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How to Find My Lost Cat: What You Should Do

If you’re reading this article perhaps that means you’ve just recently lost your cat.  We’re sorry to hear about that!  But we will do our best to give you advice on what to do when the unfortunate question arrives: How to find my lost cat ?

I’ve personally had to ask myself the question, “How to find my lost cat” and endure the pain and sadness of losing a beloved furry friend, so I understand what it’s like to lose hope after several days or weeks.  But number 1 rule is to never give up looking and especially never lose hope!  Cats are intelligent creatures and if they are safe somewhere, they will most likely find there way back to you.  Otherwise if you’re cat is lost it is important to act quickly as it’s also possible that they are not safe.

If your cat is lost, here’s what you should do first

First and foremost, thoroughly search your house/property.  Sometimes even if we have looked in the same place twice, sometimes it takes the third time to actually see what was previously right in front of your eyes.

When humans panic, we tend to overlook and overthink.  Have you ever freaked out asking your family where your phone (or keys) were, only to realize 5 minutes later that you were holding them in your hand the entire time?  I’m sure this has happened to you in a similar way.

PERSONAL STORY #1: In relation to what I just mentioned above, one time our neighbor was shooting off illegal fireworks next to our house late at night.  Our animals went absolutely crazy.  I knew I had just saw Yoda a few minutes ago, but after the loud BOOMS I could no longer find him.  I started to panic.  I thought, “No, no no no please no..” Frantically searching my mind for how he could have escaped during the conundrum, I immediately thought to a 3 second period where my mom opened up the front door to see what was going on outside.  Without hesitation I assumed that Yoda  must have ran out during that time.  It was the only “logical” explanation for why I could not find him. I searched every nook and cranny more than 3 times in every part of the house.  I then went outside and started screaming “Yoda..” and I started having a panic attack trying to hold back my tears.  Well, after twenty minutes of stress and anxiety, I decided to look just one more time behind the couch, where I had already searched 3+ times.  Lo and behold, a scared little Yoda was curled up under a long curtain that was behind the couch – practically impossible to see.  He somehow squeezed under the 4 inches of space under the couch and reached the back wall.  I was SO relieved, as you can imagine…

So, what is the moral of the story??

FIRST: Identify the reason or cause for why your cat is lost.  Was the door or window open? Was your cat really scared? If so, what could have happened? Try and analyze every scenario.  Think like a detective!

SECOND: Search your property surroundings over and over again, even in places you have already looked and “were certain” your cat couldn’t be there.

THIRD: Think of the impossible scenarios that you have avoided even considering.  That 4″ inch space? Cats can and will find places that they should never be.  So do not assume that “my cat wouldn’t do that, or cannot be there”, think again! You all know what assuming does…(makes and “ass” out of “u” and “me”).

How to Find a Lost Cat - Fluffy Kitty

So we’ve already discussed searching your homeidentifying the reason or cause for your missing cat, and thinking of the unexpected.  Maybe your cat is lounging in between two lawn chairs like in the picture above? Who knows if you don’t look?

Now, here is what else you should do:

Tell the world that your cat is missing!

Not literally the world but after you’ve spent 30+ minutes looking for your cat you should spread the word. 

  • Call the local animal shelter and surround veterinarian offices to inform them that your cat is missing (give detailed description and microchip # if your cat is microchipped).  That way, just in case someone does find your cat but thinks it’s just a stray, when (and if) they bring it to the animal shelter, they can identify the description/microchip with your lost cat.
    • Also see if it’s possible to have a picture of your cat shared / posted on their website or Facebook pages to create awareness that your cat is lost.
    • Another idea is to actually go in person to the local animal shelter a few days/weeks after your cat is missing.  You may be surprised to find your cat was kindly turned in, but you weren’t notified.
  • Inform your neighbors so that they can keep a lookout for your cat.  Perhaps your cat has wondered into their garden or is curious about that house’s cat.  Search far and wide!
  • Put up flyers around your neighborhood and ask popular stores and businesses if you can post your flyer somewhere where people will clearly see it. Make sure to provide a picture of your cat, description, name, and contact info.
  • Enlist a search team to make your search area much bigger.  Wherever you go for the next few days if your cat is still missing, bring your cats favorite treats in a noisy container and don’t be afraid to yell out your cat’s name several times.  Cats can be far off in the woods, but even from far distances they will hear their owners voice and it may help them find their way back. Be patient and hopeful!
  • Utilize social media to inform your friends and family that your cat is missing and to help spread the word.

How to Find My Lost Cat - Fluffy Kitty

Be strong and don’t give up on your kitty!

If you truly have a loving home where your cat was adored and treated with love and kindness, your cat (if missing) will most likely find their way back to you, unless they are hurt – in which case, follow the above steps for how to find my lost cat.

PERSONAL STORY #2: When I was younger I had a Siamese cat named Max.  He was adventurous, and a young hunter at heart.  He was an indoor/outdoor cat, having the best of both worlds.  But one night, as I stood out on the back porch peering out into the darkness, yelling “Maaaxxxxx maaxxxxiieeee”, my cat Max did not come back.  I knew something was weird.  Most of the time I could hear leaves cracking, bushes bristling, and a faint meow from the woods.  Then I could hear him running up the stairs.  But this time, none of that happened.  I went to bed.  He was still no where to be found the next morning, the next day, or even the next week.  As a young girl, after two weeks I had felt like Max was permanently gone.  I remember silently crying as I drew and colored a picture of him by scratch.  I was a terrible drawer.  But somehow this cat drawing looked perfect, and it looked just like my Maxie.  Another week went by.  I yelled for Max every night, just wishing that somehow the wind would carry my voice and let him know I was worried about him.  But after so many weeks I began letting my hope disappear.  But then this happened.. It was early morning on the weekend I remember, probably around 6:30am. My mom opened my door and loudly woke me saying, “Brittany quick, quick, come look!” I panicked a little as I had no idea what could cause such commotion.  I ran behind her and into the room where his food and water bowl usually stayed.  He was once fat and fluffy, but now Max was appeared sickly skinny as he swallowed down his food.  I bursted with happy tears and cuddled him up in my arms.  He was purring like an engine.

After that moment I finally found the answer to my silent question, “How to find my lost cat?” And the answer is…. Never give up hope!

How to Find My Lost Cat: Final thoughts

We truly hope that you find your missing cat very, very soon! In any case, begin with the above mentioned steps as this will maximize your chances for finding your cat if you’re dedicated!

The best of luck, please let us know if you found your cat! We wish you a long and healthy life with your kitties!

Lynda Hamblen

Tuesday 6th of April 2021

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