Reduce Your Cat’s Carbon Paw Print (eBook)

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How to be a sustainable cat owner in an unsustainable industry. [eBook – PDF]

♥ 100% handwritten with love (90 pages)

♥ Features practical how-to’s, detailed research, case studies, featured eco businesses with links, interesting did-you-know facts, personal stories, welcome video and so much more!

♥ Get our complete eco-friendly cat care guide across the board – recommendations + tips for eco cat food, litter, accessories, etc.

♥ Includes our uniquely tailored Fluffy Kitty 30 Day Eco-Furiendly Challenge (+ checklist!)

♥ BONUS: Exclusive discounts just for our eBook readers on all of our upcoming projects (like our sustainable recycled bottle tanks and handmade eco cat hammocks!)

♥ Unlimited support and access to all newer versions of the eBook in the future!



Our biggest and most in-depth guide ever written! If you want to learn how to be a more eco-friendly cat owner, this eBook is for you!

In our eBook, we take a closer look at the harmful pet industry, dissecting big brands and what they stand for, and then offer practical advice on how to be more responsible and sustainable in an industry that is anything but that…

You will learn step-by-step what you need to do in order to become a sustainable pet owner. We give you all our best tips, tools, advice and insight so that you, too, can be a proud eco-friendly cat pawent! 🐈🌲



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