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[5 TIPS] How to Make Your Cat Fat and Fluffy (& Should You?)

Do you want to learn how to make your cat fat and fluffy? Then you’re in the right place! Well, kind of. Because I’m here to tell you that although it might be fun and cuddly to make your cat fat and fluffy, is it really good for your cat’s health?

Unless your cat is skinny and needs to gain weight, already healthy cats shouldn’t be encouraged by their owners to get fat. Why? Weight gain in ordinary cats can cause many illnesses, such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

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In this article:

  • How to Know When Your Cat Needs to Gain Weight
  • 5 Tips – How to Make Your Cat Fat and Fluffy
  • Why You Should Avoid Overfeeding Your Cat
  • Final Thoughts

How to Know When Your Cat Needs to Gain Weight

Yes, it’s perfectly fine if you wish to make your cat fat and fluffy under one condition: Your cat is underweight and could do with the extra poundage.

⚠️ Making your cat fat and fluffy isn’t something you want to do if your cat already has and maintains a healthy weight.

So, how can you tell when your cat needs to gain weight?

Cats vary in all different sizes and shapes. Their weight is not only determined by their breed, however, as much of it depends on your cat’s lifestyle and diet.

The average weight for a normal adult cat should be around 10 pounds or between 3.5 and 4.5 kgs. As mentioned, this might vary depending on the breed (i.e. Maine Coons can reach up to 25 pounds and still be considered healthy).

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Here are some ways to help you know whether or not your cat might need to gain weight:

  • Your cat’s ribs and hips are protruding unnaturally.
  • Kitty is constantly meowing to be fed.
  • Is lethargic and inactive (due to lack of energy).
  • Your cat’s fur coat is unkempt, rough or dull.

If your cat looks skinny, has an unkempt appearance, is very lazy or inactive due to malnutrition, or is constantly meowing for food, then chances are your cat needs to gain weight.

🌟 Remember, this is the only time you should try to make your cat fat and fluffy. Otherwise, if you try to make a cat fat and fluffy who is otherwise healthy and active, you could be potentially putting their life at risk. Fluffy, fat cats might be cute, sure, but it’s less cute when they develop diabetes because you overfed them in order so that they could get fatter.

How to Make Your Cat Fat and Fluffy

So how can you make your cat fat and fluffy? And why both fat and fluffy, anyway? Well, a cat’s coat health generally improves with a proper, healthy diet.

#1 Provide a Healthy, Wholesome Diet

Therefore, if your cat was underweight and lacked a healthy fur coat, most likely adding a few pounds via a healthy, wholesome diet will also increase his overall fur coat health and shine.

You might be surprised to see your cat’s overall health (fur coat, nails, teeth, etc.) improve with a healthy diet. Your cat’s health starts with their nutrition, so don’t cut corners to save an extra buck or two.

If you do opt for cheap food, you’ll likely have to pay more in vet bills because your cat will most likely get sicker more often and will thus need more vet check-ups.

#2 Supplement with Fish Oil

Additionally, fish oil for cats is a great way to administer healthy fats and omegas to your kitty cat. Fish oil is praised for adding lust and shine to an otherwise dull and messy fur coat. Fish oil is not expensive, either, so it’s a healthy and relatively quick way to improve your cat’s overall skin and coat health.

#3 Regularly Brush Your Cat

Brushing your cat can help remove dead, matted fur and regenerate fresh new hair that’s ultra-soft to the touch. Some cats regularly require brushing, whereas some do not, but it is wiser to brush your cat nonetheless. It’s also a great way to bond and spend time with your fluffy kitty!

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#4 Give Your Cat an Active Lifestyle

Your cat will be all-around healthier with an active lifestyle. Lazy cats who do not engage in playtime with their owners often suffer from boredom, weight loss, and depression.

On the contrary, active cats will burn up more energy, thus requiring a heftier meal time (more play = more energy needed = more food consumption).

Giving your cat an active lifestyle, via toys or climbing trees, will improve your cat’s quality of life and help your cat maintain a healthy weight.

#5 Get Regular Vet Check-Ups

It is wise to always have your vet check your cat at least once a year (once they reach adulthood). Your cat’s unique needs might require more regular check-ups than that, but make sure to establish this with a vet first.

Having your vet check your cat regularly will help you catch any early signs of illness, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, and so on and so forth. Your vet will also be able to explain to you your cat’s specific weight requirements more in-depth.

Why You Should Avoid Overfeeding Your Cat

As we mentioned briefly above, cats shouldn’t be overfed on a daily basis. If they are, their risk of developing serious illnesses, such as feline diabetes, increases enormously. Is that really worth it just to make your cat fat and fluffy?

It is 100% possible to have a cute, healthy cat that is fluffy in its own way, without putting your cat’s life at risk!

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Final Thoughts: How to Make Your Cat Fat and Fluffy

In sum, if you want to make your cat fat and fluffy (in a healthy way), then remember to:

  1. Provide a nutritious diet
  2. Supplement with fish oil
  3. Brush your cat’s coat regularly
  4. Give your cat toys and trees to eradicate boredom
  5. Get your cat checked regularly at the vet

And that’s it! We hope you were able to benefit from our guide on how to make a cat fat and fluffy! If you enjoyed this article, please comment and share it with your friends. Thanks so much for reading Fluffy Kitty!

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