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cozy egg tart cat bed review

Fluffy Kitty Product Review: Cozy Egg Tart Cat Bed

Calling all pet pamperers! Today Fluffy Kitty has got a special treat for you. Our friend Breezer over at MeetIDEA has surprised us with another pawesome gift for cats and cat lovers. You might have already seen their unique igloo litter box design, but today’s item falls under a much cozier category. That’s right, today …

best cat water fountain featured image

The 4 Best Cat Water Fountains of 2019 {Reviews + Guide}

Last updated: [last-modified] Does your cat like to drink from the tap? Many cat owners notice that their cats are fascinated by running water. Cats are drawn to running water most likely because in the wild running water would indicate fresh water to a cat.  Cats in the wild generally avoid still water or standing water …