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cat inside pet trailer with wheels getting pulled by a bicycle

Two Wheels, Four Paws – How to Take Your Cat on a Bike Ride!

Traveling the world is an amazing experience, but it’s even better with your fluffy kitty by your side! Witnessing new cultures and their unique modes of transport is something that always excites us. And inspired by the European love of cycling, it occurred to me…I wanted to write about how to take your cat on …

10 Best Cat Backpacks Ultimate Guide | THE FLUFFY KITTY |

10 Best Cat Backpacks for Adventurous Felines

Does your curious cat love exploring the great outdoors with you? Enriching your cat’s life with safe outdoor travel is now possible, largely thanks to harness and leash training and handy-dandy cat backpacks. PSA: Cat backpacks are not backpacks for your cat to wear; they’re backpacks for YOU to transport your cat safely and soundly on …