How to calm my cat down ?

Cats can be crazy. We know. How do we know? Because we too, have witnessed the crazy of our own little ball of fluff.  Isn’t that why we love them so much though?  Maybe that’s just one of the reasons people love cats.  But sometimes, oh just sometimes, that crazy can become a bit overwhelming.

It’s almost always at the least expected moments too. Like when you’re cozy on the couch watching your favorite Netflix series and all of a sudden a dark, blurry creature sprints across the room, which sounds similar to an elephant stampede, and runs half way up the wall dragging nails on the fall back down.  Yeah that’s happened to us, several times.  My personal favorite is when Yoda reaches a level of crazy that’s just beyond crazy; like when he somersaults off the wall like a pro-acrobat ninja.  Maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, like Parkour when people do crazy stunts off buildings and stuff!” and to that I say “No, ohhhh no… this?? This is called….. Kittykour.

jumping cat, how to calm my cat down
Defying gravity one soaring leap at a time

Here it is broken down for you just to make sure we understand one another:

Parkour, by definition is: “the sport of traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbing, or leaping rapidly and efficiently.”  (Thanks Merriam-Webster)

Kittykour, by definition is: “the crazy of a cat that transcends gravity by dodging, sprinting, climbing, somersaulting or jumping above, below, between, beneath, beside, or beyond any environmental obstacle.”  (Thanks me)

Now, I imagine you came here because you want to learn specifically “ How to calm my cat down ”?!?!?!…!??!

Okay, fine. Let’s get to it.

But wait.

First and foremost, let me say please do not drug your cat.  Kittykour (your cat being hyper active) is a completely natural aspect of being a cat.  Cats are crazy. Dogs are friendly.  (I’m generalizing here) But you don’t see medicine and drugs out on the market for “How to calm down my dog’s friendliness” But one quick search through Google “how to calm down my cat” and numerous sites recommend drugging your kitty.  N to the O spells NO. Non. Nada. Nein.

Calming a cat down can be simple and easy.  And most of the time it ends in purrs.  If you count my ex-cat Kitty (RIP) and her babies (Yes, we had a cat named Kitty [who came to us as a kitten, when I lived in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of NC, USA]) [#adoptdontshop] OK, anyways let me get back on track.  I was saying that since my childhood I have (family included) owned nearly 20 cats/kittens! [#crazycatladyintheprocess] and by saying this, I am also implying that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to calming a cat!  Let your cat be crazy.  However if your cat’s Kittykour is becoming overwhelming and frustrating then…

how to calm my cat down
Can someone buy me these pillows please??

Follow these steps for a cool, calm & collected cat

To calm your cat when s/he is being hyper active:

  • Play with kitty
    • Playing with your cat will distract him from needing to release out all his energy on Kittykour stunts.
    • Play with your cat actively, and by that I mean buy a cat dancer because seriously, it does all the work for you.
    • If you don’t have one of those bad boys, get the next best thing: a laser, string, rope, or yarn, whatever. You don’t even have to move very much, just get a string and drag it across the floor, dangle it in the air and add some jumping to the chase > this will tire out your kitty quick.
    • Also, playing with kitty is a GREAT way to calm a cat down at night! Tiring him/her out before you go to sleep will work wanders and prevent that annoying ball (with a bell inside of course) from rolling around your house at 3 o’clock in the morning.

   Wait, how do I know how much playtime is necessary to calm my cat?  >>> Great question! Play with your cat until you see signs of fatigue: heavy breathing, panting, potentially loss of interest.  [10 minutes of making Yoda chase a laser all over the house was all that it took to get his energy out.  He would pant with his tongue out and then just literally fall to the ground.  A quick licking bath and then it was nap time].

playful cat
Fat & fluffy, just how I like ’em.
  • Cuddle with kitty
    • If you are super lazy and just want to watch your movie, grab kitty for some loving cuddles.
    • Do this by paralyzing kitty (next option) and then putting kitty on your lap, caress and talk gently to your kitty. [Chin rubs are awesome for this]
    • Tip: Cats don’t like being held down and cuddled, so what works like a charm is to make kitty want to stay around. Stick your fingers in his treats, make them nice and tunatini delicious > you can even grab one treat or two and offer it as an ultimatum for calming your cat.
  • Paralyze kitty
    • Don’t worry, this technique (see the video in our article here)is completely safe and though it sounds harmful, it totally isn’t. Just ask your cat’s biological mom.  They do it all the time to tell their baby when to “cut it out!”
    • Just like you pick up a bunny by their ears, you pick up a cat by their neck/shoulder area.
    • Do this for short periods of time always in a gentle manner and repeat if you have to.

Each time Yoda gets feisty, we either play with him for 15 minutes to tire him out or we paralyze him and then cuddle him. Personally I like to (when conveniently on a couch or somewhere) calm Yoda by picking him up and putting him on my lap or belly (wherever is warmer) and hold him gently by the neck area like his real cat mom would do, meanwhile talking to him and giving him calming behind-the-ear and under-the-chin scratches.  In no time he goes from Kittykour Yoda to Kittycalm Yoda.

how to calm my cat down

We truly believe that a hyper active kitten or cat is natural, they have tons of energy (you would too if you slept nearly 16 hours per day!) and thus they need to release all of that out on your walls by jumping from couch to table, table to couch.  So don’t worry! It’s normal. It’s controllable. And remember; when times get rough think “It’s only Kittykour.”

And before I forget, check out this YouTube channel that features “Music for Cats”, specially designed to help calm down cats! I’ve embedded one of their videos below, so go try it out!

Thanks for reading Fluffy Kitty! We hope you’ve been able to pick up some tips from “How to calm my cat down” You can now impress all your friends, perhaps even add it to your resume “I know how to calm cats down!” 😉

Please let us know in the comment section below if these simple techniques work for your crazy cat.  Also, if you enjoyed reading our guide in the form of a little short story then please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and follow us on Instagram (@fluffyyoda) for exclusive adorable snapshots of Yoda enjoying his quaint little life in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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