also share these insights with the Fluffy Kitty community.

Not only does being a part of pet communities help keep us aware of whats new with our furry friends, but it also is just really fun to be included in a community of fellow pet-lovers who share interesting stories and adorable videos!

We also love the learning that comes from being a part of pet communities. Everything we learn we can apply it to our personal skills to create an even better, more beneficial and wholesome life for Yoda and other pets!

Pet Communities | Petfficient


As Yoda’s loving pawents, we take great pride in sharing the message of #adoptdontshop with our community, and that’s a major reason why we appreciate Petfficient so much! As I mentioned earlier, Yoda is the one who discovered Petfficient on his Instragram (hehe). Immediately it reminded him of his own adoption story – the day we came to the shelter and it was love at first sight. <3

As owners of our adopted Yoda, we can truly say that the rewards of adopting a pet are so plentiful! It makes our hearts warm to talk about his adoption day.

If you are ever considering investing in a pet, we would very encouragingly tell you to #adoptdontshop. 😉

Pet Communities | Petfficient

Final thoughts!

Pet communities are a great way to get involved and to stay updated with news concerning our pups and kitties, don’t you agree?? We hope that by joining a pet community you too can benefit from all the great new and cute stories!

Before you go, we just wanted to say THANKS for being a part of our Fluffy Kitty community – a cat blog inspired by a cat (our adopted Yoda). If you haven’t already, go check out Petfficient’s news website and give them a like and follow on their Facebook and Instagram accounts!

And of course do keep up with Yoda on his adventures in France!! We love to see your comments and thoughts so please share them with us below or on one of our social media accounts.

Love our fluffy family,

Brittany, Paul, and Yoda =^^=