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Boba&Vespa Create the Ultimate Plastic-Free Cat Hideout!

We’re so thrilled to share with you a totally-pawsome project by our friends over at Boba&Vespa. Introducing… The Water Gem! The ultimate plastic-free hideout for your cat (and the planet!)

As you know, we at The Fluffy Kitty are stark advocates for sustainability in the pet industry, so we, of course, are super excited to announce Boba&Vespa’s eco-friendly endeavors on Kickstarter!

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The Water Gem // Fluffy Kitty Blog Review:

About The Water Gem

So, you might be thinking – what’s this thing made out of? It’s 100% responsibly-sourced corrugated cardboard. But it’s not your ordinary cardboard box,

Packed with feline pleasing features, the Water Gem isn’t just cardboard, it’s cardboard reinvented for your cat. -Boba&Vespa

Boba&Vespa Plastic-Free Cat Hideout Review by The Fluffy Kitty //

The Water Gem integrates so nicely into your home decor! | PC: Boba&Vespa

Safe for Your Pet. Safe for the Planet.

The Water Gem was created to create a space in the pet industry that, not only promotes awareness of plastic pollution but actually puts their mission into practice – offering a 100% plastic-free cat accessory that doubles as a bed and cozy hideout for your sweet kitty.

Plus, it looks pretty stylish and inviting, don’t you think? (I’m almost jealous Yoda gets to have one just for him!)

What Makes The Water Gem So Unique?

Glad you asked! The Water Gem might look simple and clean on the outside – but don’t let Mariya and Chia (the founders of Boba&Vespa) fool you… For they have labored for days, weeks, and months to bring to life their revolutionary plastic-free cat hideout!

Check out these amazing features of The Water Gem that Mariya and Chia have poured their hearts and inspiration into:

How The Water Gem plans to woo over your feline. PC: Boba&Vespa

As you can see, The Water Gem is a triple threat – offering your cat to play, rest, and lounge safely.

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A Cat Product That’s “Fluffy Kitty Approved”

We are CONSTANTLY on the search for better, eco-friendly products for cats. Which is exactly why we are happy to support Boba&Vespa!

  • Sustainably-sourced cardboard
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable – this is a cat product you don’t have to feel guilty about buying!
  • 100% recyclable
  • NO plastic
  • NO toxic dyes or glues!
  • Simple, all-natural design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Loved by cats!
  • Fluffy Kitty Approved!

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Plastic is KILLING the Planet! 🙁

Did you know? Boba&Vespa did a large study analyzing the contents of toys in pet stores.

And do you know what they found?

The Water Gem // Fluffy Kitty Blog Review:

Not only does nearly every single cat toy or accessory on the planet contain some type of plastic, over 90% of ALL plastic ever created still exists today.

That’s scary!

As we talk about in our eBook on how to become a sustainable cat owner, it’s crucial to be aware of our impact on the planet – even when it comes to shopping and providing for our feline friends!

That’s right – your cat has a carbon pawprint!

Which gives us even more reason to support eco-conscious businesses that not only care about our cats but care about the planet too!

We love that Boba&Vespa are caring for the environment and raising awareness about plastic pollution too.

Help us help them raise enough funds to secure their ultimate plastic-free cat hideout project! 

The Water Gem // Fluffy Kitty Blog Review:

PC: Boba&Vespa