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How to Stop My Cat From Biting Me

We often hear people talk about how cats can scratch us with their sharp claws. Let’s not forget that cats also have another powerful weapon at their disposal: their teeth.

I cannot count how many times Yoda bit our hands or feet. It’s always been a way for him to play with us. It is no big deal as long as it remains soft and controlled but if your cat turns the situation into something more frequent and violent, you might want to try and train him differently.

How to stop my cat from biting me ? Find some answers in this article and learn how to stop him from biting you.

Why do cats bite us?

Several reasons can explain such a behavior. Do not forget that your precious little beast is a wild animal in the first place. It is very common that cats engage in rough play because most feline’s play consist in mock aggressions (Stalking, chasing, pouncing, kicking, scratching and biting…).

Your cat’s reactions might be a bit hard to understand to our logical mind. Here are a few explanations on why your cat would bite you:

  • You petted him too hard and/or too long: Cats ate feeling trapped. If they do, they will try an escape and bitting might be part of the process. You are lucky if he does not have his claws out too! Cats are independent creatures, and most of the time they want to have control!
  • Your cat wants to play: Biting = playing. It is true with our Yoda as with other cats. In this case the biting may not be too rough if your cat understands that he can hurt you (more on that later).
  • Your cat did not understand YOU were the master: You have been too nice to your cat, he now thinks he has control over you. Something needs to be done to change your fate! Kidding…
  • Your cat has behavior problems: This is usually linked to his weaning. If he got weaned too early, this might have left some kind of consequences on his behavior and the way he interacts with other beings.

how to stop my cat from biting me enraged

How to stop my cat from biting me ?

Depending on the situation, you have several options at your disposal to control your cat’s biting behavior.

Our first recommendation that worked like a charm for Yoda: time out!

If you are playing with your cat and the play becomes too rough, stop immediately. You can leave the room room which may too much and is not tolerated.

Essentials to train your cat to stop biting you

Replace your hand by a toy: Toys are essential in the psycho-physical development of your cat. They help him channelize his energy into something different than your hand. And hey! Toys don’t cry! So go for it (check out what are the best toys for your cat).

Also, giving him an environment full of entertainment (cat trees, scratching posts…) will also turn your beast into a more relaxed cat less willing to bite you.

Keep playing with your cat on a day to day basis: Socialization plays a big role in teaching your cat how to become a better version of himself. Direct the play away from your hands or feet by using a long dangly toy or by simply throwing your cat’s favorite toy in the air.

Anticipate more: You know he is hiding in the corner, behind a door or under the stairs. Instead of playing his game, divert his attention by throwing a toy or a random non breakable small object in another direction. It is crucial to learn how to detect an imminent attack. This way you can avoid it the easy way and  your cat will slowly learn not to attack you anymore.

Adopt another one: This is actually a good idea if your cat is still young. Giving him a playmate will also channelize his energy.

how to stop my cat from biting me

How to stop my cat from biting me ? What not to do

Do not encourage your cat to bite you even when it does not hurt. Make sure to use the “isolation” technique as soon as he starts biting again.

Do not hit your cat: Avoid tensions with your little friend. Hurting him wont change the biting situation and could potentially make things worse as he could engage in rougher plays.

Do not run: He will hunt you down and shred you to pieces until nothing is left 🙂 On a more serious note, avoid running away, take control of the situation, hold him mama style and put him away for a few minutes.

Final thoughts

Your kitty might be cute as a button but a biting situation can quickly become a serious problem if not handled properly. If you respect the basic rules mentioned here above, you should have no problem taking control of your companion’s bad behavior. The number one rule is to BE PATIENT, education is a matter of time and commitment.

When I say commitment, I know what I’m talking about! He is soooo cuuuute right, how could you put him away ? Be strong, take control and establish a healthy relationship with your little one far from the rough biting.

If despite all your efforts, your cat remains an enraged biting beast, you should bring him to the vet to try to figure out what’s going on and collect some precious advice on how to treat this condition.