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How Old Is a Cat in Human Years?

It’s pretty easy to just ask a fellow human how old they are, but it’s not so simple when it comes to our feline friends. In fact, determining a cat’s age can be quite tricky sometimes. Add that to the calculation of cat years to human years and we have ourselves a rough estimate. So exactly how old is a cat in human years anyway?

Well, it’s hard to tell but there exists a general idea. In today’s article, Fluffy Kitty will briefly discuss cat years in comparison to human years.

How Old Is a Cat in Human Years? Fluffy Kitty

Calculating Your Cat’s Age

Once you know your cat’s age, you can then compare it to your own age. There’s no simple conversion rate to help facilitate, however.

A cat’s growth in time is different to that of humans. We know that once a year we grow a year older, maybe a little taller (or shorter), and become a little wiser with past experiences and knowledge (haha, sometimes..). These yearly “birthdays” don’t have the same significance for our furry friends.

They say cats will age very quickly within the first two years of their life. By the end of their first year of age, cats will have approximately the same developmental equivalence of a pre-teen human (roughly 10-15 years old). After their second year of age, cats will be comparatively in their mid-twenties (that means Yoda is already 5 years older than me!)

After these first two years, cats age much more slowly (about 4-5 human years every 12 months in cat time) but nevertheless much quicker than humans.

How Old Is a Cat in Human Years? Fluffy Kitty

Still an adventurer at 3 years old! (28 in human years!)

How Old is Our Yoda?

Yoda just turned 3 years old (human time) on May 18th, 2017. He was about 10-12 weeks old when we adopted him! <3 How time flies…

According to this cat age calculator, Yoda is 28 years old in human years. That means he is almost 5 years older than me! When did he surpass me?!

We have been blessed to see Yoda’s personality change and develop these past 3 years; from absolutely crazy kitten, to sleepy, fluffy adult. See Yoda’s transformation on his Instagram gallery! 😉

Final Thoughts: How Old Is a Cat in Human Years?

Time is such a weird concept, and it’s mind boggling to think that if we are gone for just a month or two, so much time passes in Yoda’s life! I was already feeling shameful for going out a few hours and leaving Yoda at home, and now I’ll definitely be feeling guilty!! :p

So how old is your purrecious kitty cat?!