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Seresto Cat Collar Review | + Our Personal Experience

Fleas and ticks are some of the most pervasive problems for furry felines, particularly those who venture into the great outdoors. Many cat owners attempt to apply a number of chemicals to their cats to keep the parasites at bay. Unfortunately, these can become expensive on a monthly basis so owners begin to search for an alternative solution. In our Seresto Cat Collar review, we may be able to help you find the purrfect product.

Take some of the stress out of your cat’s healthcare and see what this groundbreaking item can offer your feline.

In this article:

  • What is the Seresto Cat Collar?
  • Seresto Cat Collar Price
  • Advantages of the Seresto Cat Collar 
  • Disadvantages of the Seresto Cat Collar 
  • Our personal experience with Seresto

What is the Seresto Cat Collar?

Many people may see the blue-gray tint of a Seresto cat collar and wonder what it could be. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a rubber material that fastens around the cat’s neck like a normal collar. However, it also provides a significant benefit that goes above and beyond normal identification.

This is a flea and tick collar that comes highly recommended by veterinarians.

Seresto Cat Collar Review | Fluffy Kitty

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The collar lasts for eight months and distributes the active ingredients in very small doses throughout its lifespan. It will continue to apply them directly onto your cat’s skin so that there is never any lapse in coverage while the collar is on.

Ticks and fleas are repelled instead of simply killed whenever they actually bite your cat. This prevents them from transferring diseases and causing further issues for your feline.

Overall, it provides a sound investment toward your cat’s comfort and their long-term health.

Seresto Cat Collar Price

Price is definitely something to consider when it comes to purchasing new items for your pets.

The cost of food, medicine, toys, and other miscellaneous items they may need can really add up over time. You need to make sure that the Seresto cat collar will fit into your budget.

For a cat, this collar costs around $50 for eight months (price and availability may vary) of flea and tick prevention.

Effectively, this breaks down to around $6-7 per month for a simple solution to your flea and tick problem. The majority of cat owners would agree that this is a relatively small fee to pay each month in order to prevent the need for ridding your house (and pets) of a flea infestation.

Consider it this way: the purchase of a Seresto Cat Collar could help you to avoid making frequent trips to the veterinarian. It seems like $7 per month is a relatively low price to pay in exchange for that peace of mind!

Seresto Cat Collar Review | Fluffy Kitty

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Advantages for a Seresto Cat Collar Review

Now that you have a thorough understanding of what the Seresto Cat Collar is, it’s time to take a much deeper look at where this collar really shines.

What are the major advantages of this method?

First and foremost, the largest benefit to this collar is the ability to avoid monthly treatments for your cat. It can be very difficult to administer the other gels, ointments, and pills to your cat every month. It can result in some bodily harm to you if you aren’t careful or if your cat doesn’t like to accept the treatment.

With the Seresto collar, you can avoid the fight, the bites, and the scratches. This almost makes it worth the money all on its own!

Seresto Cat Collar Review | Fluffy Kitty

However, it isn’t the only reason why cat owners should really consider whether this product is worth it.

This collar also has a quick release mechanism that widens the collar if your cat becomes stuck on something. This is great, particularly for outdoor cats who may adventure through the brush.

The collar also comes with reflector clips so you can see your cat move through the dark more easily.

The reviews for the Seresto Cat Collar are extremely impressive. On Amazon, it holds a four-star rating with more than 14,000 reviews! The vast majority of its ratings fall into the top four- and five-star categories which should be significant when you consider how many reviews are available.

Disadvantages for the Seresto Cat Collar Review

Of course, it’s always possible to find some negative reviews on any product you may consider buying for your cat. The two major disadvantages to mention in our Seresto Cat Collar review are the “long wait time” and the potential for rashes.

It can take up several hours to days for the medicine to work its way throughout your feline’s body and to actively ward off fleas and ticks.

Unlike some topical applications that work much faster, these active ingredients require a longer wait period before they are deemed effective. Some reviewers noted that it took a couple of days before they saw the ideal results of the Seresto Cat Collar.

Seresto Cat Collar Review | Fluffy Kitty

There is also a potential for your cat to break into a rash or hives after exposure to the active ingredients in this collar.

You MUST air out the collar before putting it on your cat!

Keep in mind that there is always the potential that your cat could have a reaction to a chemical or product. This could easily happen with a pill or one of the other popular flea and tick treatments. It depends on your cat’s unique body chemistry and their sensitivity to certain chemicals.

It would be difficult to predict whether your feline is likely to have a reaction to this collar without testing it for yourself. You can take a look at the active ingredients to determine if your cat has ever had a reaction to them in the past:

  • Imidacloprid
  • Flumethrin

The safest option is to simply keep a close eye to your cat’s neck during the first hours / days of use. If you see any signs of a rash, stop immediately and try to find an alternative.

This product is recommended by veterinarians, so it seems like the risk of potential side effects will be relatively minimal unless your cat cannot handle these ingredients.

Our Personal Experience

So, a few years back we experienced a flea infestation (see the complete article here).

Yoda was flea ridden and the situation was particularly difficult as we were living in Nepal at the time.

Finding a good veterinarian there was not an easy task and even then, products used against fleas were not effective. We had tried topical flea treatments, yet to no avail. They weakened the fleas, but they survived nonetheless..

Seresto Cat Collar Review | Fluffy Kitty

After multiple visits at the local vet who applied inefficient flea drops on our beast, we decided to give a chance to Seresto. Paul brought one back from France when he went back to his family’s for Christmas.

It only took a couple days to fight off those nasty creatures but Yoda was finally flea free and back to his normal happy routine. No more scratching and no more pain. We were SO relieved for our sweet nug! 🙂

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Final Thoughts: Seresto Cat Collar Review

For a relatively low monthly price, your cat can have complete flea and tick prevention for eight months.

It saves you the hassle of monthly treatments and poses very few risks or side effects for your feline. It seems like a wise investment, particularly if your cat doesn’t accept monthly treatments nicely!

Jilly Ruby Jane

Sunday 10th of May 2020

Hi, thank you for writing this post, even though I shave their fur off and use medicine it's still doesn't work and I was allergic. It is terrible, I think I'll buy one for my kitty.

The Fluffy Kitty

Wednesday 13th of May 2020

Thanks Jilly, I hope you find Seresto works like it did for us! We recommended it to our friends here in Mexico and now her dogs and cats are flea-free